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Russian Basketball Women’s Team Beat the USA in World Cup Final Match U-19

In the World Basketball Cup U-19, Russian womens team beat the USA one with the final score 86:82 (17:22, 19:20, 26:18, 24:22).


Thus, for the first time ever Russian team won a gold medal at the World Basketball Cup U-19.

The SSUSSE second-year student of the Department of Physical Education and Sport, Daria Kurilchuk, played for the Russian team.



SSUSSE Students Met with the President V.V. Putin

Dreams come true when you work at them!

This motto of the educational centre “Sirius” became the individual credo of the fourth year students of the SSUSSE Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT Alexandra Pashkovskaya, Yulia Sarycheva and Yana Malysheva during their teaching practice in Sochi.


On July 21, 2017, Alexandra, Yulia and Yana took part in the meeting with the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. The meeting was broadcast live from Sochi on the NTV channel for three hours. The Russian leader answered all the questions, funny and serious ones, asked by children.

The students shared their impressions with us:

For every patriot of Russia the biggest dream is to meet with the president of our country. We, the SSUSSE students, were happy to take part in one of the most significant events of the year.


Working in Sirius is a demanding challenge as only creatively and intellectually gifted children of our country gather here. Every day in Sirius is filled with bright moments and positive impressions, meetings with talented and unique people. For us the practice in Sirius is a great school of life we will never forget. The experience we gained from the top-ranking specialists will be very useful for us in our future career.

The Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT is very proud of their students and looking forward to welcoming them back.




Golden Pool of Talented Graduates 2017

June 27, 2017 witnessed the award ceremony of SSUSSE graduates Golden Pool of Talented Graduates 2017 taking place in the A. S. Pushkin Cultural Centre.

The best graduates of 2017 who succeeded in creative, scientific, social, sport activities, and graduated from the university with honors degree diplomas, were invited to the award ceremony.

By tradition, the guests of the ceremony and the graduates left some notes in a special Book of Wishes that is passed from one group of graduates to the other.



Two hundred graduates took congratulations from the rector of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education O. D. Mochalov; the vice-chairman of the Committee of Education and Science, official of Samara Regional Duma T.E. Bodrova; the world rowing and canoeing champion, honored coach of the RF A. V. Mileev; the journalist, chief editor of Samara news service S. V. Gurov.






Internship in the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (Poland)

On 01.03.2017 – 27.06.2017, I undertook a semester internship in WSG: the University of Economy in Bydgoszcz (Poland). I visited this city three years ago when I was a first year student and did the courses on the extreme sports.

There is a very convenient student campus, and modern facilities on the university premises.

I studied at the Department of Physical Education and passed tests in the following subjects as Introduction into Economics, Online Education, Premedical First Aid, Techniques of Self-presentation, Healthcare Education, Mathematical Statistics in Sport, Theory and Principles of Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance, Polish Language, Sports Tourism, Modern Forms of Recreation, Yachting, Rowing, Motorcycle Sport, Massage, and tests in the training camp in Moryn (kayaking, tennis, windsurfing, frisbee, archery, rifle shooting, orienteering, sport climbing, etc.).

These subjects were taught both in Polish and in Russian.

During the classes of Modern Forms of Recreation, we went on tours to Sweden, learning the pole walking in the forest, and also cycling in the city. The city amazed us with its diminutiveness,convenience, and cleanliness. For the first time I traveled on the big eleven-storeyed ferry, and I must say it was unforgettable, all the students were filled with overwhelming emotions.



As for the teaching methods, we studied in two ways: in classes and online using the unified system of the university students where they can find the time-table, marks, and do the tasks.

All the subjects were taught in a very intelligible form, the teachers took into consideration our feedback and the basic level of the language.

As I was a student of WSG, I could take part in such competitions as basketball, chess, and track-and-field athletics. I won the chess competition; but the fortune did not smile upon me in track-and-field athletics as I picked up an injury just some days prior to it. However, I could make it into the final in the competitions (long jumps) among all the universities of Poland.

Besides, during my stay in Poland, I could travel through such cities as Krakow, Poznan, Sopot, Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Invrotslav, Moryn, Lodz, Torun, Malbork, also the Czech Republic.

In Malbork, I visited the residence of the great magister of Teutonic Order the castle Marienburg (Castle Malbrok).

Majestic arcs, massive walls made of red brick, tapestries, mural painting, antiquities, and mesmerizing stained-glass artworks, all these are the biggest Gothic castle complex in the world, UNESCO World Heritage site.

I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to study in another country under the Erasmus+ program. I gained invaluable experience, became acquainted with many good and interesting people, visited different countries and cities, opened up new horizons for myself, learnt one more foreign language, improved my English, studied new subjects, took part in various competitions and events, and it was a nice time I spent there. I would like to say Thank you very much to all the people who organized my internship and offered their help.



Visit of Masaryk University Delegates (Brno, the Czech Republic) to SSUSSE

Under the agreement of the international cooperation between SSUSSE and Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic), our university hosts the delegation represented by Svatonova Hana, the vice-rector for public relations, doctor of science, associate professor of the Geography Department; Kolejka Jaromir, the candidate of science, associate professor of the Geography Department; and Lnenichka Libor, the senior teacher of the Geography Department.

During the visit, the SSUSSE students campus witnessed our foreign guests together with the rector of the university, O.D. Mochalov, and the teaching staff, planting fir-trees at the walkway of friendship. The teaching staff was represented by the doctor of biological sciences, professor, Yu. M. Popov, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, head of the Department of Chemistry and Geography, L. V. Panfilova, the candidate of biological sciences, dean of the Department of Natural Science and Geography, I. V. Kazantsev, the candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, chairman of Russian Birds Conservation Union in Samara region, S. I. Pavlov.





Then, our Czech partners visited the Ganyushin Museum of SSUSSE History, and enjoyed an excellent excursion arranged by N. I. Pavlova, the head of the museum.

Besides, the university developed a cultural program for the guests that included an excursion around the city, visiting different museums and picturesque places of Samara region.

Our foreign partners highly praised the organization of their visit and expressed their hope for further cooperation.

The Department of Natural Science and Geography expresses gratitude to the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, head of the International Office, V. V. Bondareva for the opportunity to interact with the delegates of Masaryk University.




Excursion to Ceramic Factory Stroyfarfor

During the practical training, the students of the Department of Biology and Chemistry visited the ceramic factory Stroyfarfor.

The history of the factory is connected with the Ukrainian city Slavyansk, which was the first to produce porcelain and semiporcelain ware at the end of the nineteenth century.

During the excursion the students became familiar with the latest technologies of manufacturing ceramics and porcelain, visited the physical and chemical test laboratories. The students were also showed the new samples of tile that has been produced at the factory since 2014.




Art Exhibition Dedicated to the Year of Ecology

The project of Samara Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet Development of Ecological Culture put forward an educational idea in order to improve environmental situation in Samara region. Under this project, at the lobby area, Samara Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet mounted a display of pictures, tapestries, photos and posters on ecology theme. All the works are done in the mixed painting technique by both amateurs and masters. During the intermissions, the audience have a unique opportunity to look at these works of art and to ponder over the themes touched on.

What are our artists interested in?

Realistic landscapes show the splendor of the nature, where mighty trees stand, where white sailing-ships cross the smooth-surface of the Volga River.


There are also the works by the beginning artists who are 5 and 6 years old. Look, how bright are the colors, how bold are the brushstrokes, and how impressive are the images and the sense of composition. We can see the faunal forms that are listed in the Red Book of Russia lynx and Amur leopard.


Thus, Samara Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the organizer of the exhibition, achieved its main goal, as it drew attention to the ecology issues. The exhibition shows that even little children see the beauty of our nature, can tell about it, and appeal for friendly attitude to the environment. Undoubtedly, these facts form the basis of the ecological culture in the society.


Field Practical Training

Practical training is an important and compulsory part of the education process at the Department of Natural Science and Geography. For more than 10 years, Syzran region was the one place for students to have their field practical trainings in geography, natural resource use, geoscience, and landscape study.

During the practical trainings, the students study the topographic features, vegetation and soil, take hydrological measurements and make metrological observations. They also collect factual information then process it in the laboratory and after that make hypsographic and soil maps, maps of vegetation and also landscape maps of the marked territories.




Thus, similar trainings improve students knowledge; develop their skills in performing scientific experiments and collecting information. The received data provide the basis of the students research papers.

Besides, the students also attend Samara Weather Control and Environmental Monitoring Service where they learn about the history of the state hydro-meteorological service in Samara region, become familiar with the principal meteorological devices, and the rules of reading them. Moreover, the students learn how to make weather forecasts and observe global natural processes and phenomena.




SSUSSE Students Awarded Grant at International Forum iVolga-2017

The students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT took part in the international forum iVolga-2017, their project Subspace won 150 RUB grant. Artemiy Grechanyi and Yulia Gavrilova worked out a project on integration of augmented reality technologies into the excursions around Samara, they developed a special application that let the users see the lost cultural sites in the historical part of our city.


We like the old part of the city and we wanted to do something for it thats why our project was born. The project is called Subspace because the past is always near us and we wished to find a way to open the window and show it to people said the authors of the project.

iVolga is the international youth forum that is held for the fifth time at Mastryukovskie Lakes. This year saw the record number of people (2000) taking part in the forum.

The forum has the international status and hosts the participants from different countries such as Serbia, the Ukraine, Ghana, China and France, England and Brazil.

iVolga is a platform for grant support, communication, experience and knowledge exchange between the experts and lecturers and young generation of students who are full of ideas and eager to know how to put them into practice.

Among 186 participants, Artemiy and Yulia were the only ones who successfully presented their project at the regional and federal levels and won 150 RUB grant to launch their project.

The students impressions:

iVolga is the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience new emotions. We were surprised how assertive the other guys were. It encouraged us very much not to give up at the first hurdle. If you follow the rules of the forum, it will certainly change your life.

Grant is a social elevator that helps realize your potential in the way you wish. Everything depends on your wish and the work you have done.



SSUSSE To Hold the Sixth All-Russian Convention on Archeology

Archeological conventions of such scale began in the pre-revolutionary Russia. Organization of this important scientific event is a great honor and a heavy responsibility for our university that has one of the leading archeological schools in the Volga and Ural region.

A scientific event on a global scale usually gathers about 700 scientists from Russia and foreign countries. The convention is expected to take place in 2020.

More than 40 years Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education has been one of the archeological centres of the Volga and Ural region where the research of the ancient periods of Russian history is on its rise now. The SSUSSE scientists together with the other specialists from Russia and foreign countries conduct researches synthesizing different humanity and natural science subjects. The research is reflected in numerous publications, conferences and joint expeditions to study artifacts of the Mesolithic period.

The Department of National History and Archeology, the archeological laboratory, the university museum of the Volga region archeology, the Department of History, and the technical office will be the core group in organizing the convention.


Excursion to Coca-Cola Plant

On June 16, 2017, SSUSSE students of the Department of Biology and Chemistry visited Samara Coca-Cola plant.

During the excursion the students became familiar with the principles of environment control used at the plant, the process of manufacturing soft fizzy drinks, and also learnt the aspects of work ineach floor of the plant.

At the end of the excursion, the students were invited to work at the "Coca-Cola" plant.

The education the students get in our university let them work as the laboratory assistants and supervisors of the output quality.

The students expressed their gratitude to the plant staff for their assistance in organizing that practical training.




Excursion to Cosmetics Factory Vesna

On June 15, 2017, the cosmetics factory Vesna arranged an excursion for SSUSSE second year students of the Department of Biology and Chemistry.

During the excursion the students were told about the peculiarities of the manufacturing process at the factory.

The students were invited to work at the factory on completion of their study. In their turn, the students expressed their gratitude to the factory staff for the well-organized and warm welcome.




Delegation of Cosenza Conservatory of Music (Italy) Paid Official Visit to SSUSSE

On June 19 23, 2017, under the cooperation agreement on the academic mobility program Erasmus +, the delegation of Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory of Music (Cosenza, Italy) represented by the financial director Paolo Cordiale and the manager for international affairs and strategic partnership Raffaele Longo, paid an official visit to SSUSSE.

During the visit, the delegates met with the university authorities the rector O.D. Mochalov, the president I.V. Vershinin, the vice-rector for academic research work A.I. Repinetskiy, the vice-rector for academic affairs and quality of education N.N. Kislova, the head of the International Office V.V. Bondareva, the dean of the Department of Culture and Art A.G. Gokina, and the teacher of Italian Carmelo Cascone.

This is the second official visit made within the terms of the cooperation agreement between the universities. It enabled our foreign partners to become familiar with the system of music education in Russia, to discuss the prospects of further cooperation, to exchange the international and academic experience.

While staying in Samara, our foreign guests visited the Bunker of Stalin, the Ballet and Opera Theater, and the Philharmonic Hall. Our partners also went on a walking tour of the historical centre of Samara. Despite the changeable weather, the Volga trip left our guests with vivid impressions.

The next official visit of our Italian partners to SSUSSE is expected in October 2017.



All-Russian Patriotic Campaign Memorial Candle

June 23 saw the All-Russian patriotic campaign Memorial Candle taking place at the Volga Embankment (near the monument to the Sailor-boys of the Navy).

The Campaign is a tribute to the tragic commencement date of the Great Patriotic War June 22, 1941, when Germany attacked the Soviet Union without declaring a war.

SSUSSE students, the war veterans, war workers, government officials, youth organizations and volunteers took part in the patriotic campaign.

One hundred fifty people with candles in their hands commemorated those who never came back from the war, laid down their lives for their native country.

The campaign participants also laid flowers at the monument of the Sailor-boys of the Navy.






Delegation of Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic) Paid Official Visit to SSUSSE

Under the agreement of the international cooperation between SSUSSE and Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic), our university received a visit of the delegation represented by Svatonova Hana, vice-rector for public relations, doctor of science, associate professor of the Geography Department; Kolejka Jaromir, candidate of science, associate professor of the Geography Department; and Lnenichka Libor, senior teacher of the Geography Department.



On May 13, 2017, in order to discuss the prospects for further cooperation the delegates met with the rector O.D. Mochalov, the president of the university I.V. Vershinin, the vice-rector for academic research work A.I. Repinetskiy, the vice-rector for academic affairs and quality of education N.N. Kislova, the associate professor and the head of the International Office V.V. Bondareva, the doctor of pedagogic sciences, professor and the head of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology A.L. Busygina, the doctor of biological sciences and professor of the Department of Biology and Ecology Yu.M. Popov, the doctor of pedagogic sciences, professor and the head of the Department of Chemistry and Geography L.V. Panfilova, the dean of the Department of Natural Science and Geography I.V. Kazantsev.

The visit of the delegation will last until June 9, during the visit our guests will not only see the sights of Samara and Samara region but also give master classes and take part in the State Final Examination of bachelor degree students (Biology and Geography).




Among Five Best Students

The fourth year student of the SSUSSE Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT, Stanislav Epifanov, took part in the tenth International IT Olympiad IT-Planet 2016/17 (world-it-planet.org) that is one of the biggest IT competitions in Russia.


More than 300 young IT specialists took part in the final of the Jubilee Olympiad IT-Planet that took place in Sochi on June 2 5. Among the finalists were the students and the graduates from colleges and universities of Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan. In order to reach the final, during the whole academic year the participants demonstrated their high IT proficiency level.




The project is supported by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the RF and the Ministry of Education and Science of the RF. This year the Olympiad IT-Planet was announced one of the best education projects in Russia and gained the support from the Strategic Initiative Agency for launching new projects. The sponsors of the competitions were Russian and international leaders of the IT-market: AT Consulting the prime sponsor, 1 C, Cisco, Huawei, Intel, InterSystems, Oracle, Linuxcenter. The main purpose of the Olympiad IT-Planet is to converge business structures and Russian and CIS universities in order to enhance the quality of IT-education and to assist young specialists in employment. The Olympiad program included competition, culture and education activities. The participants competed in the following nominations Programming, Cloud computing and data bases, Usability, Mobile platforms, Digital creative work, Copyleft software and robot technology.

Robot technology took the central position in the Olympiad program. Thus, all the participants could visit robot technology exhibition and master classes where they learned how to program robots in Scratch and Arduino languages. Traditionally the third day of the Olympiad witnessed a quest by the AT Consulting company taking place in Sochi Olympic park.

Stanislav Epifanov with his project Agrarian self-contained device for irrigation of agricultural areas using nonconventional power sources won the fifth place in the contest for robot technology, the nomination Design.




SSUSSE Students and Teachers at International Orthodox Youth Forum

On June 6 10, 2017, the first year students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT took part in the Fifth International Orthodox Youth Forum.


The Youth Forum began with the meeting with Seraphim Lyuberetskii, the chairman of the Synodal Department for youth affairs. During the meeting, he touched on some topical issues that many young people face now, told about the divine providence in a life of every person, appealed to the audience not to be shy to speak about their belief. At the end of the forum, the participants who came from different regions of Russia and also from foreign countries, went to the Monastery of the Holy Dormition in Tver region. The ensemble of the Monastery of the Holy Dormition is rated as the most significant architectural complexes of Tver region. It was founded in ancient times, and restored at the beginning of the 16th century. In the 20th century, the Monastery became a jewel and pride of the city.




The first day at the Monastery started with the opening of the forum. On the second day, the participants went on the excursion around the Monastery, attended the seminars on the issues of social project planning, fund raising, and business communication. That interesting day ended with the meeting with the hieromonk Makarii. The hieromonk Makarii is a church writer, missionary, and the author of many books of the open talk genre. The conversation with him kindled the interest of the forum participants, they asked questions concerning family, marriage, relationships with parents, life purpose. As Makarii is also a programmer, the students of the Department Mathematics, Physics and IT took advantage of the opportunity to discuss with him some professional themes programming languages, and their function capabilities.






The Forum received a wide coverage in the local Mass Media. The representative of the SSUSSE delegation had a chance to take part in one of the interviews.

The International Orthodox Youth Forum was an unforgettable event in life of the participants.






Dancing Group Karree Win Two International Competitions

The theater of modern dance Karree was established in 2014, it continued the best traditions and new choreography trends of their first dancing group of the Department of Psychology and Special Education. This year was the most successful for the theater. Karree took part in the International festival of youth creativity Rainbow of Talents. In the 9th International Competition of choreography art Dancing World (Saint Petersburg) it became an award winner in the nomination Modern Choreography.


O5nhQKeHz8g (2).jpg


SSUSSE Volunteers in Charitable Race Legal Run

May 27 saw a charitable race taking place at the Volga Embankment, as a part of the International Fund Raising Project Legal Run. The SSUSSE volunteers of the Journalism Department helped organize the event.

This campaign is annually held among the lawyers and their friends in more than fifty cities of the world: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad, London, Barcelona, Zurich, etc.; the number of participants exceeds 500 people. The project is held to support people who are in charge of the charity fund Gift of Life. For four years, the project collected money to help treat 35 critically ill children.

This event takes place for the third time in Samara. About 200 people took part in the race. Many of them chose the distance of 5 km, and 66 participants decided to cover the longest distance 10 km.

The children were the first to start the race under the guidance of a pink plush kangaroo. In spite the fact that their distance was only 400 meters, the competitive spirit of the young runners was very high.

The volunteers controlled the race at the most busy parts of the race track and put down the numbers of running participants.

The first was a mass-start of the 5 km distance. The race was very dynamic as there were a lot of participants. The organizers appraised the courage and stamina of the sportsmen and awarded them with the golden medals.

As soon as the last participant finished the race to an ovation of her colleagues, the performance of young artists began.

During the awards ceremony the winners got diplomas and gift certificates from the sponsors.



SSUSSE Delegation Paid Official Visit to Cosenza (Italy)

On May 24 June 1, 2017, within the terms of the cooperation agreement on the academic mobility program Erasmus +, SSUSSE delegation represented by the rector, doctor of historical sciences, professor, O.D. Mochalov, the head of the International Office, candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor, V.V. Bondareva, the dean of the Culture and Art Department, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor, A.G. Gokina, and the candidate of pedagogic sciences, professor of the Music Education Department, M.L. Platonova paid an official visit to Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory of Music in Cosenza (Italy).

The Conservatory of Music was founded in Cosenza in 1970. It is placed in the monastery building of the 17th century. The Conservatory also has the Music Centre that is a modern building with a concert hall with 430 seats. More than 1000 students from Italy and the other European countries study at the Conservatory. The Conservatory offers bachelor, specialist, master degree programs, and also postgraduate programs in the following fields of study: singing and music theater (singing, chamber music, piano), keyboard and percussion instruments (organ, piano, percussion), string instruments (harp, guitar, double bass, cello, violin), wind instruments (tuba, clarinet, horn, bassoon, flute, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, trombone), conducting (choral conducting, wind orchestra), composition (wind orchestra, choral music and conducting), music pedagogic education, jazz music, electronic music, music of the early times (Renaissance, Baroque), chamber music.

The Conservatory can boast of 120 professors and masters of the performing art, many of them are the experts invited from the universities of Rome and the other leading music centres. The Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory are the partners of the leading European universities. Among the Russian partners of the Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory are Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, Saint Petersburg Conservatory and Saratov Conservatory.

During the visit the members of our delegation met with the head of the conservatory, professor, GiorgioFeroleto, the financial director, doctor, Paola Cordiale, the head of the International Office, professor, Emanuele Cardi, the coordinator of the academic mobility program Erasmus +, professor, Raffaele Longo, teachers and masters of the performing art.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the prospects for cooperation on the academic mobility program Erasmus +, to plan further development of partnership, to exchange the experience in organizing educational process and international work, to conduct master classes, to take part in practical classes, to become familiar with the foreign approaches to teaching students vocal and choral art.

It should be mentioned that the program Erasmus + has been carried out at the SSUSSE Department of Culture and Art together with the foreign partner-university since June 2015. Today, the third year students of the SSUSSE Department of Culture and Art, Rosa Tspnetsyan and Aliya Mingaleeva are undertaking a semester internship at Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory of Music.

Despite the brief visit, the partners reached the agreements on their further cooperation. Both sides highly appreciated the results of the negotiations and expressed their hope that the discussed plans would be implemented in the next joint projects.

The reciprocal official visits of the Italian colleagues to SSUSSE are expected in June and October 2017.



Youth Forum The Motherland Heirs

On June 4, 2017, SSUSSE teachers and students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT took part in the Youth Forum The Motherland Heirs organized with the blessing of His Eminence Sergey, Samara metropolitan Nikifor.


The youth forum was held on Trinity Sunday, one of the most important days for the orthodox Christians. It took place at the foot of Tsarev Kurgan mountain, the most picturesque place of Samara.




The Forum began with the communal prayer on the Divine Liturgy. There were lots of people up the Tsarev Kurgan that was a visual example of how many citizens of Samara respected and venerated their traditions.

The forum organizers offered the students to demonstrate their talents in sport, and in various creative workshops (sculpture, art, mosaics, etc.).

A great concert with the participation of our students was a very bright and festive final of the youth forum.




The participants of the youth forum admired the beauty of Samara, enjoyed picturesque rocky landscapes, wonderful views of the Volga River.





SSUSSE Students in Sochi Education Centre Sirius

On May 2 24, 2017, SSUSSE students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT undertook an internship in Sochi Education Centre Sirius.

Sirius is a genuinely unique education centre, founded two years ago on the premises of the former Olympic venues in Sochi. Monthly, Sirius welcomes 600 children from different regions of Russia. They are accompanied by more than 100 teachers and coaches, who can improve their skills in the centre. The classes are conducted by leading teachers of sport, physical and mathematical, chemical and biological schools; also by honored people of Russian art (music, classical ballet and fine arts).

During this trip to the Black Sea coast, the students could attend such interesting lectures as Modern Astronomy, Brain: how it works, What do we know about volcanoes?, Mathematics in theoretical and applied chemistry, Cryptography and mathematics. Besides, they went to the match of National Hockey League, watched Russian Football Final Cup, visited Sochi-park, Leonardo Da Vinci and Nikola Tesla museums, and went on the excursions to Sochi Discovery Land Aquarium and Arboretum.

Sirius gives an opportunity to show your potential and improve the level of your proficiency.

 1 (1).jpg




Josef Dohnal, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philology (SlavisticsInstituteof Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic) Visited SSUSSE

May 2017 witnessed SSUSSE and Slavistics Institute of Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic) concluding an agreement on International Cooperation between the universities. The agreement offered new prospects in the educational work.

On May 15, 2017, O.D. Mochalov, SSUSSE rector, doctor of historical sciences, together with J. Dohnal, associate professor of Slavistics Institute of Masaryk University and of Russian Studies Department of St. Cyril and Methodius University (Slovakia), discussed further prospects of the cooperation.



During the visit, Josef Dohnal delivered lectures for students (bachelors, master degree students, post-graduates) and teachers on the subject of Russian literature in global culture. Besides, the works by I. Turgenev, L. Tolstoy, A. Chekhov, A. Artsybashev, and I. Shmelev were discussed at the seminar.

The scientific report by J. Dohnal Topical issues of studying Russian literature in Slavistics Institute of Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic) was highly esteemed by SSUSSE teachers of Russian and foreign literature.

SSUSSE Chair of Russian and Foreign Literature was donated books and journals that represented academic interest of scientists of Slavistics Institute, Department of Philosophy of Masaryk University (Brno, the Czech Republic).


q54BaRe0pC8 (1).jpg


SSUSSE Student Win All-Russian Contest Victory Ambassadors

The All-Russian Contest Victory Ambassadors annually picks out two hundred of the best volunteers from different regions, who on May 9, act as the co-organizers at the Victory Parade in Moscow and at the Naval Parade in Sevastopol. Traditionally, the most active and empathic volunteers of the regions become Victory Ambassadors.

This year, the SSUSSE forth year student of the Department of Natural Science and Geography, Samykina Anastasia, emerged as the winner of the All-Russian Contest Victory Ambassadors and took part in the organization of the Naval Parade in the hero city Sevastopol on May 9.


The volunteers spent a week in Sevastopol, staying at the Nakhimov Cadet School. There was a diversified educational and training program prepared for the volunteers. Thus, they had an opportunity to speak with the interesting experts as Sinitsyna (was in the hot spots since 2000), Dmitri Linter, Sergey and Angelia Polozovs (public figures, members of the RF government). During the seminars, the volunteers were taught how to plan projects and hold activities; told about the rules of behavior-based safety in a crowd, and a lot of interesting information that could be useful for everyone. Along with the seminars and trainings there were a lot of mass cultural events during the contest days, for example, the campaign St George Ribbon that took place up the Sapun mountain. In the Great Patriotic War years, this mountain was the key defensive position at the approaches to the city. It witnessed many fierce battles against the German troops during the siege of Sevastopol 1941-1942 and the military campaign in the Crimea in 1944.

The volunteers went on many excursions to the cultural and historical sights of Sevastopol: the missile cruiser Moscow, the museum and historical, memorial complex The 35th coastal battery to commemorate the heroic defenders of Sevastopol.

During the contest, the volunteers got acquainted with the interesting and active people, gained a great experience and overwhelming emotions, and could have a conversation with the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.







International Zverevs Readings on American Study

The Revolutions and Revolution Discourse in the USA

On May 11 12, 2017, Russian State University of Humanities held International Zverevs Readings on American Study The Revolutions and Revolution Discourse in the USA. More than 60 scientists of American Study from Russian State University of Humanities, Moscow State University, the University of Central Florida, Brigham Young University, and Monmouth College delivered their reports at the conference.

SSUSSE Department of History was represented at the conference by five teachers and the students: the doctor of historical sciences, professor, Sergey Burank, and his students: the candidate of historical sciences, Ya.A. Levin, the masters degree students D.A. Ilyin, Z.I. Mamedov and the student A.V. Sokolova. The performance of rather large Samara delegation at one of the most important Russian Forums on American Study did not go unnoticed by the conference organizers, and it was offered to hold its own conference on American Study in Samara.

 .. .jpg

D.A. Ilyin

 .. .jpg

Ya.A. Levin


SSUSSE Delegation at the Conference Zverev's Readings

    .. .jpg

A.V. Sokolova, student of the Department of History

  ..    ..   .. .jpg

SSUSSE student, A.V. Sokolova, and professors I.V. Morozova, and V.I. Zhuravleva


Field Seminar for Teachers of Geography

The teachers of the Department of Natural Science and Geography conducted a field seminar for teachers of geography and the second year students studying geography and biology. The seminar was organized by Samara division of Russian Geographical Society, and Samara regional division of Russian Association of Geography Teachers. 38 teachers of geography and 22 students took part in the seminar. They visited geologic outcroppings and the quarry of the Tip-Tyav mountain, the shore of the river Sok, and Tsarev Kurgan. In the course of the seminar, the following issues were discussed The research methods of geologic outcroppings and taking geologic and paleontological specimen; The research methods of shore and slope processes. Study of water ecosystems.; The methods of landscape study. Study of weather.






The Second International Conference The Quality of Social and Educational Environment of the University: issues, solutions, prospects

On March 23, 2017, SSUSSE hosted the second International Conference The Quality of Social and Educational Environment of the University: issues, solutions, prospects. The conference focused on the discussion of the topical issues concerning quality measurement and improvement of social and educational environment of the university as an essential part of developing basic competences and professional qualifications of the university graduates.

The conference participants were academic staff, students, and members of university departments, student unions, youth associations, and professional communities, who came from different countries Russia (Samara, Orenburg, St Petersburg, Moscow, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, etc.), Kazakhstan (Uralsk), the USA (Washington), and Poland (Bydgoszcz).





The conference provided the participants with a great opportunity to share with each other their professional experience and achievements in developing a high-quality social and educational environment of the university; to summarize the best approaches in work with students; to recommend implementing the most successful technologies and methods; to expand professional contacts, and to find co-thinkers for future joint projects.



During the round-table conferences, the following issues were discussed:

1) psychological and pedagogical resources of education environment and their use in developing basic and professional competencies of students;

2) the influence of social and educational environment of the university upon self-determination of students and their skills of self-presentation;

3) the forms of participation of students in public and innovative activities of the region and such influence upon social and educational environment of the university;

4) the role of social and educational environment in realizing students potential at the labour market and in their adaptation to its constant changes;

5) the influence of new technologies upon the quality enhancement of social and educational environment of the university.

The conference was opened by the choir of the Department of Culture and Art who performed the SSUSSE anthem.


The conference participants were welcomed by the SSUSSE rector, doctor of historical sciences, Oleg D. Mochalov.


Stefan T. Kerr, the emeritus professor of the College of Education at the University of Washington; A. Skaliy, the candidate of sciences, associate professor, head of the Institute of Sport and Physical Education at the University of Economy (Bydgoszcz, Poland); L.I. Fishman, the doctor of pedagogic sciences, doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of the SSUSSE Department of Management and Service, delivered their reports at the plenary meeting.


The conference had an unconventional character: there was a Mark of Quality game held between the plenary meetings, it was in the World Café form, its purpose was to specify the requirements for the quality of the university education on the part of the Ministry of Education and Science of Samara region, the authorities of Samara education institutions and SSUSSE, SSUSSE students and their parents.

SSUSSE students took an active part in the conference presenting their projects on the quality improvement of social and educational environment of the university.

 11 .png




Online participants could follow the conference on the Internet, as it was simultaneously broadcast online from three sections. The conference speakers received questions and feedbacks not only from the audience but also from the online participants. The use of the information technologies let cover both the distance and time. All the participants gained the access to the conference video files.



At the end of the conference, the speakers were awarded with the certificates, and the best reports were recommended for publication in Samara Journal of Science.


SSUSSE Win the Contest University Press Service 2017 in Nomination University Regional Leader

Press services of 98 universities became the laureates of the IV All-Russian Contest University Press Service and gained an exclusive right to confirm their skills at the regional, federal and international levels within the project MEDIAactivity of the RF universities - 2017.


More than 400 Russian universities entered the contest.

The procedure of the contest underwent subtle changes when classifying contestants in the nominations. In the previous years, the publishing house did not limit the number of nominations for participants but this year it took the following decision that a participant could stand for one or two nominations. Taking into account the results of the previous contests, some critical remarks were often made to the organizers as a small regional university with a comparatively low number of publications had no chance to be in any nominations. Thus, the contest committee decided to change that situation. The main assessment criteria of work of a university press service are the number of publications, quality (completeness, content, structure, and graphical content), target audience (teaching staff, scientists, students, prospective university students), the percentage of thematic materials from a total number.

The organizing committee of the contest witnessed a progressive improvement of the information content of the universities in comparison with the previous year.


Traveling across Native Land

On May 10, 2017, SSUSSE students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT together with the students of Samara State Technical University and Samara State University of Culture continued their acquaintance with the picturesque lands of Samara. At this time, they happened to be in Zhigulevsk reserved area: among Zhigulevsk mountains, at the very heart of Samara Luka, the place where the cave Kamennaya Chasha is. There is also a spring of clear mountain water that comes into the Kamennaya Chasha. It is called The Spring of St Nicholas the Wonderworker. When the students travelled a long but incredibly scenic way, they not only enjoyed the nature but also did a cleanup at the territory. During the whole trip, the guys discussed the issues of belief and religion with the head of Youth Affairs Division of Samara eparchy, Gerasim (Vertey), and the priest Aleksey Belyaev.


The students received vivid impressions of that day. They were amazed by the scenic beauty of the nature of Samara Luka, warmed by tender sunbeams, slight breeze and lovely singing of birds.

They were glad to do something useful for that place, for example, to dispose of garbage out of the territory.

The trip was very informative. When climbing up the mountain, the students were told about a local sculptor and shown some of his works. Besides, they were offered to take part in a quest, all of its tasks and questions were not easy but they managed to give full and detailed answers. Time spent in Zhigulevsk reserve area left every student with favourable impressions. They were sincerely glad to get acquainted with the monk-priest Gerasim (Vertey) and the priest Aleksey Belyaev.

In the end, the students showed their gratitude to the organizers of the trip, who promoted cooperation between the universities on spiritual and moral education of young people.





The Ensemble of Bayanists Garmonika at Charity Concerts in Penza Region

In April 2017, SSUSSE students of the Department of Culture and Art was invited by Kuznetsk musical college to put on charity concerts. The ensemble of bayanists Garmonika and the students under the supervision of the professor Alla Katz, took part in the concert. The participants were accommodated in the health improvement camp Nadezhda, there was their first concert given for the camp staff and the children who were having rest there. The head of the camp, V.V. Medvedev, expressed his deep gratitude for help in aesthetic education of the younger generation and popularization of classical music.

The second concert took place in the musical college and was given for the teachers and students of the college. The concert was dedicated to the memory of Vladimir P. Altukhov, a great teacher and musician, whose students over the years continued their education in our university at the Department of Culture and Art. The audience warmly and gratefully welcomed all the concert participants.




The 72nd Anniversary of Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War

May 5, 2017 witnessed SSUSSE marking a ceremonial event arranged to coincide with the 72nd anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The event was held at the memorial Stela Pamyati, there were war and labour veterans, home front workers, SSUSSE staff and students at this meeting. The floor to congratulate the veterans was given to the rector of SSUSSE, O.D. Mochalov, the president of SSUSSE, I.V. Vershinin, the chief of veterans council of SSUSSE and the head of Ganyushin Museum of History, N.I. Pavlova, and forth year schoolchildren of the school 35. The students sang war songs and read poems. In the end, everyone laid flowers at the memorial Stella Pamyati.









The 5th International Conference Bioecological Regional Study: Global, Russian and Regional Problems

On December 14, 2016, the 5th International Conference Bioecological Regional Study: Global, Russian and Regional Problems was arranged to coincide with the 110th anniversary of the birth of the doctor of biological sciences, professor, L.V. Vorzheva and the 125th anniversary of the birth of the candidate of the pedagogical sciences, associate professor, G.G. Shteher. The conference was initiated and organized by the Department of Biology and Ecology (the head of the department, the candidate of the biological sciences, associate professor, Alexander A. Semenov).

The conference was dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of two outstanding scientists of national biology the doctor of biological sciences, professor Lyudmila V. Vorzheva and the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Gennady Shteher.

Lyudmila Vorzheva worked in our university for about 30 years, she established and was the first head of the Department of General Biology, and the Department of Zoology, and then set up and was in charge of biomethod laboratory. She prepared several dozens of candidates and doctors of biological sciences. L. Vorzheva made a significant contribution to the development of Kuibyshev entomological school.

-2016  .jpg

Gennady G. Shteher was the first head of the Department of Zoology in our university, and one of the organizers of the Institute of Public Education in Ufa, then became the first dean of the Department of Natural Sciences of Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute.

-2016  .jpg

More than 120 scientists from Russia, the Dominican Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Ukraine took part in the conference. More than 80 scientific reports were presented at the conference.

-2016 .jpg


International Conference on Archeology

On April 26-28, Saint Petersburg hosted an international conference on archeology. The conference was organized by the Institute for History of Material Culture of Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of Russian Academy of Sciences and Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. The conference was arranged to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the birth of the prominent Stone Age researcher, V.I. Timofeev. About 60 specialists from Russia and the other countries (Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Norway, Poland, the Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Estonia) took part in the conference. The issues concerning paleogeography of the Stone Age; chronologies of the Neolithic Age in the Eastern Europe; cultural cooperation in the Circum-Baltic regions, the origin of pottery industry from the Middle Volga region to Jutland were discussed at the conference. Our university was represented by the teachers (Andreev K.M., Vybornov A.A.), the member of the research department (Vasilyeva I.N.) and student (Gilyazov F.F.) of the History Department as a part of the state project of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The conference proceedings will be published at the earliest date. The participants had an opportunity to go on a specially organized excursion in the Hermitage and Kunstkamera.








Opening of the XXII International Festival Films for Children

International festival Films for Children is held by Samara filmmaking union and film studio Volga-Film for the twenty second time, so it highlights a traditional character and significance of the festival among professionals and audience.

NIK_1436.JPG IMG_0988 .jpg IMG_1082 .jpg

The festival opened on April 17 at 18:00 on the stage of Gorki Theater. It started with some sketch and the actors invited the audience on the board of the ocean liner Films for Children. Such symbolic comparison shows how major and essential in cinema world the festival is. The festival touches the most important values as compassion, love, friendship. The minister of education and science of the Russian Federation, Olga Vasilyeva said The festival gives an opportunity to the young generation of schoolchildren to watch splendid examples of global and national cinema. It is very good that the festival came directly to schools and the best films are used to implement principal education programs.

Irina Kalyagina, the deputy minister of culture of Samara region, mentioned the significance of the festival not only for the region, but also for the country and the world. Kindness, inspiration and childhood do not have political boundaries, - she said. It proves rich international festival program.

2017 was announced the year of Korean Cinema in Russia so the delegates from Korea on the board of the liner was especially valuable.

Pak Ro Beck, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, expressed his gratitude to the organizers of the festival that helped not only foster spiritual values but also know about different countries and strengthen international friendship. Together with the Korean delegation, filmmakers from China, Belarus and Azerbaijan took part in the festival.

During the two-hour cruise the audience could get acquainted with the film authors and the festival program, plunge into a wonderful world of animation and perform favourite songs by Isaak and Maxim Dunaevskikh.

And at the end of the festival, it poured with rain of air balloons… it was greeted with a great delight. Anyway, what emotions one can expect from the children festival? Only kindness, love and delight!


About Cinema

On April 17, Dom Kino hosted a press-conference dedicated to the XXII International Festival Films for Children.

The guests of the conference were the delegation from the Republic of Korea headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Pak Ro Beck, filmmakers from People's Republic of China, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. Russia was represented by famous documentarians, cartoonists and directors of live-action films. It is worth noting that 2017 was announced as the year of Korean Cinema in Russia thats why the participation of Korean delegates became a very important event for the whole festival. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Pak Ro Beck, delivered a welcoming address, and congratulated the audience on the opening of the XXII Festival and expressed his hope for further cooperation between Russia and Korea in the sphere of film industry.

The conference was lively and interesting as the young journalists took part in it. Who else can so sincerely ask questions but children?

What films should be watched by modern children? Whats the difference between festival and commercial films? Is it difficult to work with children? How to become an actress in a childrens movie? these questions interested children from the press center of young people Yunkor and TV studio Tovarishch.

- No offence to professionals meant but it is more interesting and easier to work with the ordinary children. They act very sincerely, - said the Azerbaijanian director Rafig Aliev.

The president of the festival, Nina Shumkova, told about the peculiarities and achievements of the festival preparations, the XXII Festival Films for Children.





SSUSSE Student in the Final of IT-Planeta 2016/17 Contest

During the second preliminary round of the jubilee International Contest IT-Planeta 2016/17, the fourth year student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT, Stanislav Epifanov, emerged among the winners. Now he is to defend his project Agrarian self-contained device for irrigation of agricultural areas using nonconventional power sources in the final of the contest. It should be noted that this invention received an affirmative expert report for obtaining a patent. The preliminary round also included online contests organized by the following companies: AT Consulting the prime sponsor of the contests, 1C, Cisco, Huawei, InterSystems, Oracle, Linuxcenter, etc. The contests involved case studies, and doing creative works. More than 1000 students and young diploma winners from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine and Uzbekistan took part in the second round, 370 participants showed the best results and made it to the final. The experts of the contests became the specialists of the companies: 1C-Gandalf, Morizo, TIM3R.ru, LinuxCnter, and also members of the other federal and regional IT companies sponsors of the contests. The finalists will contest at the critical stage International Final that will take place on June 2-5 in Sochi.



President of SSUSSE I.V. Vershinin welcomed participants and guests of the VII Interregional Festival of Pedagogical Excellence and Creativity of Pre-school Education Workers

On April 21, 2017, Educational Center "Leader" held the VII Interregional Festival of Pedagogical Excellence and Creativity of Pre-school Education Workers.


Annually this educational institution receives guests from different parts of Russia and the neighbouring states. This year the Festival was visited by more than 500 participants from Samara, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Ryazan, Perm, Saratov, Ulyanovsk. This is a remarkable event in the social and cultural life of Samara.


Guests and participants of the Festival were warmly welcomed by Igor V. Vershinin , the president of SSUSSE, professor,doctor of sciences,member of the Central Council of the All-Russian Public Organization "All-Russian Pedagogical Assembly", head of the Samara Regional Department of the All-Russian Pedagogical Assembly. Every year he congratulates the young tutors - winners in the nomination "Debut", noting the social significance of their work and creative beginning of their profession. Most of the Festival's diploma winners in this nomination are SSUSSE graduates. This year, one of the debutants of the festival was Shabernev Alexander - instructor in physical education ofthe kindergarten 1 "Romashka" of Krasnyi Yar village. There is no doubt, such festivals unite creative people who are dedicated to their profession.


140 years of Samara Banner

On April 20, 2017, Samara witnessed a banner being consecrated that later was known to the country as Samara Banner. Samara delegation presented Bulgarian militia men with this holy thing as a token of spiritual support for the Slavs in their liberation struggle with the Ottoman Yoke. The banner was created based on the sketch of a local painter, Nicolay Simakov, and on the initiative of the member of City Duma, Petr Alabin. There is a black cross and the images of Slavic apostles Cyril and Methodius on the one side of the red-white-blue cloth embroidered by nuns of the Iveron Monastery; the icon of Iveron Holy Mother is on the other side. The inscription Samara. To Bulgarian people. 1876. symbolized spiritual solidarity with the Bulgarians from the very beginning of their liberation struggle. For Samaritans Russian and Bulgarian friendship is not just empty words. In 1876 78 Samara troops took part in national liberation struggle of Bulgarian people. At that time Samara Banner revealed itself as a symbol of spiritual solidarity between Russian and Bulgarian people; the Banner went with the soldiers in battles for Stara Zagora, Novo Zagora, Shipka Pass and Sheinovo. It became Banner Hero awarded a Bulgarian decoration For Valour of First Class. Petr Alabin was the first governor of Sofia, and there was erected a memorial for Samara Banner. After the war the Banner was kept in Bulgarian museums, many scientific monographs, postage stamps, medals. Today, Samara Banner is in Sofia, and its copies are kept in Samara War-historical Museum, Iveron Monastery, and Alabin Museum.



Lesson at Danone Factory

On March 29, the fourth year students of the Department of Foreign Languages visited the dairy factory Danone and sawfor themselves the production of fermented milk products. They also had the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and broadened their outlook on the theme "The sphere of nutrition in the context of changes". Guyscould see that the high requirements for the process of making milk really work.


Students became familiar with the history of development of the brand "Danone" and the benefits of the products it produces. The three-hour excursion especially inspired those who had been skeptical about yogurt in their diet before.


At the end of the excursion a guide gave students 3 sour milk products.


Delegation from the Republic of Korea Paid Official Visit to SSUSSE

On April 17, 2017, SSUSSE welcomed the delegation from the Republic of Korea Pak Ro Beck, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, Cen Jian Jun, the Head of the Education Affairs Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Russia.


The delegates met with the university authorities - the rector, O.D. Mochalov, the president of the university, I.V. Vershinin, the vice-rector for academic research work, A.I. Repinetskiy, the vice-rector for continuing education, career guidance and public affairs, A.B. Shchelkov, and the head of the International Office, V.V. Bondareva. During the visit, both sides conducted negotiations on establishing partnership between SSUSSE and universities of the Republic of Korea in the sphere of education, science, culture and sport. Our foreign guests became familiar with the history of our university and the prospects of its further development. The delegates expressed particular interest in developing cooperation in the sphere of foreign languages, sport, especially martial arts.

At the end of the visit the Ambassador invited the members of SSUSSE to take part in Korean Education Fair that will take place in Moscow.



Student Spring Festival 2017

On April 12, 2017, the Pushkin Palace of Culture hosted the final concert of the festival of amateur art students of the Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education - "Student Spring Festival 2017".

The concertprogram was based on the book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint Exupéry and was called "Planet B-612".


The main character a pilot, who met with the plane accident, together with us leafed through the pages of the book beloved fromchildhood, and the best performances created a fairytale atmosphere.





At the end of the concert, prize winners of the festival were awarded cups and diplomas by the vice-rector for continuing education, career guidance and public affairs, Aleksey B. Shchelkov.


The winners in the nomination "The Best Concert Program":

I place - Department of Primary Education;

II place - Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT;

III place - Department of Foreign Languages.










Cosmonautics Day. Veterans' Forum of Samara Region

On the initiative of veteran organizations, April 12, 2017, saw the Samara Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet hosting a forum of veterans of Samara Region to celebrate the anniversary of the development of the veteran movement. At the forum, our university was represented by the head of SSUSSE history museum, the chairman of the university council of veterans of N.I. Pavlova and the dean of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and IT, board member of the Samara Fund of the Navy Veterans Support, V.N. Aniskin.


The governor of the Samara region Nikholay Ivanovich Merkushkin took part in the work of the veterans' forum.


The head of the region awarded badges of honor "In recognition of the development inveterans' movement ", the certificates of honor and acknowledgement to the leaders and active members of the veterans' organizations, alsoincluding members who have already cooperated with our university for several years.Besides, asolemn ceremony took place in the forum, where the cadets, studyingat Samara general educational institutions tookan oath of the young army men.



The veteran forum ended with a bright performance of the Ensemble of folk singing and dancing of the Russian Military Space Forces.



Samara Newspaper Journalists Visited SSUSSE Archeology Museum of Volga region

Samara Newspaper journalists under the museum project visited SSUSSE Archeology Museum of Volga region. The director of the museum, P.F. Kuznetsov, held a special excursion, during it, he told the journalists about the importance of museum in cultural life of Samara. The museum is a peculiar center that attracts those who are interested in the ancient history of thenative land. The museum holds classes for students and excursions for schoolchildren. The exhibits represent the time of the first settlements in the regionand the main stages of the evolution of Stone and Bronze Age. The artifacts of the museum are invaluable and importantto know the remote past. Thus, scientists from all over the world with an amazing regularityvisit the museum for their research work.



Secrets of Stalins Bunker Revealed to SSUSSE Students

Stalins Bunker is one of the most interesting sights in Samara. For people of our country this is not only a place of interest but a live history that one should know, study and preserve. It was the main purpose of the excursion organized by the vice-dean for educational work, N.V. Lapteva, for the first year students of the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography.


Stalins Bunker is the most powerful among the other unmasked bunkers, opened for visitors in 1991. It is 37 meters deep and 12-storied house high. During the excursion the students were told about the construction process of such a grand project, its utility connections and safety system, and also were reminded of the main historical milestones of the Great Patriotic War. Students asked a lot of questions and received full and complete answers. The students were very grateful to the museum guide and promised to come back with their future pupils.




X International Festival Cruise ART - EUROPE

The fourth year student of the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography, Tatyana Kuzmina, became a laureate of II degree in the category Pop Vocal (solo) of X International Festival Cruise ART - EUROPE that had the following itinerary Saint Petersburg Helsinki Stockholm from 31 March till 4 April, 2017. The Festival was organized by International Charity Fund Our Future (Russia); Russian Center of Science and Culture in Helsinki (Russia - Finland); Finnish Council of Russian Compatriots (Finland); the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.


Tatyana Kuzmina: Our travelling started in Saint Petersburg, and then all the participants left for northern European country Finland. In its capital, Helsinki, we visited the main sights and took part in the festival in the concert-hall of Vantaa. Then we set off by ferry for Sweden. Swedish capital is often called Northern Venice or City of Bridges. The romance of Sweden in the beginning of spring and awakening of nature gives people inspiration. After unforgettable adventures in Swedish capital the participants came back to Saint Petersburg.



Secrets of Swedish Journalism Uncovered

Days of Sweden in Samara became a very bright event for the students of SSUSSE Department of Journalism. On 24 March, Per Allan Olsson, a Swedish international journalist, visited his young colleagues and shared a formula of success with them and also told them about his career, journalism in his country and its professional mission.


For Per Allan it was not his first visit to Samara. This time the purpose of his visit was to collect materials for his book about Swedish Red Cross work in Samara at the famine time in 20ies, and at the same time to share his journalistic experience with the students. For those years that Olsson has been working in this field there were many events that happened to him. He was in hot spots in Vietnam, took part in Swedish Red Cross mission in Africa, and worked as a musical journalist. Many sleepless nights and a copious amount of materials are under Per Allans belt. For a journalist practice is very important, but in the university academic hours take up much of students time, says Olsson. But nevertheless it is necessary to write as much as possible, work and practise in publishing offices, look for your place and make yourself known as a professional. Being already sixteen years old, the journalist sent his materials to different publishing offices and soon was employed by a local newspaper. He began his career path with the simple articles on birthdays, and anecdote column. The students were very excited to listen about how did things stand in terms of their future profession in Sweden. It appeared that Swedish journalism is in highly comfortable environment as there are laws on liberty of speech and press. Mass Media representatives can call any agency and request necessary information, and no one can refuse to provide them with the information they needed. Thus, the genre of journalistic investigations in Sweden is rather popular and often it helps solve serious cases. So, Olsson told us that once during such investigation an illegal weapons factory was discovered, and it was extremely a headline-making case for the country. Per Allan said that one of the main missions of a journalist was to highlight minor problems. Everybody have elections in America or Eurovision on their minds, but nobody thinks about starving children in Africa, said our foreign guest. His own example proves that journalism can be honorable and altruistic.




Delegates of Bydgoszcz University of Economy (Poland) with Official Visit to SSUSSE

On 2 3 April, 2017, as a part of partnership agreement on Erasmus + program the delegates of Bydgoszcz University of Economy (Poland) paid an official visit to SSUSSE. Philip Sikora, chancellor of the university, Jerzy Rutkowski, president of European Cluster in the East and a research scientist of the university, and Alexander Skalii, the head of the Institute of the Physical Culture and Sport of the University of Economy were the members of the delegation. The purpose of the visit was to discuss their partnership results according to the program of double certification and Erasmus +, to plan prospects for further development and exchange of experience in organizing international, academic, scientific research and project activities.


It should be mentioned that the double certification program has been realized already for two years in the SSUSSE department of Physical Education and Sport together with the foreign partner university. Today, 9 students of SSUSSE study in Poland according to this program. Four more students will be enlisted on the first course. At the end of the study the students will get two diplomas state-recognized diplomas in PE awarded by SSUSSE and foreign partner university, it will undoubtedly make the graduates more competitive on the labor market. Despite the brevity of the visit, some agreements were reached on further development of relations, among them is studying Polish and Russian languages and literature, and joint master programs. Both sides highly appreciated the results of their negotiations and expressed hope that all the discussed proposals would be carried out in their next joint projects.


SSUSSE Students in International Campaign Get Online Week

Get Online Week is an annual international campaign aimed at developing information society by means of education, new opportunities and help for different social categories in Internet use and acquiring ICT knowledge and skills which are so essential today. The campaign is conducted by an independent Association of ICT-centers (Telecentre-Europe) and it has been held in Russia since 2010 by a nonprofit corporation PH International (Project Harmony Inc.) as a part of Microsoft social projects IT for young people and Promoting IT literacy.


During the campaign the students became familiar with the unique resources - database of useful articles for teachers, parents and students. The website contains information and instructions on financial and digital literacy, security and fraud prevention on the Internet, E-services, online shopping, Internet banking, tourism, etc. There are also resources dedicated to Russia, a guide for future specialists, information on mobile literacy, etc. There is no doubt that these resources will be of great importance for students to organize extracurricular, cultural and career guidance activities.


Francophonie Festival

Annually, Alliance Française in Samara organizes Francophonie Festival, and a lot of students from Samara and Samara region take an active part in it.

On 21 March, SSUSSE students of the Department of Foreign Languages became the participants of the festival of Francophonie theatres where they put on a performance of Le Bourgeois gentilhomme by French playwright Molière.




Conference on Archeology in Tver

On 21 25 March, the conference on archeology took place in Tver. Specialists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania took part in it. Archeologists delivered 48 reports and 19 poster presentations on the topic of Stone and Bronze Age in vast areas. At the conference our university was represented by the teachers (Andreev K.M., Vybornov A.A., Korolev A.I.), and postgraduate students (Bashatov V.A., Eresko O.V., Tolpygina I.G.).





National Cuisine Festival

22 March saw National Cuisine festival taking place as a part of complex program for international students. Such festivals help to develop friendly relations between students of different nationalities, to become familiar with their traditions, history and national cuisine. The participants cooked not only delicious dishes but also came dressed in national costumes and prepared for dance performances. Students from Turkmenistan told about the festival Novruz and its traditions, and then did a national dance and sang some very beautiful songs.





Days of Sweden in Samara

On 21 25 March 2017, Samara held a festival Days of Sweden in Samara organized with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Russian Federation. As a part of the festival, SSUSSE organized a number of formal meetings of the university authorities, teachers and students with the representatives of Swedish Embassy in RF, the teachers from Lund University and Red Cross members of Sweden. On 23 March, the gallery Formogramma (Molodogvardeyskaya str., 80) opened an exhibition dedicated to Swedish humanitarian assistance for citizens of Volga region at thefamine time at the beginning of 20ies of the last century. The exhibition features the materials collected at the course of scientific research by the candidate of social sciences and the associate professor of SSUSSE Department of Management and Service, G.G. Tsidenkov.



On 24 March 2017, SSUSSE held a meeting of Per Allan Olsson, an international journalist, international program coordinator of Swedish Red Cross, with the students and teachers of the Department of Journalism. Per Allan Olsson told the students about his work, the training system of budding journalists in Sweden, shared his professional secrets with the students and gave them some recommendations how to succeed in profession. Future journalists were very excited about the speech of their foreign colleague and asked him a lot of questions and received full and complete answers. Round-table conference Russian and Swedish Relations in 1914 - 1923 also took place in our university. The opening speech was made by Peter Erikson, Ambassador of Sweden in Russia, Stefan Ingvarsson, attach? for cultural relations of Sweden in Russia, O.D. Mochalov, rector of SSUSSE, and I.V. Vershinin, president of SSUSSE. The issues about Russian and Swedish relations at the end of 20ies were discussed in the reports by Christian Gerner, professor of Lund University; Per Allan Olsson, international program coordinator of Swedish Red Cross; G.G. Tsidenkov, associate professor of SSUSSE Department of Management and Service.


It was a very lively discussion, the audience sincerely thanked our foreign guests for their important mission and help and expressed hope for further humanitarian cooperation between two countries. For more information about Swedish Red Cross Mission in Samara region at the famine time please visit the website http://drugoigorod.ru/swedish-red-cross/


International Round-table Conference on History of Biological Education

On 20 March 2017, Department of Natural Science and Geography hosted international round-table conference on history of biological education. The issue about reactivating biological education after the period of T.D. Lysenkos monopoly was discussed at the conference. The conference speakers were Hirofumi Saito, doctor of philosophy, research scientist of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan); and Alexander A. Semenov, candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, the head of Biology and Ecology Department of SSUSSE. Doctor Saito studies the history of Russian science and education. He shows a special interest for a soviet period known as Lysenkoism. Our guest was very interested to know how was reactivating biological education in Russia especially in Samara region after Lysenkos monopoly. The participants shared with each other many interesting facts about classical genetics and its return to the education program for biology in schools and universities of Samara region.


After the conference Hirofumi Saito visited SSUSSE History Museum. He was very excited to become familiar with its exhibition, to listen to wartime songs, and to perform a very famous song Katyusha together with the others. Our foreign guest expressed his deep gratitude to the rector of the university, O.D. Mochalov, and all the conference participants for his opportunity to visit our university, to communicate with the university teachers and veterans, and to study the issue about reactivating biological education after the period of T.D. Lysenkos monopoly in Samara region.


The round-table conference was sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Science that gave a grant Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: JSPS for the project A Study on the Recovery Process of Russian Biological Education from Lysenkoism.


Immortal Regiment Campaign in Samara

On 9 May, 2017 many cities and countries will conduct Immortal Regiment Campaign devoted to the Victory Day. This day unites generations of veterans and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. War-veterans were in every family and those who cherish the memory of them will come to the Parade with the veterans photos.


Immortal Regiment let people remember the heroic acts of our people during the wartime. No one should forget about those heroic days, and victory of soldiers. Russian Immortal Regiment supported by the great past enters the future. It commemorates the heroism of our soldiers, restores continuity of generations and returns the feelings of belonging to a family and Russian history.


On 9 May participants of the campaign will march with the photos of war veterans who will never come to the parade. Our grandparents will live until we remember them. We must keep in mind that a new war begins when a new generation forgets the previous war.


Associate Professor of SSUSSE Department of Journalism Took Part in I International Forum Media Education in Pedagogics:

Experience and New Approaches

On 16 17 March, in Moscow the first International Forum Media Education in Pedagogics
held a discussion on challenges and opportunities of media education and media information literacy. The Forum was organized by Moscow State Pedagogical University together with Eurasian Association of Pedagogical Universities, Association for Development of Pedagogical Universities and Institutions, and also Association of Media Education Specialists.


This Media Forum was unique for Russian Federation, members of State Duma, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Russian Academy of Education, press office chiefs and representatives of education and journalism community took part in the Forum.


The Forum acquired an international status due to the broad geography of the participants who came from Russia, Germany, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Russian media teachers, representatives of universities and ministries of education from Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Pskov, Lipetsk, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Ylyanovsk, Saratov and other cities together with their foreign colleagues discussed topical issues of media education.


Associate Professor of SSUSSE Department of Journalism, candidate of philology, Tatyana A. Paramonova became a participant of the Media Forum. Her professional interest is media education and project technologies in journalism. Being the author of the articles on media education issues, Tatyana received an invitation to the Forum and prepared a report Media Education Project as an instrument of professional journalistic education which was published in the collection of articles Topical theoretical and practical Issues of Media Education in Pedagogics.


Josef Dohnal, Doctor of Philology, teacher of Slavistics Institute of Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic) Visits SSUSSE

On 15 20 May 2017, SSUSSE Department of Philology will hold a course of lectures for Masters degree students of the academic program Russian Literature in the World Culture by doctor of Philology, Josef Dohnal, teacher of Slavistics Institute of Masaryk University, Brno (the Czech Republic), teacher of Russian Studies Department of Cyril and Methodius University, Trnava (Slovakia).


It should be noted that the visit of Josef Dohnal will be the second one to Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.


On 16 May 2016, Prof. Dohnal delivered two public lectures: Russian Literature at the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century from philosophical point of view, Anthropocentrism and its Impulses for Literature and Literature Studies, and gave some seminars for students and masters degree students of the Philology Department.


Professor Emeritus of Archeology and Ancient History of the Lund University (Sweden), archeologist Lars Larsson Visits SSUSSE

On 2 -5 March 2017, Professor Emeritus of Archeology and Ancient History of the Lund University (Sweden), archeologist Lars Larsson paid an official visit to SSUSSE that coincided with the Days of Sweden in Samara. During the visit, L. Larsson met with the SSUSSE president I. Vershinin, and expressed his wish to collaborate with our university and especially with the Department of History. Our Swedish colleague believes that it will be a mutually beneficial cooperation for both universities.

During the visit, Prof. Larsson delivered lectures on Mesolithic and Neolithic periods in Scandinavia, excavations of a burial ground in the Baltic States for teachers, masters degree students, post-graduate students and students of the History Department. The lectures sparked a keen interest of the audience, and the lecturer was asked many questions.


Our archeological finds were shown to our Swedish guest. He was very interested in our Elshanskaya culture that is similar with the Ertebolle culture in the Southern Scandinavia.
Prof. Larsson visited Alabin Museum of History, Stalins Bunker, Museum of Archeology, Space Museum, and A. Kurlina House Museum that housed Swedish Embassy in wartime. At the end of the visit L. Larsson thanked everyone for a warm welcome. In our turn, SSUSSE expressed its gratitude to the Embassy of Sweden in Russia and personally to doctor of historical sciences, professor Vybornov A.A. for organizing a visit of L. Larsson to Samara.


Traditional Armenian Festival Terendez Symbol of Eternal Love at SSUSSE

On February 15, SSUSSE held a traditional Armenian festival Terendez Symbol of Eternal Love. The festival was arranged by the regional National and Cultural Autonomy Nairi, Armenian Mutual Aid Society, Armenian Youth Association, the Department of Philosophy and History, students of Culture and Art Department.



The guests of the festival tasted traditional Armenian cuisine (pastry, juices, dried fruit, nuts, etc.), became familiar with their folk songs and dances, and watched a reconstructed piece of Armenian wedding. The participants of the festival had a chance to master some elements of the Armenian wedding and an ethnic dance Kochari. The guests of the festival could also see the exhibition of objects of Armenian decorative and applied art: pottery, carpets, and works of weaving. All the participants of the festival were presented with tarosiki wedding souvenirs brought from Armenia.



Lars Larsson, Swedish Professor Emeritus of Archeology and Ancient History Visits SSUSSE

On 2 5 March 2017, Professor Emeritus of Archeology and Ancient History of the Lund University (Sweden), archeologist Lars Larsson will pay an official visit to SSUSSE. During his visit, Lars Larsson will meet with the head of the university and deliver lectures for students, post-graduate students and teachers of the History Department.

Professor Larsson is doing a research on the earliest settlements in Scandinavia during the deglaciation. His research interest is aimed at the inland and coastal settlements during the Mesolithic period (10 000-6 000 BC). Prof. Larsson was the leader of the excavations of a large, 4000 years old passage grave in the southern Portugal. In his research, he also studied the South Africa settlements existed 85000 years ago.

L. Larsson is the author of a book, 77 joint monographs, and 79 articles; is a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, a member of the Executive Committee and the Permanent Committee of the International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences (UISPP).


Study Placement in Kainan University, Taoyuan

In January 2017, Tyurina Olga, an assistant of the Department of English Language and Methods of Language Teaching undertook a study placement in Kainan University in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


It was held for teachers of Chinese and for those who just recently started studying the Chinese language. Education program included lectures on lexicology, Chinese phonetics and grammar, calligraphy and Taiwanese culture. The participants also had an opportunity to visit the most famous sights of the northern part of the island.


Olga says that this trip was a great chance not only to improve knowledge of Chinese and become familiar with the way of living in Taiwan, but also to see how the universities work and exchange teaching experience with the colleagues.


The 9th World Conference on Education Sciences in France (WCES-2017)

The conference is annually held in one of the famous European universities, its organizing committee consisted of leading education specialists from Spain, France, Turkey, USA, Cypress, Great Britain, and other countries. The conference focused on the issues of conducting basic and applied scientific researches oriented at the topical questions of education and culture development; implementation of new educational technologies. At the present moment, seven peer-reviewed journals (British Journal of Educational Technology, Educational Technology Research and Development, Perspectives in Education etc.) included in the international data base Scopus, are the official partners of the conference. Three hundred thirteen reports were picked out for the conference (http://www.globalcenter.info/wces/). Our city was represented by the head of English Philology and Intercultural Communication Department, the dean, Elena Yu. Makeeva together with her co-authors from Samara State Technical University. Their joint reports (New approaches to university curriculum design in Russia and Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences: from Traditional Approach to Blended Learning) were devoted to topical issues of implementing competency-based approach and issues of blending and e-learning. There is no doubt that participation in such conferences help reject a common stereotype about education in Russia; open new prospects for international cooperation and publications; and popularize Russian universities abroad.


Online Conference with the Serbian Doctor of Literature Sciences

January 12, 2017 saw SSUSSE organizing an online conference with the Serbian doctor of literature sciences Mara Knezhevich. The conference focused on studying Russian literature in Serbian schools.


It was interesting to know that in Serbia the subject of Russian literature was included in the education programs starting from the primary school. In primary school, Serbian schoolchildren study the works by L.N. Tolstoy, A.S. Pushkin, M. Gorky; as for the secondary school, they read Crime and Punishment, War and Peace, Anna Karenina, And Quiet Flows the Don, The brothers Karamazov. Literary works presented in the educational programs guarantee that children and young people will become familiar with the literature of folks the author belongs to, will understand and make right interpretation of books, says Mara Knezhevich. Our students had an opportunity to listen to literature analyses of some books.


Thus, the online conference raised the issues about studying literary works by Russian classical authors according to the education programs in Serbia.


Travelling around Our Small Motherland

On 3 February 2017, SSUSSE students made a cultural and educational journey across our small motherland. The students got a very good opportunity to become familiar with the holy places of Samara region. During the journey, they visited the Church of Blessed Trinity in Utevka village of Neftegorsk region. The temple was built in 1892, and painted by an iconographer and a unique person Grigori Zhuravlyov (1858 - 1916).


The Church of the Intercession of Blessed Virgin in Pokrovka village left a special impression on the students, especially due to its peculiar architectural design, and abundance of light. The construction of the church was from 1906 to 1914. After the delicious dinner in the monastery canteen of St Nicolai Church, the students could try on the role of bell ringers in the bell-tower of the Church in Krasnosamarskoe village. The church was built in 1908 1916.


Everyone was very impressed by the wide spread of Samara region.


Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education Won Grant of European Commission (Bydgoszcz, Poland)

On the international consortium of universities, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education together with the Institute of Physical Education and Sport of University of Economy (Bydgoszcz, Poland) won the other grant of European Commission within the program of academic mobility Erasmus+.

According to the program, students of PE and Sport Department have an opportunity to do a semester course in Polish university-partner; our and teachers can share their experience with their foreign colleagues and teach master classes for Polish students.

Within the academic mobility program, Polish students in their turn can study at SSUSSE, and leading Polish teachers will hold master classes for our students.

It should be mentioned that this joint education project with the Polish university-partner is not the first one.

The program gives our students a unique opportunity to know better foreign training and education system in the PE and sport sphere and to get invaluable international experience. Having signed the partnership agreement in June 2014, SSUSSE students frequently went for winter mountain skiing; and took part in Summer watersports schools in the Institute of Physical education and Sport (Bydgoszcz). Besides, a joint double certification project (Physical education) was launched in July 2015. Today, nine students of SSUSSE study within this program.


Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education Won Grant of European Commission (Cosenza, Italy)

On the international consortium of universities, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education together with State Conservatory of Music S. Giacomantonio (Cosenza, Italy) won a grant of European Commission within the program of academic mobility Erasmus+.

According to the program, students of Art and Culture Department (Music Education) have an opportunity to do a 9-month course in Italian university-partner; teachers can share their experience with their foreign colleagues and teach master classes for Italian students who study in the conservatory.

Within the academic mobility program, Italian students in their turn can study at SSUSSE, and leading Italian teachers will hold master classes for our students.

The program gives the students a unique opportunity to know better Italian music culture and to get invaluable international experience.


The Second Online Conference from Poland for SSUSSE Students

On 1 December, SSUSSE hosted the second online conference with Agatha Pyasetskaya, candidate of Philological Sciences, deputy head of the Institute of Russian Language in the University of Lodz. The conference was organized by the teachers of the Chair of Russian Language and Culture of Speech, O.I. Kalnova and E.P. Ivanyan.


It should be noted that Agatha Pyasetskaya takes part in scientific conferences around the globe. The main field of her interest is studying the Russian language. Agatha Pyasetskaya studies zoomorphic phraseology in a comparative aspect (using materials of Russian and Polish) and is the author of the phraseology dictionary.


In the beginning, Agatha Pyasetskaya expressed her appreciation for all the conference participants: I hope that you will be interested to hear about phraseological units and how we study it at the classes of Russian. The researcher provided curious equivalents of Russian phraseological units in Polish. Besides, A. Pyasetskaya told the participants about the difficulties Polish students found when translating phraseological units in Russian. Her report was vivid, full of examples. The students were very excited to listen to her, they wrote down interesting examples and actively asked questions.

At the end of the conference, O.I. Kalnova, the head of the chair thanked Agatha Pyasetskaya for the lecture and wished her merry Christmas.


Collaboration of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education with the Imperial Palestinian Orthodox Community

On 5 December, under the agreement between SSUSSE and Imperial Palestinian Orthodox Community, the worlds only double-sided myrrh-streaming icon The Mother of God of Tender Feeling (Lokotskaya) was brought to the academic building 6. Yuri I. Shishkov, an assistant of the acting bishop of Zheleznogorsk and Lviv eparchy of Kursk archeparchy delivered a public lecture History of Finding of the Icon the Mother of God Tender Feeling (Lokotskaya). The lecture was attended by the students of the Department of Philology and History, teachers, university staff and city-folk.


The lecturer considered important problems of todays family education, morality and patriotism among young people. Besides, he touched on the issues of worldview choice, history of Russia, development of Russian literature and history of Russian language, community service of Russian Orthodox Church. Students heard extracts from the Bible, the Testament, and Life of Seraphim Sarovskiy. Today the Icon is in Iveron Monastery of Samara.


Air and Space Museum

On 5 December 2016, the first and the fourth year students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT visited Air and Space Museum of S.P. Korolev Samara National Research University.



The students got an opportunity to know about the history of Russian aviation and space exploration, to see items, devices and models of aviation and rocket and space equipment, a big number of photos and documents, and even landing modules of spaceships, rocket and aircraft engines, aircraft weapon, an astronaut space suit, capsule of fighter plane SU-9, compensating suit and models of the first airplanes. Besides, space feeding aroused much interest of the students. Most of all, the students could watch a video about life and work of cosmonauts in the International Space Station. Museum guides greatly emphasized current potential and very rich history of Samara aerospace complex as a unique aviation and missile space centre of Russia.


International Roundtable Conference at the Department of Foreign Languages

On 6 December 2016, an international roundtable conference on the issues of global competence took place at the Department of Foreign Languages. The roundtable conference was held by Tim Hercules, the doctor of Law, professor of the Saint-Louis University (USA). Professor Hercules delivered a presentation Global competence real mobile application. Then came a discussion. Students and teachers listened to his presentation with profound interest; they actively asked questions and expressed their points of view concerning the discussed issues.

2 (1).jpg



International Conference Early Stage Assistance in Focus of the Interdepartmental Interaction: Experience of Russia and France

On 28-29 November 2016, the international conference Early Stage Assistance in Focus of the Interdepartmental Interaction: Experience of Russia and France took place in Moscow. E.M. Savitskaya, professor of Pedagogics and Psychology Chair, Department of Psychology and Special Education, took part in the conference.


The conference focused on the issues about the improvement of the interdepartmental interaction concerning the assistance for infants with the developmental disorders and their families using the best European practices.


Elena M. Savitskaya described the experience of our university specialists relating to the rendering of medical, psychological and social services to prevent social abandonment of newborn children with the congenital anomalies; the organization of the early stage assistance for families with disabled children.


Italy Country of Football!

On 17 November, 2016 students and teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and Physical Education and Sport met with the Italian football players of the football team Krylia Sovetov Gianni Bruno and Cristian Pasquato. Our guests were very glad to visit SSUSSE when they heard that students in our university studied Italian.



Gianni Bruno and Cristian Pasquato told us about their football life, life in Samara and answered all the questions asked by the students and teachers. When asked about the forthcoming World Football Championship, Cristian said, Russian team should draw out a lesson from the previous European Football Championship if they want to achieve top results. Gianni added that he would cheer for Italy and Russia at the forthcoming World Championship and he would be extremely glad in case of a clash between Italy and Russia. Besides, the Italian football players compared three football championships they had played for: League 1, Serie A and Premier League. Gianni who played for League 1 and Premier League said that those two championships were rather similar as both of them paid much attention to power fight thats why he could easily adapt in Russia. Christian who played only for Italian team, said that championships in Russia and Italy differed greatly. In Italy football players pay much attention to tactical training where everyone should strictly perform their duties. Italian football players liked our summer in Samara very much. They spend their free time together as they made friends during their time in Samara. At the end of the meeting everyone could take a picture with Gianni and Cristian.




Volunteers of the Department of Psychology and Special Education at the Festival Along with Stars for disabled people

December 2, 2016 witnessed the festival Along with Stars devoted to the International Day of Disabled People. This festival became a tradition; its conception is performance of disabled people together with the professionals. Volunteers of the Department of Psychology and Special Education are regular participants of this socially important event.


Gala-concert finished with the flashmob in support for people with disabilities. There is no doubt such events allow to form professional competence of future speech therapists, and the main thing is that they help to communicate with children and adults with special needs.


Karl the Great: Unique Exhibition

Samara Museum of Art opened an exhibition of State Russian Museum collection the first large retrospective exhibition of a famous Russian painter Karl P. Bryullov (1799 1852) called Karl the Great by the contemporaries. Students of Primary Education Department (bachelor degree course) could not miss out that significant event in the cultural life of our city.



The students had a chance to see not only the worldwide famous works of the artist but also the sketches for his future works. The pictures allowed them to see his art in process. The exposition covers almost all the periods of creative evolution of the artist and shows his genre diversity; historical paintings, portraits, monumental paintings. The major work by Karl Bryullov is The Last Day of Pompeii. There also one could see his self-portrait painted by Bryullov for the Florentine Uffizi Gallery. Love of Karl Bryullov to picturesque nature of Italy was reflected in the picture Girl Gathering Grapes in the Vicinity of Naples. Portrait genre holds a special place among his works. The exposition also includes chamber portraits and portrait-picture, for instance, Portrait of Alexander Bryullov (1823 - 1828), brother of the artist.




Student Debut 2016

Gala concert of the artwork festival Student Debut 2016 by the first year students opened on November 29. Around 15 artistic spots were taken for the event. For two weeks students were actively getting ready for the performance on the big stage. The concert program was very eventful.


At the end of the concert program Natalia N. Kislova, SSUSSE vice-rector of learning support and quality of education, awarded all the participants with the diplomas.


The winners in the nomination The Best Concert Program were

1. Department of Psychology and Department of History.

2. Department of mathematics, Physics and IT.

3. Department of Philology and Department of Primary Education.



SSUSSE expresses its gratitude to the directors, stage managers, stage designers, scriptwriters, cameramen, audience and the participants of the festival Student Debut 2016!



SSUSSE Students at World AIDS Day Campaign

Samara saw a World AIDS Day Campaign taking place on December 1. This campaign was launched in order to attract attention of people to the HIV-infection prevention and to develop tolerance towards people affected by HIV.


The international symbol of this day is a red ribbon. This strip of red fabric is a sign of belonging to the global problem, a symbol of solidarity with those who live with AIDS.

During the campaign, SSUSSE students-volunteers handed out leaflets to passers-by; the leaflets contained the addresses of the AIDS-centers of Samara region where one can undergo a free anonymous HIV test. This campaign is very important nowadays as the total number of HIV positives in Russia by the middle of 2016 made up 1 062 476 people. Experts think that approximately 500 000 800 000 people even do not suspect that they are infected and belong to the risk group because they have never been tested for AIDS.



Taking Part in the International Project on Research of Global Temperature Changesof the World Ocean

in August, 2016, Institute of Marine Research of National Sun Yat-Sen University (Taiwan) invited K. S. Tkachenko, a member of Frolov Museum of Zoology to take part in the International Project on Research of Global Temperature Changes of the World Ocean in the coral communities of the Donga (the Pratas) atoll in the South China Sea. Interesting data were obtained concerning the dependence of quantity and species composition of reef-building corals on internal gravity waves and temperature anomaly of surface water.






Plenary Meeting of the Global Russian Peoples Convocationof SSUSSE Students

On November 27, 2016 SSUSSE students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT took part in the plenary meeting of Samara regional division of the Global Russian Peoples Convocation on the topic Russia and West: answers to the civilizational challenges.


Before the meeting, the Temple of Holy Cyril and Maria of Radonezh of Samara seminary hosted a divine liturgy where our students and teachers prayed together with the priesthood and congregation.


At the end of the liturgy His Eminence Sergey addressed to the participants of the religious service with the prelacy word, he emphasize the necessity to be kind and merciful, to have love for your neighbors, to express compassion to the afflicted.


Taking part in this historical event left a mark in the memory of our students, made them ponder over matters concerning moral choice, patriotism, faith, national self-identity.


SSUSSE Student at Russian National Awards Ceremony Student-2016

Lashkina Elena, a SSUSSE third year student of the Department of Natural Science and Geography took part in Russian National Awards Ceremony Student-2016 that took place in Stavropol on November 14 18, 2016.


Lashkina Elena represented our city and our university in Grand Prix nomination Student of the Year of Educational Establishments of Higher Education. It included a self-presentation, game management and public speaking. Participants were very excited, everyone wished to show their talent and creativity.


Besides, they also attended different master classes given by the association of the coaches of student youth of Russian Union of Youth.


Elena said: These four days of the ceremony gave me anenergy boost for further achievements and winning. I gained new experience and had a chance to meet with talented people from all over Russia. I understood that we were unique in our own way, we had a common aim to make our country and our region better! I think that it is a great opportunity when you feel a part of the large family of the most talented students! All of us are bright real active and ambitious youth! It is we who will improve our future!



International Conference on Education in London

London International Conference on Education (LICE-2016) traditionally gathered leading scientists from all over the world last week. Samara (to be more precise, all Russia) was represented by Elena Yu. Makeeva, the head of Chair of English Philology and Intercultural Communication, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor; and Yulia V. Lopukhova, professor of the Chair of Linguistics, Intercultural Communication and Russian as a foreign language of Samara State Technical University.


The conference organized by the scientific community of researchers from Great Britain and Ireland Infonomics Society united scientists and teachers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Republic of South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, China, North Korea, Nigeria, Botswana, Finland, Pakistan, Lebanon, etc.


Our colleagues reports (Reimagining Higher Education in Russia: Time of Shared Online Learning) was one of 116 from 2646 reports selected for the conference. The report considered issues concerning modernizing of higher education in Russia and aspects of implementation of e-learning: various types of online courses. It should be noted that during the discussion the aspects considered in the report occurred to be innovative, efficient, rather topical for the universities in many countries, and brand-new to some other countries. In their turn, our colleagues learned a lot of new and useful information, made new scientific contacts. They made certain that even in todays troubled political circumstances teachers and researchers solved the same problems and were ready for partnership regardless of a subject, nation, skin colour, sanctions and distance between the states.


Extended versions of the reports by conference participants will be published in peer-revieved journals indexed in the international databases.




SSUSSE Students at All-Russian Seminar Stipkom - 2016

On October 21 23, 2016 Moscow witnessed All-Russian school seminar Stipkom - 2016 taking part. All-Russian school-seminar has been organized since 2013, by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation with the assistance of Tula State University and all-Russian Trade union of Education. Its main aim is to increase the competency level of the scholarship committee members.



More than 300 scholarship committee members take part in the school-seminar; they are students from 64 regions of Russia, among them were SSUSSE students: Nechaev Maxim (Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT) and Bogdanova Julia (Department of Primary Education). The participants were invited to the seminar Stipkom - 2016 after a careful selection and tests of their theoretical knowledge concerning the laws of scholarship support of universities. At Stipkom - 2016 the participants met with the experts in the sphere of scholarship support: Eugene Zak, advisor of youth policy of Ministry of Education and Science, Denis Gizatulin, principal advisor of RF State Duma Committee for Education, Nikita Dubikov and Oksana Tkadnets, members of the Department of State Policy in the sphere of higher education.


Maxim Nechaev: There is no doubt that the question of scholarship is one of the most burning, as a scholarship should not only support an adequate standard of living of students but also should stimulate studying of educational programs by students in higher education institutes. We analyzed such kinds of scholarships as social, state, academic, presidential and governmental.

Following the results of the educational program Maxim and Julia were awarded with silver Stipkom badges, it shows the high level of knowledge and experience.



SSUSSE Teachers at the Ural Archeological Conference

Udmurt University in Izhevsk hosted a regular Ural Archeological Conference. Scientists from Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Tyumen, Perm, Syktyvkar, Ufa, Nizhniy Tagil, Kazan, Yoshkar Ola, Saratov and Moscow took part in the conference. At the conference SSUSSE teachers Andreev K.M., Vybornov A.A., Korolev A.I. and a postgraduate student Eresko O.V. delivered their reports on the theme Cultural Processes in Ural Neolith. The conference results were reflected in the conference information package. The next Ural and Volga archeological conferences will take place in Samara State Universiy of Social Sciences and Education in 2018.





The 2nd All-Russian Geography Teachers Convention

The second All-Russian Geography Teachers Conference took place on November 2 3, 2016 in the Lomonosov building of Moscow State University. Delegates from all constituent units of the Russian Federation took part in the convention, namely teachers of geography, teachers of higher schools, members of regional divisions of Russian Geography Society and Russian Association of Geography Teachers.

Samara region was represented by the members of Samara geographical society I. V. Kazantsev, SSUSSE dean of Natural Science and Geography Department; L.V. Pivovarova, the head of geography teachers association of Samara region, geography teacher of the school 41 Garmonia; A.A. Pahomov, the head of the community of young teachers in Kinel, geography teacher of the school 2.

The main theme of the convention was to discuss development concepts of geographical education in Russia.


On November 3, the closing ceremony in the presidium witnessed Sergey Shoygu, the Minister of Defense, the president of Russian geographical Society; O. Yu. Vasilyeva, the Minister of Education and Science; N.S. Kasimov, the first Vice President of Russian geographical Society, the president of MSU Department of Geography; V.A. Sadovnichiy, rector of Moscow State University.




The Minister of Defense S.K. Shoygu noted the role of Russian Geographical Society in popularization of geography among young people.

The Minister of Education and Science O. Yu. Vasilyeva emphasized the role of geography in formation of personality and civil identity.

At the end of the convention, the discussed development concepts of geographical education in RF were adopted.


A.A. Vybornov at International Conference in Slovenia

November 4 5 witnessed a regular international conference taking place in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The conference initiated by professor M. Budya was devoted to radiocarbon chronology of the Neolithic cultures of Eurasia. Scientists from Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, China, Poland, Russia, France, Romania and Croatia took part in the conference. As part of the government task of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, our university was represented by A.A. Vybornov, professor of the chair of national history and archeology. Summarizing the results of the conference an information package will be published.






Remembrance Parade 2016

November 7, 2016 saw the SSUSSE students taking part in the Remembrance Parade to mark the 75th anniversary of staging a military Parade on November 7, 1941 and awarding the status for Samara as The City of Labour and Battle Glory.

75 years ago, nothing could halt solemn marches at the square. Despite snowstorm, cold and unpleasant weather the parade took place this year. More than 30 000 people took place in the parade. Following a tradition, before the parade had started public authorities and military men laid flowers to the memorial sign In Remembrance of Parade 1941.

Alexander Protchenko, major general in the reserve was in the command of the Remembrance Parade.

1 (1).jpg


The first who marched along the square was parade squad uniformed and armed with the guns of Great Patriotic War time. They were followed by the reconstructed machines used in real fights. The next who marched were squads of the active army, security agencies, veteran and patriot public association and educational establishments. Combined military orchestra of Samara garrison went the last in the march.

Then one could see Heroic Regiment with the portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, Heroes of Social Labour, and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Labour Glory. The Regiment was saluted by the Peoples Artist of the USSR, Vasyli Lanovoy who preferred Samara Parade to Moscow one. For the first time champions of the Olympic Games, European champions, world champions who make our country famous. Meanwhile, plains Yak-52, Po-2 and helicopter Mi-2 flew over the square. The Parade was culminated with the mass demonstration.


II All-Russian Scientific Forum Science of the Future Science of Young People

Kazan welcomed the second All-Russian scientific forum Science of the Future Science of Young People organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. World leading scientists are of the opinion that the forum Science of the Future is the most dramatic scientific event of this year in Russia. More than 1300 people took part in the forum; among them are more than one hundred of native and foreign distinguished scientists from 42 countries. Alexander Kabanov, professor, a co-chairman of the Program committee of the Conference said Science of the Future is a unique conference. I know no other conference with such a program that in details presents practically all the sciences. During the second All-Russian Scientific Forum Science of the Future Science of Young People all the participants were involved in fascinating work at the campus of Kazan Federal University.


338 students reached the final of the All-Russian competition of students research works. Among them was Anna Ionova, a fourth year SSUSSE student of Natural Science and Geography Department who represented our university in the section Geosciences, Ecology and Rational Nature Management.


Forum and Conference Science of the Future let demonstrate a great number of considerable scientific achievements of Russian laboratories; exchange advanced scientific experience; discuss topical questions of national and world science, and prospects for the development of international cooperation. The competition of students works showed a high level of research and development projects carried out by the students.


Prompt support given to the winners of the competition and enlisting them to work in the leading native laboratories can provide our native science with the new brilliant leaders. Such forums and conferences will be regularly held as they are an important factor in science development in Russia.


The Head of Chair of Economics delivered a course of lectures to students in Czech Republic

On October 24 28, M.Yu. Ivanov, the head of SSUSSE Chair of Economics, doctor of economics delivered a course of lectures Technology of Business-Plan Development to the students of Tomas Bata University in Zlin (Czech Republic). Classes were in the Czech language, as the lector has a good command of the language like a native speaker. This fact proves proficiency of SSUSSE teachers and their competitive abilities in the global market of educational services.



Choice Preference for Italian

On October 6, 2016, the Department of Foreign Languages gave a presentation We choose Italian. The presentation was made by students under the guidance of Olga V. Nenasheva, the dean of Roman Philology chair, and Carmelo Cascone, teaching assistant of Foreign Languages chair.

Students who study Italian told about the history and culture of Italy. They acquainted their groupmates with classical and modern Italian music, painting, literature and the best works of film art.



The students made an excursion to the ancient Rome with its great monuments and then showed some pictures of todays Rome.

All the participants had a good opportunity to enjoy splendid music from opera arias to songs by Adriano Celentano, Alexander Amoroso and group Vanilla Sky.



The students could perfectly pick and put together the shots taken from such La Scala performances as The Barber of Seville, Nessun dorma, Rigoletto sung by the best Italian opera singers.

During the presentation, one could listen to the history of Italian fashion and famous brands, play an interactive game: where one guessed from a logotype what brand was shown.

Most of the participants wished to visit Italy.


Poetic Performance with Charles Pennequin (France)

On October 20, 2016 students of Foreign Languages Department, who study French, had a chance to meet with an extraordinary person, a French poet Charles Pennequin, famous for his performances.

He is sure that poetry belongs to everyone: it should be seen, heard, felt, called out at every crossroad, written down on walls of buildings.

1 (1).jpg

Charles Pennequin reads his poems for TV channel Canal + and ARTE, on Internet-radio and posts his podcasts on the site France Culture.

The poet came to Samara during his tour in Russia; he will also visit Tolyatti, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Saratov and Nizhniy Novgorod. The meeting with the poet was organized at the festival French Autumn. Charles Pennequin presented his poems to the students of Foreign Languages Department. Every poem was like a dazzling mini spectacle. The audience broke into tumultuous applause. During the further discussion the poet answered students numerous questions and then thanked them for such a warm welcome.


Participation in All-Russian Conference Marine Biological Research: Achievements and Prospects

The head of the Frolov Zoology Museum division of invertebrate animals, candidate of biological sciences, K. S. Tkachenko took part in the All-Russian Conference with international engagement Marine Biological Research: Achievements and Prospects timed to coincide with 145th anniversary of Sevastopol biological station.



The conference took place in the Federal State Institution of Science A.O. Kovalevskiy Institute of Marine Biological Researches in Sevastopol. K. S. Tkachenko delivered a report Coral communities of the Nha Trang bay (Vietnam): past, present and future. The report was based on the results of the expedition to the Nha Trang bay (Vietnam) since 2014 to 2016.


Participation of the Professor of the Faculty of History at the international conference of the European Association of Archaeologists

The 22nd Annual International Conference of the European Association of Archaeologists was held from 31 August to 4 September.




This time, it was held in Vilnius. There were 1400oral and poster presentations applied, which further were grouped into 98 sections. Our universitys representative was the Professor of the Faculty of History, A.A. Vibornov. Within the state order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation 2 reports were made on the problems of the study of Neolithic- Eneolithic Volga-Kama region. The abstracts of the conference reports were then published.




Students and graduates of SSUSSE - participants of Intel Alumni Boot Camp-2016

Six unforgettable days in late August (before the very start of the school year!) were carried out in Moscow by the students and graduates of 2016 of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics: by Alexandra Dyachina and Laysan Galimova (profiles "Physics" and "Science", 5th year students), Elena Pyatyshina (teacher of computer science at the State Budgetary Educational Institution/Secondary Comprehensive school 2 in an urban village Ust-Kinel) and Gindin Evelyn (teacher of physics and computer science at the State Budgetary Educational Institution / Secondary Comprehensive school in Chernorechie village).




Within the partnership agreements with SSUSSE they were invited to the training Intel Alumni Boot Camp, which was held at the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov this year.

Alexandra Dyachina:

In the training Intel Alumni Boot Camp, we were to develop new skills of using the technologies already familiar to us, as well as improve the old ones. These are 3D-modeling tecdhnologies, robotics, cyberphysics, cloud services, etc. We learned a lot about modern technology prototyping, industrial design, design development at FDM technology ( 3D-printing).

Among the participants were mainly the students of technical universities - the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, the Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics and other leading Russian universities. Needless to say, that this fact imposed certain responsibility on us.

At the first lesson, all the 26 participants were divided into 5 groups, and each group began working on the main objective: to improve the robot Plottergramm, which, by the way, the three of us have worked with in the summer during the technological camp shifts in the All-Russian children centers "Eaglet" (Elena Pyatyshina) and "Shift" (Alexandra Dyachina and Laysan Galimova) within the course "Internet things with ones own hands."

5 days flew by like an hour: from 10:00 to 21:00 daily we were solving the problems each in ones own team, and each team developed completely different, but equally innovative products.

Evelyna Gindina and I joined the "Panda" team, and that's what we've got!


Laysan Galimova:

I was in a team called "Andy Warhol." We had a great team! By the end of our training I realized that I love, and most importantly, am eager to design!

There was an interesting meeting with Leonid Bugaev - an expert in the field of mobile business solutions, best-selling author of "Mobile Marketing: How to charge the business in the mobile world" and "Mobile Networking", the founder of the Experts Academy, the Digital-agency owner (Nordic Agency AB (Moscow-Stockholm)).


Evelyna Gindina:

Just to thank everyone for this trip means to say nothing! Why such emotions? This trips just opened my eyes on the principles of teaching and educating. I‘ve met such talented, smart, gifted and kind people there, that it seems to me that Im unable to forget them indeed.

In this camp we were taught not only to design, simulate and program, but our primary concern for five - days - work was to form a close-knit team in which each member understands and supports the other. And ... we did it !!! Our group titled "Panda" passed through many stages of team formation, the most frequent was the stage of "storming," but we went through it all and created not only a stylish product in the form of our plottergramm, but also formed a great team :)

After arriving to Samara and coming to school, Ive changed my view on my students completely, and still cant help looking at them and admiring:) Now they are not just pupils for me but "my team";) I wish all the students who are going to work at school had found "their own team" :)


Elena Pyatyshina:

I couldnt possibly have imagined my career to be like this. I owe a lot to Intel. Two trips to Moscow during the students years, preparation for technological shifts in summer camps, two trips to children center "Eaglet" (Tuapse)! Now - Intel Alumni Boot Camp. And each time the trips are full of impressions, new experiences, which I will voluntarily share with my future pupils!

A collaboration with Intel continues. Theres an interesting work on preparing students for technological shifts in summer camps ahead.

Samara expedition on the experimental study of ancient pottery

In the summer of 2016 the annual Samara expedition on the experimental study of ancient pottery took place. It was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation according to the project 33.1195.2014 / state assignment "Historical origins of interaction and tolerance of the peoples of the Volga region " and was held from 4 to 25 August in the Samara region near Pribrezhny village.



About 30 researchers from different research centers of Samara, Moscow, Belgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Tolyatti, Orenburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Barnaul, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk took part in the expedition. The scientific supervisors of the experimental work carried out were the Candidates of Historical Sciences N.P. Salugin, I.N. Vasileva, E.V. Volkova, the Doctor of Historical Sciences Y.B. Tsetlin. Many young researchers carried out their research programs and experiments. In the evening they discussed the terminological dictionary developed by Y.B.Tsetlinym and listened to the reports of the participants of the expedition, and also watched the pottery ethnographic films.


The demand for such an expedition, especially among young people interested in archeology, is obvious. Within such expedition one can experimentally verify all the hypotheses that have arisen in the study of ancient ceramics, and also learn the basics of pottery techniques and the rules of staging a scientific experiment, make professional and friendly relations, ask and discuss all the complex issues of studying "ones own" ceramics.



Student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography at the International Youth Educational Forum "Eurasia"

From 7 to 11 September, in the Orenburg region was held the International Youth Educational Forum "Eurasia" by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The forum was attended by 800 representatives from 70 countries of the continent.

The forum was held with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Government of the Orenburg region, the Federal State Organization "Russian Centre of civil and patriotic education", the Federal State Organization "International Youth Center."


The Forums aim was to create an international communication platform for friendly professional and humanitarian interaction between young people of the Eurasian continent, united by the concept of Russian world. During the forum, the participants were presented a strong educational program - a lecture by the head of the Affairs Federal Agency of the Community of Independent States and compatriots living abroad and international humanitarian cooperation Lyubov Glebova; the political scientist, General Director of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center Valery Fedorov; the head of the Youth Affairs Federal Agency Sergei Pospelov; the chairman of the National preparatory Committee of the XIX World festival of youth and students Gregory Petushkov; the journalist Anatoly Wasserman and many others.



Then the participants were offered to work with the real cases and present their own projects. Maria Shirokova, a 4th year student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography, represented the Students Scientific Society of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.

Together with the colleagues Maria presented the solution of the case given, aimed at complementing the World Festival of Youth and Students existing program, which is to be held in Russia in 2017. Experts noted the originality and novelty of the ideas presented.


Also, within the excursion program the participants visited the specially organized events: the opening of a unique platform - Naukograd, where about 250 scientific researches on aircraft modeling, robotics, medicine and other innovative products were presented; they also participated in the students parade under the slogan "Towards the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students! ", laid flowers at the memorial" Eternal flame ".

The forum was held at the highest level, with a strong educational program and friendly platform for discussions. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunities given, new experience and useful contacts!

Volunteer of the year - a student of SSUSSE

On September 16, 2016 in MTL "Arena a solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition for the award in the sphere of professional development and education "Student of the Year - 2016 "was held.

The final category (the kindest one) "Volunteer of the Year" was represented by two participants of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education: Olga Fedorova and Elena Lashkina.



The nominees held their breath, and then under a storm of applause the winners been proudly declared: "Volunteer of the Year - Elena Lashkina, the student of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.

As a volunteer Elena took part in such events as the V Regional Festival of aviation, technical and military-applied sports, the II All-Russian Forum " Students Russia ", Victory ambassador, she was as well the organizer of the naval parade in the hero-city Sevastopol, representing the Samara region; the regional military-sports competitions "Motherland faithful sons: dedicated to Victory", the V regional historical and patriotic camp for students of Samara region "Our Victory", National youth media festival "Generation of today".



As the winner in the category "Volunteer of the Year" Elena Lashkina has opened registration of city volunteers for the World Football Championship FIFA 2018. She handed the ball personally to the governor of the Samara region Nikolay Merkushkin.

There were about 400 students on the stage from across the region. The performance of a popular singer Julianna Karaulova ended up the event.


V.I.Smolyar Participation in the XII International Scientific Conference in Portugal

From 11 to 21, August 2016 in Lisbon (Portugal) was held the XIVth International Scientific Conference "Europe and modern Russia. Integrative function of pedagogical science within common education space. "The main aim of the conference organized by the International Academy of Sciences of pedagogical education was establishing cooperation among scientists in order to solve educational problems more successfully.


The conference considered the issues associated with the value of education priorities in the XXI century, as well as with the innovative design and construction of educational content and the technological support of quality of education, and etc.

The head of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD1.JPG


The Head of the Music Education Department, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor A.I. Smolar took part in the conference, making the report on "Art techniques in the diagnosis of professional consciousness of the teacher".


Delegation of Foreign University Partners Visited SSUSSE

On 16 19 October 2016, Delegation of foreign university-partners Ludwigsburg University of Education (Germany) and Bydgoszcz University of Economy (Poland) paid an official visit to SSUSSE as a part of the 105-anniversary celebration.



The delegation from Germany arrived to Samara in the person of Jörg Ulrich Kessler, professor and vice-rector for academic and international affairs, and Michael Gans, teacher of German. Polish delegation was represented by Veslav Olshevskii, doctor and honorary consul of Slovakia in Poland, and Alexander Skalii, candidate of sciences, the head of the university of Physical Education and Sport.


During the visit our foreign guests had a meeting with the SSUSSE authority and members of the International Office; they also held roundtable discussions with the deans and the teachers of Foreign Language Department and Department of Physical Education and Sport; and conducted negotiations with the deans of Department of Economics, Management and Service, and Department of Art and Culture. Having summed up the collaborative work the members of the meeting agreed to continue collaboration in the sphere of education, science and culture.

Poland partners gave a master class in water sports and life-saving in the SSUSSE swimming pool.


Teachers from Germany conducted a seminar on literature and also held interviews with the students potential participants of scholarship program and academic mobility.

The guests had a walking tour around Samara, visited museums Bunker Stalina and Samara Kosmicheskaya, SSUSSE museum of zoology, and festive concert devoted to 105 anniversary of the university founding.

Foreign partners highly appraised the organization of their visit. The universities will develop and enhance their interrelations.


SSUSSE Journalists at Teacher of the Year 2016

Samara was very proud to welcome All-Russian competition Teacher of the Year 2016. For the first time our city had the honour of hosting the nationwide event that was a credit for the winner of the last year Sergey Kocherezhko, the teacher of history and social studies. Teachers from all Russia (85 regions!) came to Samara to prove their importance in the system of education. These people can justly be called innovators who tend to create better education for their children. Children in their turn also did their part in this competition. And if some of them tried not to be late for the lessons, others hurried to the press-centre. Even in 90s the competition had funny daily - Pelican - Daily edited by young journalists Teacher newspaper. The main aim of the daily is to tell about major events of the day in unusual, witty and humorous way. Samara is a multinational city. The festive opening of the competition took place near the school 41 where children dressed in national costumes gathered in a round dance. The participants were met with the big pies that in its turn highlighted hospitality and kindliness of Samara people.



Exhibition Sacred Circle of Life in the Alabin Museum

On October 4, 2016 the associate professor S.I. Pavlov and the students of the Department of Natural Science and Geography visited the exhibition Sacred Circle of Life by the member of the Union of Russian Artists, German Feoktistov.



German Feoktistov is the member of the Union of Russian Artists, famous sculptor in Penza. In 1985 he graduated from Penza Construction-Engineering University, the Department of Architecture. The works of the artist belong to the House of Humor and Satire (Bulgaria), DelloBelloGallery (Canada), History Museum in Moscow, Gift Fund of the Federation Council, and private collectors. Eighty bronze miniatures were featured in the exhibition; among them were also thirty-seven works of decorative and applied arts made of silver and copper. He has been toiling at the exhibition more than 20 years. The main characters of the exhibition became the Indians, their life and traditions.


The exhibition also included the works of the photo-artist Andrey Skorobogatov. His pictures were taken in different years during the festival of Indian culture pow-wow that is regularly held in Saint-Petersburg.


SSUSSE Students Underwent Training in Educational Centre Sirius

Sochi Educational centre Sirius was established by the Educational Fund Talent and Success at the premises of the Olympic infrastructure upon an initiative of the president V.V. Putin. The fund was set up on December 24, 2014 by the outstanding Russian workers of science, art and sport.

Sirius is a wonderful place that gathers the most talented, gifted and promising young men from throughout Russia. Our two students Nagarnyuk Kseniya and Pichuzhina Ekaterina had a chance to visit this so remarkable place and to work with the gifted children.

The centre develops three directions: science, art and sport.


Sirius can boast of having a large library. The library has a great number of books at its disposal, besides Sirius provides an access to the e-library.

The centre also arranged different excursions, for example to the entertaining Sochi Park, Nicola Tesla museum, Leonardo Da Vinci museum, hockey match.

The remarkable event was also that Sirius welcomed the members of Russian figure-skating team such as Yulia Lipnitskaya, Adelina Sotnikova and many others, and Tatyana Tarasova, the honored figure-skating coach.

Sirius is a place with the unlimited number of opportunities.



IX Russia-wide Open Festival of Documentary Films Salt of the Earth

On September 19 23, 2016, Samara hosts the IX Russia-wide Open Festival of Documentary Films Salt of the Earth. The purpose of the festival is to tell about people, the way of their life that is a worthy example for the rising generation; to support documentary filmmakers whose films are filled with love to people and our country; to keep unique Russian culture that is based on the orthodox traditions. We want to show Samara audience films filled with such important examples as mercy, compassion, faith, patriotism, readiness to give life for the country.

The festival films will demonstrate real Russia which was always faithful to its duty despite all the difficulties.

The guests of the festival will be the documentary filmmakers from the Far East, Siberia and central part of Russia, also from Kirghizia, Belarus and Serbia; among them are also such famous cultural workers as Armen Medvedev, honored film expert, Galina Prozhiko, professor of Russian State University of Cinematography, Sergey Ursulyak, film director and screenwriter, Sergey Makhovikov, Russian actor of stage and screen, poet, director and composer, Nicolai Volkov, professor, the head of cinematography chair of Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, Bozhidar Zechevich (Serbia) , playwright, film expert, film historian, professor of film analysis, member of European Film Academy, Algis Arlauskas (Spain), actor of stage and screen, director.

The festival takes place on 19 23 September in the Centre of Russian Cinematography Khudozhestvennyi (Kuybisheva St 103/105).


Volga and Yangtze Again Join Together

This year the biggest youth forum iVolga-2016 again welcomed Chinese delegation at the Mastryukovskie Lakes. To take part in the third Russian-Chinese Forum Volga-Yangtze Chinese delegation consisting of 163 people came to Samara airport Kurumoch from a Chinese city Chungking and five provinces: Anhui, Szechuan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangxi. They are the students of different Chinese universities, the members of the youth structures; the representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs; the teachers of Chinese universities.



For our guests the 16th of June began with the round table with the SSUSSE administration, the trade union organization, the students. Then there was an excursion to Alabin Museum and Lenin Museum. Chinese students listened with a profound interest to the museum guide who told them about Samara history, flora and fauna of the city from the earliest times to the present days. They also could see with their own eyes a flat of Lenin, a proletarian leader, who created a socialist state.

The guys shared their impressions with the volunteers, telling each other about Chinese and Russian traditions.



- I study Russian at my faculty, says one of Anhui student. I dont know yet what profession I am going to choose. But I can say that I am very interested in journalism and mass media. I think that Russian language will be very useful for such work.

The Forum participants will work out their projects in five subject: Mass Media; Science and Innovations; Culture, Art and Tourism; Linguistics and Enterprising.


At the Opening of the Forum, Yuri Zolotorev, a deputy of the plenipotentiary of the president of Volga Federal District, said that such forums as well as exchange of students were very important as they allowed to enhance the relations between Russia and China.


Chinese Delegation from Anhui province in SSUSSE

On June 16, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education welcomed Chinese delegation from Anhui province; one could hear kind words of salutation in Russian, English and Chinese.




Chinese delegation consisting of 165 people will take part in the Youth Forum iVolga 2016. Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education became one of the hosting universities. The rector of the university, Oleg Mochalov said that it was important to develop Russian Chinese cooperation and SSUSSE advanced rapidly in this direction. During the round table, the participants recalled historical aspects of Chinese-Russian cooperation, talked about some education peculiarities in both countries. Among the delegation, there were guests who perfectly spoke Russian and intended to work in our country.



When the round table ended the students watched the concert by the best students of the Department of Culture and Art. The foreign guests enjoyed the waltz from music to the drama Masquerade by M. Lermontov, Hungarian dance 1, 2, Volzhskie pripevki, etc. The guests were very impressed by the accordionists performance of the traditional Russian song Katyusha. As it turned out there were students among the Chinese who could play the accordion too. With the permission of the performers one of the foreigners took an accordion and played well-loved melodies. Many students of the Chinese delegation were for the first time in Russia. They

Already now both sides are going to enter into a cooperation agreement.


Excursion to the Historic City Centre for Chinese Delegation

After the round table the participants of Anhui delegation went on the excursion to the historic city centre. The excursion started from the station 6 prichal.

The guests went along the embankment, took a lot of pictures and talked.

They were overfilled with the emotions and shared them in mixed Russian and English languages.


image4 (1).jpeg

The famous monument The Barge Haulers on the Volga captured a special attention of the Chinese delegation.

Then they took a walk through one of the most beautiful streets of the city Leningradskaya Street. It was rather hot and Chinese were laughing saying that they felt their native climate here.

So, together with the SSUSSE volunteers, the participants of the Chinese delegation could know the history of the city, and admire the unique architectural monuments and picturesque landscapes.


Secrets of Italian Cuisine

On May 26, 2016 the SSUSSE Department of Foreign Languages held Italian Cuisine masterclass.

SSUSSE students studying Italian have a good opportunity to know the culture of this Mediterranean country, and the secrets of cooking such wholesome and delicious Italian food. Pasta Bolognese, fettuccine with parmigiano, konkiloni and risotto with seafood are the names of traditional Italian dishes which still sound enigmatic for us while spaghetti and pizza became usual in our country years ago. Italian people who live and work in our city supported the initiative of the SSUSSE teachers of Italian, Olga Nenasheva and Carmelo Cascone. They gave masterclass of Italian cuisine right in the classroom of the university.



The honorary consul of Samara region and the Republic of Tatarstan, Gianguido Breddo came to the masterclass with a big pan. He tried to teach students to cook spaghetti al dente, and also shared his recipes of sauces with them.

Students were very pleased to get the recipes and more pleased to taste the culinary masterpieces by Gianguido.

The head of the International Department, Valeria Bondareva thanked the titled cook on behalf of the SSUSSE administration.



Students Volunteers Visited Library for the Blind

On May 27, 2016 the first year students visited Samara Library for the Blind, at the address Sportivnaya Street, 12. This library is the only one for the blind in Samara region, it has all facilities to provide visually challenged people with information. The library dated from 1925. In recent years a lot of relief-graphic and tactile books are published. The students could see library collection - books for adults and children, published in Braille point system. These books contain pictures which are created in a special technology. The technologist Olga Burova showed the students the blind aids and demonstrated how a special Braille printer worked. The students got interested in it and asked many questions. Then, everyone could write down their names with the help of a slate pencil and point system of writing.



Visiting the library was very important for the students as they got new information about visually challenged people and the capability of their integration in the modern society.



Hello Coca-Cola!!!

On May 30, 2016 third year part time students of the Department of Biology and Chemistry visited LLC Coca-Cola factory in Olympiiskaya Street, Samara.

On the excursion the students could know what is the process of the production of fizzy drinks, study operating peculiarities of each shop and principles of environmental control in the factory.

In the end, the students were invited to work in the factory because the education they get let them work as a laboratory assistant and an inspector of quality of output production.




Excursion Trip Penza-Tarhany I was happy here

SSUSSE in Penza! was the motto of our students who arrived on May 21 in a new city for them. Their way to Penza was very tiresome, but still their mood was cheerful as the bright sun was shining. One of the students shouted: Do you know that Penza is considered to be the most green city? Everyone laughed at it. Penza welcomed the students with good spring weather and favorable impressions. On the first day of the trip the students got to know the city. One of the distinguishing features of Penza is a big globe at the transport junction which daily sings the hymn of Russia at 6 a.m.; the monument of Great Victory, the embankment. However, the most interesting was the second day when the students finally reached the last destination Tarhany, the homeland for M. Lermontov. The first thing that caught their eyes was a with no end in sight field and a splendid mill. It was difficult to describe their admiration when the students went into the territory of the museum. Lake, trees, fresh air. The museum complex is divided into two parts. The first part includes the former manor house, the church of Maria of Egypt, the restored servants house, the house of a key-keeper, and a great amount of sites of natural heritage. The second part includes the village church of the Archangel Michael and the Arsenev-Lermontov cemetery.



What is Penza for the SSUSSE students? This is Tarhany, the mill, green city and a lot of useful information and bright emotions.

The students delegation is very thankful to all the teachers who were with them: the guides, who shared with them lesser-known facts about Lermontov family; and the university administration for such an excellent opportunity to visit this nice place.




Annual Camping Trip

And that is how an annual camping trip was done. This year the camping trip was dedicated to Marashkin Alexander who died in January 2016. He was not only a tourist but also a school organizer of tourist trips, said Akolzin M.A. His sister, Marashkina Tatyana also went on a camping trip, it was she who brought him to the tourism field. Certainly, it influenced his life. It became a university tradition to attract new faces to the young team of tourists. In this camping trip we were together with Karaseva Elena, a third year student of the Department of Natural Sciences and geography. We got an opportunity to walk with a compass and map on a three-kilometer route.



Karaseva Elena: This day left me with an overwhelming impression. Despite the fact that I study at the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography, I have never gone on such a camping trip. I thank the heads of tourism department Bumerang for a provided opportunity. Now this is my big, friendly, tourism family.


And again In Ludwigsburg

In March-April, I, Marina Kulinich A., professor of English Philology and Intercultural Communication Department, fit into the English Department community, our university-partner in Germany in Ludwigsburg. I was invited to hold a seminar (optional course) for students - future school teachers of English. I called the seminar "Intercultural aspects of teaching foreign languages." This seminar enrolled 25 students who are interested in the topics and questions that was supposed to study.

The peculiarity of training in pedagogical university in Germany immediately catches eyes. Our students study two closest profiles: "Mathematics / Physics", "Chemistry / Biology", "English / German", etc. German students can have profiles "English / Sport", "English / Mathematics", "English / native language (German)", "English / theology / history." It is assumed that a teacher can and must teach several subjects.


After my seminars, students have to pass exam. In this year I offered students to show a three-minute fragment of the lesson with seminars information, which they have learned. With great pleasure students participated in these lessons. In their feedback they said that this type of work was the most interesting.

This trip gave me the opportunity to meet with English Department colleagues and discuss issues of teaching English language and literature.


Student of Mathematics, Physics and IT Department Won Silver Medal in Open European Championship IPC

At the IPC Swimming European Open Championship in Funchal, Portugal, Vyacheslav Lenskii, a student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT won a silver medal in 400 m distance swimming in the persistent struggle. This is one of the most difficult distances that demands speed and stamina. More than 400 sportsmen-paralympians from around the world took part in the Open Championship. Undoubtedly, it takes constant efforts and long intensive trainings. The department of Mathematics, Physics and IT congratulates Vyacheslav Lenskii and his coaches Oleinikova Larisa and Matveeva Angelica and wishes them further success in sport and study!





Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education had the third residential college for activists SSUSSE

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education not only prepares first-class teachers for future work at schools, but also helps to unlock the potential of each student. To this end, a variety of schools, seminars, training sessions, which are conducted, as well as by students and professors, and invited guests are being organized. That is why from 13 to 15 of May 2016 was held the third residential college for activists SSUSSE for 3 days. Training was held for students of 1-2 courses at school in the directions: "Mass Media", "Student Government", "I am leader", "Creative activities".



Each direction was different from other directions, but still they have the main aim is to give knowledge and help pupils to open themselves to somebody. During 3 days, students got a lot of useful and interesting information with the framework taken directions, which gave the impetus and inspiration for new achievements in the trade union committee and the university.

Training was accompanied not only lecture material, and practical exercises, ranging from work in Photoshop and ending with the "" production. Practice has helped to identify the participants in those personal qualities that they never knew existed.


Students got knowledge not only in educational programs, as well as various psychological and intellectual games, where girl and boys have assumed a completely different role and profession.

For example, the participants felt as investigators revealing a terrible crime; in the famous game "What? Where? When?" they showed his erudition.



All students were given by participation certificates and good boys and girls were given by diplomas.

The residential college gave thousands ideas and knowledge to students, and they want to send to the SSUSSE development and their departments. The main thing - to make the first step towards success.



French fairytales in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

At the Department of Romance Philology was the French fairytale holiday. Students of 1-4 courses prepared the famous Charles Perrault's small plays.

The fairytale The Puss in Boots is represented by students of 4th year as a puppet show of artists-puppeteers.




The adaptation of fairytaile Riquet à la houppe is presented first-year students.

Scenes from the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" are played 3rd year student.

Second-year students talked about " Fairys gifts ".




About the history of poor, but good girl of the name of "Cinderella" told 3-year students.

It was really bright, colorful and cheerful celebration for all those present.


Collection Development in Frolov Museum of Zoology

On May 10, 2016, Samara zoo donated to Frolov Museum of Zoology a carcass of Emu ostrich and an Emu egg.

The new exhibits were promptly made by the museum members: V.G. Shvedov, the head of the museum, and E.A. Belosludtsev, the head of the department of invertebrate animals. Today these exhibits are among the exhibition collection of the museum.

1 (1).JPG


The SSUSSE Museum of Zoology is one of the biggest natural-science museums in the Volga region. The museum exhibition demonstrates a variety of animal life. It spans five halls and includes 61 systematic cases and 22 ecological dioramas where one could see different natural zones of the Earth.

The Museum of Zoology invites everyone for excursions.

Opening hours:

  • Daily 10.00 am 16.00 pm
  • Saturday 10.00 am 13.00 pm
  • Sunday day off
  • Antonova-Ovseenko Street, 24
  • 224-59-26


SSUSSE Volunteer at European Judo Championship

One of the biggest sport events of the year is European Judo Championship held in Kazan on April 19 25, 2016. Samara delegation of five volunteers went into the championship. Among the volunteers was the third year student of the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography, Anastasia Samykina. Volunteers lived in the University Village together with the sportsmen who came from 48 countries of the world. Volunteers had different work to do. Anastasia had tasks during judogi control, at the training area, also during the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Championship. Time spent at the Championship helped her to broaden her experience in the international sphere, get a lot of positive emotions and improve her English.





Victory Day

On May 4 8, to commemorate the Victory Day many people laid wreaths and flowers to the eternal light in Glory Square.

May 7 witnessed the ceremonial meeting where students of Samara universities, colleges and schools took an active part. When its official part was over, people laid flowers to the eternal light.


Kupriyanova Ira: To my mind, flower-laying ceremony is the best one to commemorate war heroes. It is very important to remember your ancestors, your origin, to keep memory of our dead compatriots in the most awful war in the human history.

Andreeva Mariya: Such ceremonies allow young generation to join different social events. I think this is especially important as we approach one of the main holiday Victory Day!

Murzaeva Tatyana: This ceremony left unforgettable impressions. What I like best that many young people took part in this meeting!


Burdina G.Yu.: When I was at school there was a tradition in our country to stand guard on the Eternal light before the Victory Day. Every senior school student had an opportunity to perform this mission! I still feel these deep emotions! I think that todays ceremony is very important for rising generation and all young people.

On May 9, the 71st anniversary of the Victory Day in the World War was celebrated at 10.00 a.m. in Kuibyshev Square. Military men from Samara garrison and law enforcement officials triumphantly marched in Kuibyshev Square. For the first time military women took part in the parade. The mechanical division was represented by modern weapons and military equipment. Then, the Immortal Regiment procession saw 40 000 people carrying flowers and portraits of their loved-ones.


The fourth year student of Primary Education Department, Yulia Aitova, together with her teacher Galina Burdina took part in this great and unforgettable procession.

Galina Burdina: We were surprised to see in the stands all the people saluting the procession standup. Certainly, the chief guests of the Victory Day festival were the veterans, alive witnesses of the heroic acts of those war years. It was impossible to hold back tears when we looked in their eyes! Year by year the number of the veterans becomes less and less

We make obeisance to you our dear veterans!


SSUSSE Volunteers at the Festival Constellation for Disabled Children

On April 29, the second Festival of the theater groups of disabled children was held by Samara social organization for disabled children Parus Nadezhdy. Seven theater groups from Samara, Tolyatti and Novokuibyshevsk took part in the festival. The main features of the disabled actors are their being sincere, charming and straightforward. All the stories told from the stage moved the audience to tears; for example, these are the stories Stolen Sun, Angel, The Story of Dog, etc. Volunteers helped to organize the festival. Volunteers our second and third year students of the Department of Psychology and Special Education fetched the stage props, helped with the settings, accompanied the actors to the stage, cheered and supported them. The social organization Parus Nadezhdy highly appreciated volunteering during the festival Constellation.

20160429_102535_resized (1).jpg

20160429_104001_resized (1).jpg



Stop! Cut!

Samara cinema Khudozhestvennyi saw the XXI International Film Festival Films for Children closing on April 16. During four days of the festival, children could watch the best documentary, fiction and animation films produced in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Israel, Germany, Korea, the USA, etc. At each meet-the-directors event, young audience had an opportunity to speak with the film directors and ask them questions they were interested in.



By the decision of the children jury the best fiction film of the International program was the Film by Andrey Grebenkin. The film tells a story about a Belarus woman who at her own risk saves a little Azerbaijanian girl, Leila. The girl doesnt know Russian and calls her rescuer Babu as an equivalent of the word Babushka. Thus, the film got its name Ba-bu.

The film Heavenly Camel directed by Yuri Feting was the best one among Russian first-run films 12+. Heavenly Camel is the film for a family. The film is about friendship, faithfulness and love, its story is told in a language the younger generation can understand.



The film The Secret of the Snow Queen by Natalya Bondarchuk was the best one among the fictional films 6+. The director put her heart into making this film based upon the book by Hans Christian Andersen. Her new take on this fairytale helped attract childrens attention spoiled by modern technologies.

We cant but mention unique character of the festival as only here the children could not only be honorable jury but also be the directors of their own films.


Visiting a fairytale

All of us know the story about Kai and Gerda, since the early childhood these characters show us that any hardships can be overcome for the sake of love and true friendship.

Unfortunately not all children today are eager to watch the old fairytales as they prefer foreign senseless cartoons to the Russian ones.



On April 15, the cinema KinoMost showed the film The Secret of the Snowy Queen directed by Natalya Bondarchuk. This film was shown twice during the festival Films for Children. The film show was preceded by the meet-with-the-director event, children could not only talk with Natalya Bondarchuk but also play with her at the stage. Then the director told the audience that such games as for example showing different objects in a body language helped her cast actors for the parts.


Natalya Bondarchuk put her heart into the film The Secret of the Snowy Queen written by Hans Christian Andersen. The plot underwent some changes. For example, while dangerous travelling Gerdas mate this time was not a simple reindeer but a fairytale deer, who could turn into a human and talk. One more important character in the fairytale was Little Light who helped Gerda not only to cope with the Snowy Queen but also to make the Snowy Queens icy heart beat again. The box office takings did not live up her expectations, but her main goal, she said, was to see happy smiles of children. Critics by children is very important for me, said the director. Children were crying, but it was happy tears as the end of the film was happy for all characters, the Snowy Queen again became a human.

The film did not leave anyone cold and made you to believe in miracles.



Play The Lower Depths by SSUSSE historian-students

The SSUSSE historian-students staged The Lower Depths authored by Maxim Gorki in order to commemorate the 115th anniversary of the play.

This time the students decided to touch a theme that is topical at all times and epochs.



Young actors could create a tragic atmosphere like in the text of the real play. The students were very skillful at playing and showing a difficult life of lower depths people. They masterfully acted a fight scene between Kostylev and Pepel.

That is a pleasure to see that every time the audience becomes bigger.

The play was very successful!

The Lower Depths was the last performance in this theatrical season.




From Ancient Rome to Italy

The Department of Foreign Languages hosted a conference The Most Important Milestones in the History of Italy. On April 21, students who study Italian invited their friends to the academic conference The Most Important Milestones in the History of Italy.

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education is the only one university in Samara where students can graduate with a degree in Italian translation and interpretation studies; that is a very rare and much-in-demand today branch of study.

Today at the SSUSSE Chair of Foreign Languages Italian is taught by O.V. Nenasheva, an associate professor of the Chair, I.V. Zak, a teacher of Italian, and Carmelo Cascone, a teacher from Italy.


History and culture closely connect Russia and Italy in many aspects. The teachers of Italian are trying not only to teach students to read and write in Italian but also to understand peculiarities of the country, its culture and character of people. Thus, the aim of the conference was to focus attention on the peculiarities of the culture.

The issues of the conference were the following: the antique culture, literature, art, music; the Renaissance era; fascism in Italy.



Every student tried to show surprising sides of this Mediterranean country.

The conference turned out to be a real manifest of love for the Italian language and admiration for Italian culture.


First Show of Film Heavenly Camel

Kalmyk people believe that a cloud in the shape of a camel brings luck. On April 14, fortune smiled upon those who got the opportunity to watch the first show of the film Heavenly Camel directed by Yuri Feting. As the first show was fitting for the festival Cinema for children, the audience was represented by the youngest judges of cinema. Heavenly Camel is a story about close friendship, faithfulness and love.

While watching the film the audience involuntary start their travelling together with the brave boy Bair. He has to bear many hardships but finally finds a true friend.


The first show began with the meeting with Yu. N. Feting, the director of the childrens film. Yuri Nikolayevich replied to the questions asked by the children, told them about the process of shooting this film and the picturesque scenery in the shooting location. For many months the film crew worked in the holiest for Kalmyk people mountain Bogdo and its vicinity, in the salt desert of the Baskunchak lake, on shores of the Blood river, in steppe, in caves and rocks. Besides, the director told a story how he found a candidate for the role of the street fakir by the nickname Poltinnik. Petr Novikov played the part of this charming hooligan. First, the director saw the boy in the park near the film studio Lenfilm. He was swearing with a guy, and it caught the interest of Feting.



Practically the whole world has already watched the film. The first country that watched it was Germany when the main film festival of the world showed the film. The film was also showed in London, Paris, Canada, and India. The film won many awards and prizes, among them are Golden Elephant and Crystal Bear.

Those who did not have a chance to watch the festival first show could find it at public access on the Internet and discover for yourself a kind story full of deep sense.


For Children and About Children

Films are different: old and new, difficult and easy to understand, comic and dramatic, for adults and for children.

April 13 saw the XXI International Film Festival Films for children going in Samara. The audience had a chance to watch documentary films by Vakhtang Mikeladze and unique archive film documents of the beginning of the century. International Programme presented animated films by film experts from Armenia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Belarus, Korea and the USA. Some of the films were in original language, it emphasized the cultural identity of the countries, and helped the lovers of foreign languages to practice them. The most extensive program was Russian Premieres program that was planned to coincide with the Year of Russian Cinematography. The program included new fiction, documentary and animated films. The festival could not overlook the space theme, and showed children the film The Unnamed Space produced by STRBC Samara.


The festival took place in Samara Philharmonic Hall. The directors, producers and actors of the festival films took part in the opening ceremony. The honored guest of the festival became Alexander Karelin, a legendary sportsman, a Greco-Roman wrestler, three times champion of the Olympic Games. He presented the film Champions: Faster. Higher. Stronger. This film is based on real life stories of three eminent sportsmen, each of them are three times Olympic gold medalists. During the festival the audience was asked to refresh their memory about popular songs from well-loved old Soviet films. One could hardly hide their emotions.




Samara regional universal research library showed animated films for schoolchildren of 1-4 form. The audience of children were the first who watched such films as Ant and Anteater, Hippopotamus and Compote, Nalim Malinych and duly appreciated the attraction of the films.


III International Student Conference Traditional Ritual Food of Different Nations

On April 19, at SSUSSE the Department of Culture and Art together with the International Office hosted the third International Student Conference Traditional Ritual Food of Different Nations. 58 students took part in the conference. Every participant presented a traditional dish speaking about the ritual the dish usually cooked for, and the recipe of the dish. The conference was filled with national dances, songs, the students dressed in national costumes.

The students were judged by the international jury that consisted of V.V. Bondareva, the head of the International Department, Gurvan Le Gall, teacher of French, Lena Reisig, teacher of German, Carmelo Cascone, teacher of Italian, S.K. Zhidkova, the head deputy of the House of Peoples Friendship, T.I. Vedernikova, the associate professor of the Department of Culture Theory and History.



The conference programme included four parts: Peoples of the Urals-Volga region, Cuisine of European peoples, Mysterious Africa, Enigmatic Asia.

Mamedova F., Churkina E., Nikitina M., Yuryeva V., Simoniva E., Nekrasova N. won the Audience Choice Prize. (the Department of Foreign Languages, 2 course)

Atlasova M., Piltyava I., Sidorova I., Sinyuchkova P. won Prize for the Original Dish (the Department of Natural Science and Geography, 2 course)

Charushnikova M., Karelskaya N. won the Prize for the Best Presentation (the Departmet of Mathematics, Physics and IT, 3 course)

Panteleeva Yu. won the Special Prize of the Jury (the Department of Culture and Art, 3 course)

Mirsoyan D. (Samara State Institute of Culture, 1 course), Rikhani Lotfi (the Department of Foreign Languages, 1 course), Xiao Yang and Mu Donsheng (theDepartment of Economics, Management and Service, 3 course) won the Prizes of the House of Peoples Friendship.


The winners of the conference became:

· 1 Sitnikiva O. (the Department of Culture and Art, 3 course),

2 Salosina M., Kupriyanova A., Fakhrutdinova L. (the Department of Culture and Art, 4 course); Bozhenko A. and Nepospelova R. (Samara State Institute of Culture, 3 course)

3 Suvorina A. (the Department of Culture and Art, 1 course), Shvyrkova E. (the Department of Culture and Art, 1 course), Shokhratova D. and Begova S. (the Department of Natural Science and Geography, 2 course).


April 12 - Jubilee of the First Human Space Flight

Samara hosted a mass event Message to Space initiated by the regional government.

In Kuybyshev square, the biggest in Europe, 2016 students let 2016 balloons fly in the sky and formed up the words SAMARA 55 SPACE ( 55 є).

When the satellite confirmed that it had taken pictures, a live phrase RUSSIA 2016 SPACE, ( 2016 є) appeared.



No one forgot about the upcoming World Football Cup where Samara will be one of the host city.

Thus, the finishing touch of the event was the words SAMARA 2018 FOOTBALL.

SSUSSE students took an active part in the event; the rehearsals took them some days.

This flash mob gave the students a lot of smiles and good spring mood!



Look at the World with Clear Eyes!

March 30, 2016 witnessed the photo exhibition opening Clear-eyed view. The aim of the exhibition was to involve young people against drug abuse; that is a big social problem demanding new solutions.

The photo exhibition presented 16 best works of six photographers. The representatives of Samara Department of Culture, Tourism, and Youth Policy opened the exhibition. One of the winners of the exhibition became Daria Danilevskaya, a third year student of the SSUSSE Department of Sport and Physical Culture.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

I am not indifferent to the lives of our youth. I am against drugs! I am FOR healthy future!, - said Daria. Daria admired the photos by her rivals, and singled out the series of photos Detachment.


The most powerful impact on a person was created due to the black and white color of photos as usually people who use drugs think that life without drugs is dark and black, and drugs make it bright. explains Daria her idea.


Birds Day - 2016

On April 1, 2016 the conference-hall of Samara child center of ecology and biology hosted a regional mass ecological event Birds Day 2016.

More than 130 people took part in this spring festival.


The main peculiarity of the festival was the contest for the best birdhouse.

It was a very bright, funny festival and we guess an unforgettable one for children and their parents.


The SSUSSE students of the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography V. Savushkin, A. Suslova, I. Afanaseva, V. Zevakova and E. Naymasova gave a considerable support for the organization of the ecological event Birds Day 2016.


Exhibition of children pictures at the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

The Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT annually provides regional scientific research creativity competition of natural science for 1-9 grade pupils of programmes Physics, Astronomy, Ecology. Pupils presented their paintings on environmental theme at this competition.

The pictures of participants are presented in the Department 10 of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.



Organizers extend their special thanks to the primary school teacher S. V. Kxenoforova. Her pupils Laigin Mikhael, Mavlina Yana, Krainova Alisa, Avramenko Mariia, Naumova Amina took part in this competition. Some pupils were interested in environmental problems and presented several pictures.

The best pictures are in the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Teaching Methods.



SSUSSE Delegation at the Ball in Saint Petersburg

On March 23 30, our university had an opportunity to take part in the Ball-presentation of international creative project Faith, Hope and Charity. The ball was hosted in the Vladimirskiy Palace by Vladimir Smirnov, the head of the social development fund Hope, and Sergey Boldyrev, the leader of ball movement in Samara region Imperiya.



We were in raptures over the ballroom and its atmosphere. It was a high-level and festive ball, probably the way it was in XIX century music, dresses, atmosphere.

March 27 saw the literary presentation of the IX almanac Faith, Hope and Charity in the estate museum of G.R. Derzhavin.


Poets recited their own poems and then were awarded. Our trip was full of positive emotions. We thank SSUSSE department of social and educational work for this opportunity.


Associate Professor of Department of Natural Science and Geography among 100 Best Young Samara Scientists

According to the results of 2016 contest among Samara young scientists and constructors, the best ones were chosen.


I.V. Kazantsev, associate professor of Department of Natural Science and Geography ranked among the 100 best young scientists. He presented his report on the topic of Quality Control of Environment on Heavy Metals Content in Railroad Precinct (in Samara region). Every winner will get 120 000 rubles.

Congratulations to the winners! We wish them great scientific ideas and successes!


A. P. Chekhov comedy by students of History Department

In SSUSSE the first of April was marked by a first show of A.P. Chekhovs play Chayka performed by fourth year students of History Department.

The students prepared costumes, stage properties, settings, sound special effects, but the main thing is that they managed to recreate the atmosphere of that epoch. Everyone was in raptures: budding actors and the public!

On April 8, one can watch one more performance Chekhovs play Three Sisters.





Teachers of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education take the advanced training of the programme English to professional goals

From November 9 to March 31, 2016 at the Department of Foreign Languages firstly were held further training courses of education programme of additional professional education English to professional goals for professional skills improving within the their qualification.

The aim of the program was improving language skills level in oral and written forms, as well as the development of intercultural competence in order to improve the efficiency of communication in the sphere of professional activity.


During five months the teachers of departments of philosophy, history and world culture theory, mathematics and methods of teaching, philosophy, history and theory of world culture, Russian and foreign literature and methods of teaching literature, speech therapy had received the further training.

During the study, listeners acquired practical skills of report preparation and presentation in English on scientific conferences of international level, writing lectures, developing of multimedia support lecture in the form of presentation in English, annotating of professional literature in English.


During the attestation were presented fragments of lectures and presentations in English, accompanied by multimedia presentations. The report themes were very diverse and reflect the research interests of the trainees: the culture of the Chuvashes and Mordovians, scholasticism, dyslexia and dysgraphia, probability theory and combinatorics, work of A.K. Doyle and others. All presentations and answers to questions posed by the audience, showed a fairly good level of professional English.


At the end of training English for professional goals, teachers of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education are sure that gain knowledge will be useful for further to continue to use English in professional activity and increase the academic mobility.


SSUSSE Students Took Part in IV Regional International Holiday Nowruz

April 2, 2016 saw the celebration of one of the most important Islamic holidays Nowruz. Translated from Farsi the word Nowruz means a new day. The organization of the holiday was supported by Samara administration and the House of Peoples Friendship.



In 2009 Nowruz was included in the list of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. As well as across all Russia, in Samara Tartars, Kazakhs, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Azerbaijani and other people of Muslim cultures traditionally celebrate this holiday.

Today more than 150 people live in peace and quiet within the territory of our region.

Holiday program reflected its history, national rituals, arts and crafts, and cuisine.




Exhibition of Do-It-Yourself Devices

On April 1, 2016 the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT hosted the exhibition of do-it-yourself devices.

The devices were made by the fourth year students together with Vladislav Ishutin, the associate professor of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

For students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT making do-it-yourself devices and participating in such exhibitions became a good tradition.

During the school practice the students find out what devices the school needs and teach lessons using prepared devices. At the end of the exhibition the devices are donated to schools.



SSUSSE Student Two-Time Laureate of International Academic and Research Conference

Mariya Polezhaeva, a student of 41 group (Practice and Theory of Translation) became a laureate of XL International Student Academic and Research Conference Students Academic Community of XXI century. Humanities, and was simultaneously nominated for Choice of Organizing Committee, Internet voting.

88 students from Russia and near abroad countries took part at the conference held by the Association of Research Scientists Sibak. Scientific paper by M. Polezhaeva Ergonyms as a translation problem: theory or practice was marked by the experts as the best paper for its topicality, practical and scientific importance. The paper won a big number of voices at the site.

The papers of the conference are published at www.elibrary.ru .

Mariya Polezhaeva is also a participant of university contest of the best academic and research papers.

Lets wish her good luck in the contest!


Students of the Department of Primary Education take part in Developing environment of pre-school educational facility as means of socializing pre-school children

On March 23, 2016, one-year and two-year students of the programme Pre-school Education of the Department of Primary Education under, candidate of applied sciences Markelova T.E., associate professor of Pre-school Education, took part in regional seminar Developing environment of pre-school educational facility as means of socializing pre-school children at the Municipal Budgetary Pre-school Educational Institution Combined kindergarten1.

Kindergarten teachers offered participants a varied program of the seminar:

Nursery teacher Petrova Y. V. illustrated the features of socialization of pre-school children in the conditions of immediate educational activity of preparatory group "Samara meets guests at the World Cup - 2018".


Students participated in a master class «LEGO in speech development of children" proposed by the teacher, a speech therapist, a senior nursery teacher Mazanova E.V.

Obtained information at the seminar allows students to successfully learn academic subjects "Preschool Pedagogy" (1st year), "in the field of pre-school training and education" (2nd year), not only theoretically, but also practically.


SSUSSE Students Take Part in French Song Contest

March 25 saw the French Song Contest held by Alliance Frances in Samara. The first, second and fourth year students of our university Ivakhnenko Alexandra and Anastasiya, Kustova Ekaterina, Soboleva Alexandra partook in this contest. The participants performed songs by the modern French singers on the topic of Ecology and Environment. Under the guidance of the associate professor E.A. Kulaga our participants could get ready with their musical performances. It should be specially noted that the duet of Alexandra and Anastasiya Ivakhnenko got the third place in such a challenging contest. We congratulate the winners and all the participants!




Raymond Murphy in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

On March 17 the SSUSSE students of Foreign Languages Department had a good opportunity to meet with the author of world known books English Grammar in Use, Raymond Murphy, who came to Samara with a business visit. Before Murphys arrival the students took part in the question contest Ask Raymond Murphy, during the conference R. Murphy answered the best questions as the contest results. Among the participants of this contest were the students from our department Alexandra Prokaeva (21a group) and Anna Danilova (33a group) became the winners of the contest.

Murphy gave some advice for those who study English and want to choose it as a future profession. He drew the audience attention to the most difficult aspects of English grammar and to the main differences between English and Russian languages.


Musical performance by our third year students created friendly and warm atmosphere at the conference. Pop and rap songs I Love Grammar! caught not only Murphys but also the audience fancy. He noted that our students had the high level of command of English language and perfect pronunciation.

We were very pleased to host such event in our city. The students were happy to have a chance to meet a great grammatist Raymond Murphy and adopt his experience and knowledge.


It was a great opportunity to listen to English-speakers and to talk to them.

We will look forward to the next time to meet!


SSUSSE Teachers Took Part in International Scientific Conference on Archeology

On March 22 26, Tver witnessed the International Scientific Conference on Archeology. Scientists from 18 Russian cities took part in the conference. Together with the Russian scientists, specialists from Belarus, the Ukraine, Finland, Sweden and Estonia presented their reports. 45 verbal and 14 poster reports were heard at the conference; their themes were very diverse from the Late Paleolithic to the Late Bronze Age. As an accomplishment of the government task Historical Sources of Interaction and Tolerance of Volga Region P eople our colleagues K.M. Andreev, A.A. Vybornov, A.I. Korolev and I.G. Tolpygina presented their reports at the conference.




XX International Face-to-Face and Remote Festival Computer Environment

On 22 23 March Samara IT Lyc?e hosted XX International Face-to-Face and Remote Festival Computer Environment. Every time the festival is very hospitable to welcome students and teachers of our university.

This year the honored guest of the festival was Igor V. Vershinin, the president of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, the vice-chairman of Education Committee in Samara. He warmly greeted all the participants who came from different Russian cities and pointed out a high level of festival organization. Igor Vershinin handed a letter of gratitude over to the head of Samara IT Lyc?e Nicolay I. Lebedev, and thanked him for his long-time and effective contribution to the development of IT education in our region, and also for his good and active work in preparing for the festival.


He said that provided computer facilities for students in the lyc?e, programming and robot technology classes helped educate a good pleiad of IT professionals.

This year the students of faculties Pedagogical Education (Physics and IT) and Youth Organization took part in the work of the festival.

Third year students Sophia Nikiforova and Anastasia Titova presented their report Increase of Youth Social Activity: social nets as a resource of carrying out mass patriotic events.


The students had an opportunity to participate in the following master-classes:

  • Service development using Java technology
  • Web-applications development in AngularJS
  • Modelling in 3DMax
  • Preparation of banners in Flash etc.

During the festival one could test different gadgets (laser chess, Xbox console with a radar); play football with robots.

The festival event providers were very thankful to the students of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education for their help in organization of reality-quest themed on Sherlock Holmes.


Online Conference with Doctorate Candidate from Poland

On March 15 Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education held online conference with a candidate of Philological Sciences, an assistant director of the University of Lodz Agata Pyasetskaya. The conference was organized by O.I. Kalnova and E.P. Ivanyan, the teachers of the Department of Russian language and speech culture. Master degree students of philological department also took an active part in the conference. Agata Pyasetskaya shared her experience of teaching students Russian language as a second one abroad. Agata is of the opinion that the most important thing for a teacher is to stir up students interest by his or her example and also be just in knowledge evaluation. She thinks that a person should know phraseology of the language, maintain the integrity of language. Besides a person should be intelligent and have knowledge about culture and country that helps understand the mentality of other people. The lead teacher of the University of Lodz gave her own interpretation of dynamics of Slavonic-speaking world. This course is aimed at human factor. Online conference consisted of three parts. The third part was in question-answer form.




Oppo rtunity to Have Practice in Italian Universities

The government of Italy announces the International scholarship programme (2016-2017) for practice in Italian universities.

Applications should be filled in on-line.

Documents for Russia are sent on-line by electronic means at the address till April,15 2016: poleshchuk@list.ru


Meeting With the Organizing Committee Football World Cup FIFA 2018

On March 17, the department of social and educational work had the meeting with organizing committee football world cup FIFA 2018, which will take place in our city.

The main aim was an involving student to volunteer football world cup movement.


Reception of applications will last until June 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the department of social and educational work ((+7) 846 224-46-42).



Students and Teachers of Foreign Languages Department Met with Raymond Murphy

On March 16, Samara State Aerospace University hosted a meeting with Raymond Murphy the author of a worldwide known English Grammar books. The meeting was fitted for the conference Innovative Approaches to ELT where teachers of Foreign Languages Department took part.

Famous book English Grammar in Use is for students who study English as a foreign language; it was first published 30 years ago by British publishing house Cambridge University Press.



The information of the book is presented in an accessible and clear way and due to it the book became really classical. The book is also good for self-study and for study in a group. The last edition of books include CDs where one can find hundreds of interactive exercises for training the theory.

At the conference the author of the most popular English Grammar book delivered a lecture Teaching English Grammar and also answered the questions concerning peculiarities of teaching English to Russian students.

At the plenary meeting, M.A. Kulinich, the doctor of cultural studies, professor of the Department of English Philology and Intercultural Communication, gave a report From Sentence Grammar to Grammar in Context. She talked about the structure and contents peculiarities of English textbooks in different countries, and also about textbooks evolution significantly contributed to by R. Murphy.


Raymond Murphy drew the audience attention to the most difficult cases of the usage of articles and tense of verb in English providing this with the examples. The guest joked a lot and tried to speak Russian a bit.

Everything depends on the abilities of a person. Somebody has a good ear and thus remembers material better. It is also easier for people if they like to communicate with others. Motivation is also important: you shouldnt think only about good marks but you should motivate yourself with something else. And dont forget about language practice said R. Murphy.

At the end of the conference everyone could get the autograph by Raymond Murphy.


Unforgettable Trip to Poland

Already in October 2015 every student could apply for a week trip to Poland. The winter camp program in Poronin was very rich: everyday mountain skiing training with a coach, water fitness, excursions and so on.

My name is Mariya Charushnikova (fourth year student) took part in it. We went to Poland with our leader Alexander Levchenko who had already formed a group of students to participate in an international activity.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

I was the only students from the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT. The rest students (8 people) were of the Department of Foreign Languages. From the first day we became a good team. Practically no one from our group had mountain skiing experience. It was rather difficult to get over our fear as the ski track seemed very steep and very long. Each training took us 4 5 hours a day, then we had 1.5 hour of free time. Everyone from our group felt really happy. Every day we chose a new slope to ski. I cant find words to describe all the beauty of nature around us, nothing could be compared with it.

1 (3).jpg


So during our time spent in Poland we became strong, got overwhelming emotions, got over our fears, had invaluable experience, practiced English and became a family.

At the end of the program we got certificates that proved we had completed a course Winter Tourism, Sports and Recreation in the European Union.


Teachers as jury in the competition »

On March 9-11, teachers of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education took part in jury of the XII Regional competition of workers pedagogical excellence of children additional education in Samara region .

The panel of judges in categories Sport and Physical Training, Art Work, Technical and Natural-Science Work and Young Teachers: were the dean of the Department of Psychical Culture V.N. Belenov, Candidate of philosophical sciences T.V. Kozhevnikova, the associate professor of the Department of Biology, Ecology and Teaching Methods I.V. Nalivaiko, the head of Pre-University Training Center O.V. Pravdina.




The founders of the competition were the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Samara Region and the Samara Regional Organization of Public Education and Science in Russian Federation. The organizer of the competition was the State budget educational institution of children additional education Samara Club of Children and Youth Creativity.


The competition was held by the State budget educational institution of children additional education Samara Club of Children and Youth Creativity, the State budget educational institution of children additional education Centre of creative development children and young people Centre of development young people, the State budget educational institution of children additional education Samara Regional Centre of technical creativity of children and young people, the Municipal budgetary general education institution Gymnasium No3.

37 teachers of children additional education in Samara took part in 6 categories.

The teachers and colleagues were given by thank-you letters.




Gratitude from Russian Geographical Society

Russian community organization Russian Geographical Society expressed its gratitude to our university for organization of educational campaign Russian Geographical Dictation. The letter of gratitude was signed by the first vice-president of Russian Geographical Society N.S. Kasimov. On the initiative of the president V. Putin on November 1, 2015 this campaign was conducted in all 85 constituent territories of Russian Federation. 71 929 people took part in it. 191 participants got high grades for the dictation.

The results of the dictation showed that young generation knew geography worse than the one in 2000. Three steps should be taken in order to change the situation: to increase the number of lessons of geography at school; to make this subject popular with the help of books and school trips; to attract young geographers to teaching at school.

This campaign will be annually held. The next Russian Geographical Dictation will be organized in autumn 2016.


The Year 1978 Graduates of the Department of Mathematics P hysics and IT Get Together

On February 27, the alumni reunion 1978 of the Department of Mathematics Physics and IT of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education got together.

The students graduated 40 years ago the Department of the physics participated this meeting dedicated 105-th anniversary of the Department of Mathematics Physics and IT. After graduating this university, the most of them have been working in the Education System in Samara. Many of students became the honored teachers, heads of city and regional educational institutions.


The head of this students meeting was Z.G. Sardiev the principle of special residential school named after A. Z. Akchurin.


Students of the Department of Natural Science and Geography are in Biology Training

Four-year students of the Department of Natural Science and Geography in the area of Pedagogical training, Biology, Chemistry, Geography had pedagogical training at educational institutions in Samara region to the programme Biology. Metodits-teachers were t eaches of the Department of Biology, Ecology and Teaching Methods, and tutors at schools were teachers of Biology.



The aim is using of biological, pedagogical, psychological knowledge, knowledge of biology teaching methods in Biology teaching at school. The practice aims to develop professional and significant qualities of the future teacher's personality; skills development of self-educational work with children, taking into account their individual characteristics; the use of various methods and means, which activate cognitive activity of students; development of creativity in educational activities of students, and the acquisition of basic skills to analyze and solve pedagogical situations.


During training students had lessons, out-of-class activities, tried to be as a form teacher. After training on the final attestation, students presented a summary of their lessons, internship diary, reference of having teaching training, and presentation.

The practice feature is Biology teaching to pupils from other countries (Turkmenistan). This training was difficult due to linguistic barrier and diverse culture. At schools in Turkmenistan, girls and boys study separately.

The high level of training students was noted by principles of schools.



Career-guidance Time to make a choice!

On 14 March, Arena saw the regional career-guidance conference Time to make a choice opened, for senior students of our region. The conference will last until 22 March 2016.

The biggest Samara universities introduced themselves to the school leavers. In the course of the conference creative teams of each university gave a small performance. There were two information desks at the conference where the university representatives answered various questions asked by future students.



Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education took an active part in the conference. For the time of the university work, more than 80 000 specialists graduated from Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. Nowadays our university include 10 departments and different laboratories. Scientific life opens up new educational opportunities for our students! Every month we hold seminars and conferences where both teachers and students take part together with the colleagues from other universities of our region and even from other countries! Activists and sportsmen can show their talents in various clubs and sections. Except for Student Spring Festival our students participate in all city holidays, for instance Maslenitsa, Womens Day, Students Day t. Students with a pro-active approach to life can take part in students government, as there are Students and Youth Councils in our university.

It is time to choose! Make a right choice!



Teacher of the Department of Natural Science and Geography Takes Part in the VII City Ecological and Biological Researches

On March 11 was held the VII city ecological and biological researches named after K.A. Timiryazev. The event was supported by the Department of Education of the Samara Administration based on secondary school 91. At the invitation of the Department a chairman of the jury was PhD, assistant professor of Biology, Ecology and Teaching Methods of the Department of Natural Science and Geography of the Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education Galina Rodionova. The jury also included O.I. Ferapontova, Ph.D., associate professor of the Department of Education and Psychology of the Samara National Research University named after academic S.P. Korolev; T.I.Barsukova.



Students of different schools of Samara region reported their results of scientific research to 5 fields:

1) Plant Physiology and Ecology of Living Organisms

2) Samara region Biodiversity Protection

3) Bioindication in Environmental Monitoring of Unique Natural Complexes

4) "Environmental Risks of the Modern City and Formation of Ecological and Cultural Landscapes of City"

5) "Environmental Principles in Education Organization"

There was an exhibition of exotic plants of different natural zones made by florist society and exhibition of popular-science literature and school newspapers devoted to the scientist and biologist K. A. Timiryazevs works.



Thanks to excellent organization of event, friendly atmosphere, personal participation of the Samara school 91 administration in the name of school director, graduated of our Department, PhD N.I. Statsenko this event more and more expand. For the second year in a row this conference is attended not only by students of the city, but the Samara region.


Training at German Editorial Office of Mass Media

German-Russian Forum announces competition for participation in the scholarship program "Training for young journalists in 2016". German speaking journalist-students will be given a chance to serve a six-week internship at the German Editorial Office of Mass Media.

Application deadline is extended to March 13, 2016.

Information of the program is in http://www.pgsga.ru/sveden/Ausschreibung2016.pdf



During the Pancake Week International Office and the Chair of Foreign Languages held a Maslenitsa holiday for foreign students who study Russian.

The students were treated with traditional Maslenitsa food.



The third year students of Culture and Art performed folk songs and did a dance.

With a great pleasure foreign students danced in a round and took part in Russian folk plays, contest games and quizzes.

The holiday ended with an improvised concert by foreign students.



During the holiday one could hear Russian, French, Chinese, Arabic and Turkmenian speech.


The Best Young Teacher of the University - 2016 Results of Professional Skills Competition

On February 29, 2016, Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education witnessed University Professional Skills Competition The Best Young Teacher of the University 2016.

The hosts of the event set very important goals for the participants: to demonstrate best practices, to promote a profession of Teacher, to improve high professional education in the modern education system in Russia. The competition was held on the initiative of a primary trade union organization of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education and supported by Samara union trade organization of public education.


The participants of the competition were young teachers of our university.

One of the tasks of the competition was to write an essay on the topic of FSES: Problems and solution approaches. Following the results of the competition, Androsova Yulia, an assistant of the chair of foreign languages, and Knyazkova Olesya, an assistant of the chair of fine and applied arts, advanced to the next round.

Professional Skills Competitions are very important for every teacher, they also allow to exchange experience and to make sure that a chosen profession is significant.


Regional Competition Young Scientist"

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Samara region, Samara State Aerospace University named after Academician S.P. Korolev (National Research University)

Invite students, graduate students and young PhDs to take an active part in the regional competition "Young Scientist" in 2016.

The competition is open to research students' work (nomination "Student"), graduate students, candidates for a degree of Candidate of Sciences (nomination "Graduate") and candidates (nomination "Candidate"), living in the Samara region, who are under 35 years old.

Grands for winners are

for students - 30 thousand rubles..

for graduate students and candidates for a degree of candidate of sciences - 75 thousand rubles..

for candidates - 100 thousand rubles..

Details about the competition (conditions, applications rules,contest program and documents) are available on websites


www.ssau.ru (http://ssau.ru/news/12318-Obyavlen-oblastnoy- konkurs-Molodoy-uchenyy --- 2016 /

Deadline - from 1 to 15 April 2016

Address for requests: 443011, Samara, Academic Pavlov 1, Samara State Aerospace University, room 506 of the Department of Physics

Telephone: 8 (846) 334-54-20


Second Part of City Psychology Olympiad for Pupils

On February 27, the Department of Special Education was held the Second part of City Psychology Olympiad for pupils. Pupils of 8-11 classes of the Samara secondary schools took part in this Olympiad. Jury dean of the Department of Special Education N.I. Bukovzova, dean of Psychology G.V. Akopov, professor of the Department chair of General and Special Psychology V.M. Miniyarov, dean of Pedagogy, professor of the Department chair of Age and Pedagogical Psychology E.M. Savitskaya, candidate of Psychology decided the winners.




Designing and Implementing Online Language Courses in Russia

Last weekend a three-day workshop Designing and Implementing Online Language Courses took place in Saint Petersburg. The Office of English language to the USA Embassy acted as a sponsor of the workshop. Teachers who actively implemented information technologies when learning English, on a competitive basis received the invitations to participate in this innovative workshop.

Among them were teachers from universities of St Petersburg and other regions.



Thus, E. Makeeva, the head of chair of English Philology and Intercultural Communication, and M. Voronina, a senior teacher of the ICT chair, got individual grants that cover living and transportation costs.

The workshop was opened by the attach? of the USA Embassy Gerald Frank. The leading lecturer of the workshop was Dr Tom Tibo, the director of the department of IT in teaching foreign languages at Samford University (Birmingham, Alabama). Dr Tibo is one of the most famous American specialists who stood at the origins of using ICT in teaching English language - in 1989 defended a doctoral thesis in CALL Computer-Assisted Language Learning. He is also an author and a designer of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which grow their popularity very fast in Russian universities as an alternative (effective) form of advanced training.


The workshop dealt with the theoretical and practical issues in order to implement and use information technologies in teaching English language: online tools and services Web 2.0, platform Moodle and alternative resources, blended learning and e-learning.

Dr Tibo highly appraised the experience of teachers of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education and wished them further successes.

All the workshop participants received Advanced Training Certificates.


Student of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education in the University in Ludwigsburg

Ekaterina Fedyakina, third year student of The Department of Foreign Language, shared impressions of studying in Germany.

Studying at the German university was a big dream for me because foreign education is the best experience. I had the opportunity to improve myself. Studying abroad is very difficult and you have to be hardworking people. You have to work hard, make efforts and it helps you to practice your foreign language. As a result, I rised my vocabulary of German. It was also interesting to me to live alone and be independent. I plunged into a completely different life; it was very unusual to feel part of another world. I met new people, found a lot of good friends from other cultures and gained invaluable experience. It is no less interesting to talk to foreigners about my homeland, dispel some of the stereotypes and tell something new.


Initially, there were some difficulties, for example, students had to make themselves an educational program, whereas Russian students have the same schedule. At first, I cant understand speech of German because the speech tempo of Germans is much higher. After a time, this problem has passed itself. During the study, I wanted to compare Russian and German methods of teaching German language. I was surprised that teaching of German as a foreign language is very important in Germany; I found a lot of useful information of this. I also wanted to know whether foreigners study Russian language. As it turned out, my mother tongue has the big interest for my foreign friends, and many of them would like to go to Russia. Students asked me questions on different topics (difficulties for foreigners is Russian grammar), and I was happy to help them. I really enjoyed teaching Russian and, possibly, I will continue to develop myself in this.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that Germany is interesting place to tourists of the world. I was able to visit many cities and the most interesting places were Berlin and Munich.

I want to connect my life to teaching of German language, and thanks to this trip, I will be able to become a highly qualified specialist in the labor market and get success in my careers.


Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT Opens Polytechnic Small Museum

Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT is going to open Polytechnic Small Museum. A big number of exhibits represent traditional and rare technical teaching devices and computer means of information and communication technologies. Among the exhibits of the museum one can find such unique technical rare objects of past as a soviet folding plate camera Leningrad-Photocor of 1932; a gramophone of 1930s made in Leningrad gramophone factory; a film-strip projector F-49 produced by hearing and vision impaired community in 1950 1960, and also some others interesting samples of photo-, sound, projection and computer devices.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

Teachers of our university take an active hand in museum acquisition. The rector of the university O. Mochalov, pro-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of departments, students and their parents donate their personal different technics to the museum. Even Kyzylorda State University made their contribution to the museum as a national musical instrument Kazakh dombra.

One of the first exhibits of the museum was 8 millimeter camera Quartz-M donated by O. Mochalov. This camera belonged to his grandfather Pavel Mochalov, a legendary director of one of the city-forming metallurgic plant, hero of socialist labour, laureate of the Lenin Prize.

1 (3).jpg


Opening of the museum is scheduled for autumn 2016 fitting for 105 anniversary of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education and its Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT.


Students of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education Took Part in the 48th Annual Student Conference on Archeology

On 1 5 February 2016 Yoshkar-Ola hosted the 48th annual student conference on archeology. Students from 26 universities of our country took part in the conference.

Besides, some already known scientists delivered their reports.


The following items drew up the conference agenda:

  • the Stone Age archeology;
  • the Bronze Age archeology;
  • the Early Iron Age archeology;
  • the Middle Ages Archeology of the forest zone in the Urals-Volga region;
  • the Middle Ages Archeology of the forest steppe and steppe zones of the Urals-Volga region;
  • the Early Modern Age archeology;
  • the issues of theory and archeological heritage conservation.

A postgraduate Tolpygina Irina, a fifth year student Doga Natalia, third year students Gilyazov Filat and Somov Anatoliy delivered their reports on archeological excavations of the Stone Age conducted in Samara and Saratov regions. Anatoliy Somov took the first place in The Stone Age Archeology.


Second year Student of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education Takes Part in Delphian Games

Alexandra Pashkovskaya, a second year student of Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT, became the winner of the XV Small Russian Youth Delphian Games in Samara region in 2016 in nomination Art of upbringing.

At the first stage of competition the participants made self-presentation and answered the questions on patriotic and humanistic upbringing.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

Alexandra Pashkovskaya studies at our university and also works as a teacher of supplementary education at the childrens activity center Kamerton of secondary school 1 in Bezenchuk. She teaches video and photography to 12 16 years old children.

At the second stage of the competition Alexandra chose the topic of the lesson - the soul of Samara region


During the classes pupils of Samara Secondary School 154 turned into a film crew. Everyone had their own role cameraman, correspondent, soundman. Their task was to shoot a short film sightseeing tour around Samara and to answer the question Where is the soul of Samara region? Their film turned out very touching and educational.


Students of Department of Natural Science and Geography took part in the sport event Russian Ski-run

The motto of skiing race: All Russia start. That day citizens of 72 regions of our country set a ski track. On a conservative estimate 1.5 million of people, the lovers of the mass winter sport. At Samar ski lodge Chayka more than 15000 participants gathered together, among them were our students of Department of Natural Science and Geography.



The number of Samara participants gave place only to capital and Sverdlovsk regions.

The ceremony was opened by a Samara skier-champion and an Olympic Games participant in 2010, Ekaterina Chuykova and a graduate of Culture and Art Department of our university, Sergey Voytenko.

A unique event was a mass 2018 m race, everyone could take part in it!



Student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT shared impressions about his trip to St. Petersburg

At university, I had a subject IT in Cultural and Educational Activity. We made virtual excursion. I chose the excursion to St. Petersburg. I had an opportunity to visit this fantastic city on winter holidays.

So, I reached the city by train. I lived in a hotel on Nevski Street, which is the main road in the city. A first, I decided to visit some places, which were described on the site: Palace Square and Hermitage. In St. Petersburg the Palace Square is very large. The State Hermitage, which is on this square, is the largest museum in Russia, but many years ago, it was only the small house of Peter I. The Hermitage has the largest world collections and works of art. The total is about three million exhibits. In addition, there is the monument to the emperor Alexander I which is called Alexander Column or Alexander Column on Palace Square.



Tsarskoye Selo was the second place of excursion. There are a lot of parks, such as Ekaterinesski and Alexandrovski.

Than I saw the city Lomonosov. I visited Oranienburgski Palace. It is very beautiful on the inside and the outside. There is a park with big pond. The place has a positive atmosphere. I took wonderful pictures, after that I had pleasant memory.


City Kronstadt ... It seems to me that only monuments can tell you about this town, studied them, you can understand its history, style and character. You can see a lot of monuments in Kronstadt and most of them are connected with sea.

The symbol is Kronstadt Naval Cathedral. It was so difficult to show you the beauty of this sightseeing. It looks like the Wonder of the World.


Than I was on Piskarevskoe cemetery in a Day of removal of removal of the Nazi blockade of Leningrad (January 27) and I laid flowers on graves of soldiers who defended Hero-City Leningrad.



I visited the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen on an errand of our dean V.N. Aniskin. In university, I lucked to meet and shared news of our universities with the Deputy Vice-Rector for Research Professor Vladimir Igorevich Bogoslovski.

I liked the trip to St. Petersburg and I advise everyone to visit this beautiful city.

Maxim Nechaev, 3-year student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT shared impressions


On 12 February the third year students of Department of Mathematics, Physics and IT held an event dedicated to the year of Russian Cinematograph. The students recited poems, told about cinema historical facts.

The audience had an opportunity to watch the first Russian film a short film Ponizovaya Volnitsa of 1908, and also Oscar film Menu of 2015.

Besides, the students shot their own short films full of humour.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

In the end, the audience were offered to guess a Soviet film by a quotation or a background music taken from the films.

The most difficult task was to choose the winner in each tour as too many people simultaneously gave the right answer.


We thank all the students for such a good opportunity to know something new, have a good laugh and feel cinema atmosphere!


Moscow Google Office Discussed the Use of Cloud Technologies in Education

On 9 February Moscow Google Office (Moscow, Balchug, 7) witnessed Google certified trainers from Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Vladimir, Minsk, Izhevsk and some others pooling their experience of using Cloud Technologies. The participants of the round-table discussion analyzed the experience of forming education and information environment at schools based on Google Apps. They also discussed the use of Google services in order to respond to management challenges, to organize study process using a new service Google Classroom, etc. Besides the participants addressed private methods of Google: arrangement principles of project activity, midterm assessment of students, geoinformation system. During the discussion the cloud technologies were recommended for distance teaching of students and school students; and to teachers to improve their IT competence.


O. Bryksina, the head of ICT Chair talked about our university experience of using the social net Google+ for professional self-education of students. Today communities moderated by ITC Chair teachers ITC Chair in education, Entertaining programming, For parents to keep in mind, Artefact-pedagogics unite not only students but also teachers from different cities of Russia.

Hangout is actively used for net interaction between the experts of professional net community.

Moreover, there has already been an accumulated experience in using Google services Information technologies in management for projects management: planning (Gantt charts), monitoring (use of different trackers) and analyzing (SWOT-analysis, SNW-analysis) of activity. In this academic year one has already taken the first steps in programming mobile applications MIT APP Inventor. All the participants were presented with the virtual reality glasses. Together with the InMind VR and Cooltoor VR applications the visual reality glasses one can watch videos in their smartphones in 3D.


Anniversary International Pedagogical Forum in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

On 4 6 February 2016 the chair of psychology and social pedagogics, elementary education department of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education hosted the fifth Anniversary International Pedagogical Forum. Today the Forum is the only annual research and practice meeting in Russia. The forum represents a prominent social constituent of modern social and pedagogical movement.

The forum united more than 350 people from different cities of Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg, Pskov, Khabarovsk, Perm, Volgograd, Pyatigorsk). The citizens of the Central Russia and Povolzhye (Moscow, Voronezh, Vladimir, Ryazan, Orenburg, and Penza) were the most active participants of the forum.

123 (1).jpg

123 (2).jpg

Together with our colleagues, the scientists from Portugal, Sweden, Japan, and Kazakhstan took part in the conference.

The aim of the V Anniversary International Pedagogical Forum was to discuss development prospects of pedagogical community, to point out new tendencies in pedagogical and psychological researches, to think over the opportunities of using pedagogical components in the contents of modern education.

The V International Pedagogical Forum is one more step towards the networking cooperation, and thats why towards the development of pedagogical professional movement in our country.



VII National Research and Practice Conference Ecological and Geographical Problems of Russian Regions

15 January 2016 witnessed VII National Research and Practice Conference Ecological and Geographical Problems of Russian Regions with the international engagement.

The aims of the conference: to discuss theoretical and practical questions of geography, current state of the Russian regions and their development prospects, problems of ecology and nature management, innovation-based methods to teach geography and ecology.


The chair of chemistry and geography took the lead in the conference.

More than 150 scientists from Russia and Belarus took part in the conference. The participants delivered more than 100 scientific reports.

  • Fundamental and applied questions in geography and ecology.
  • Natural-resources potential of regional development, biogeographic researches and reserve management, forest resources.
  • Ecological problems of Russian regions, scientific research on environment protection and technogenic pollution.
  • Problems and prospects of social and economic development in towns and regions, peculiarities of industrial development, agro-industry, transport and service industry.
  • Ethnocultural, demographic and migration problems in Russian regions, peculiarities of labour market.
  • Problems and development prospects of regional tourism, recreation resources, ecotourism.
  • The main points of regional and scientific research on geography and ecology, the role of scientific researches by students and school students.
  • Modern achievements in teaching methods of geography and ecology; regional development aspects of educational system in the sphere of geography and ecology.

We thank all the authors who have sent their conference works for the collected book!


The Day of Russian Science

The Day of Russian Science is traditionally celebrated on 8 February in compliance with the presidential decree 717 Initiation of the Day of Russian Science. The holiday dated back to the foundation of the Russian Academy of Sciences by Peter the Great in 1724.

On 8 February 2016 the best scientists, university teachers and post-graduate students of our region gathered in the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre for the fourth time.

122 (1).jpg

The governor Nicolay Merkushin congratulated the intellectual elite. The Day of Russian Science is one of the most important holidays. Success of our country depends on success of our scientists, said N. Merkushin.

During the ceremony, N. Merkushin awarded the honored scientists of Samara region. Alexander Repinetskiy, the pro-rector of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education was awarded with the badge of honor Honored Scientist of Samara region.

122 (2).jpg


The performance group BAYAN MIX Sergey Voytenko and Dmitry Khramkov congratulated the scientists on the Day of Russian Science. We are pleased to say that they are the graduates of Culture and Art Department of our university.


Student Research and Training Conference Traditional Ritual Food of Different Nations

We invite you to take part in the International Student Research and Training conference Traditional ritual food of different nations on 19 April 2016 in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.

During the conference, the participants will tell about cooking national ritual dishes, their recipes, food bans, and organize the degustation of dishes.


The international jury will appraise the works of participants.

The winners will get the prizes.

Apply till 19 March 2016.

More detailed information you can find in the information letter.


Meet-the-Artist Event

Within the project The History of Musical Samara the history of a small motherland the art school for children hosted a meet-the-artist event on 26 January 2016. The guest of the event was Alexander Bolshakov, a talented composer, accordionist, great teacher, conductor, associate professor of Music Education chair.

The concert program included compositions by A. Bolshakov for piano and for accordion.


There is no doubt that this creative work helps attach importance to the national renewal and the sense of national identity.

 ,   .jpg


Department of Foreign Languages on the International conference of young researches Education. Science. Profession.

On January 26-29, there was the Open International scientific conference of young researches Education. Science. Profession.

in Otradnoe in Samara region. The program of the conference included scientific work presentations, exhibitions of scientific youth activity, meetings with representatives of higher education institutes of Samara, Moscow, Belgorod, Volgograd, Tomsk and other regions in Russian Federation, teachers master-classes, cultural program, summarizing, and a solemn ceremony of the event opening and closing.


This year the conference was the jubilee 10th! During 10 years at the end of January Samara region becomes the center of Russian education: 846 participants from 58 regions of Russia and countries of the near abroad got together to present their studies, meet new friends and learn new things.


Members of the Department of English philology and international communication second time took part in jury in section Foreign Linguistics. The section worked two days: on the first day, participants presented their reports, next day young scientists the presentations were shown by Skype. The participants were from Crimea, Altai, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Samara region. We would like to congratulate winners of the conference, with them new creative wins and scientific achieves.


II International Scientific Conference Childhood as an anthropological, cultural, psychological and pedagogical phenomenon

25 26 May 2016 will see the second International Scientific Conference Childhood as an anthropological, cultural, psychological and pedagogical phenomenon.

The conference will embrace topical questions and upcoming trends to solve the problems of childhood space in a modern society.

The main topics:

  • Role of childhood in the general system of culture; cultural and historical phenomenon of childhood; the evolution of childhood culture in the historical context;
  • Philosophical measurement of childhood;
  • The concept childhood in interdisciplinary human research;
  • Childhood anthropology: the strategy to keep and develop childhood as a special state of a human;
  • Childhood as an object of health saving technologies;
  • Demographic problems in a qualitative and quantitative aspect;
  • New challenges to school, family and socialization system when providing qualitative childhood space;
  • Evolution of socialization of a child;
  • Crisis of a traditional childhood model;
  • Infomedia as a source of new opportunities and new risks for socialization and education;
  • Impact of Mass Media and screen culture on the world view of a child in the XX century;
  • Educational and cultural adaptation of children in multi-ethnic schools;
  • Problems of infant development of children;
  • Proprietary methods of child development;
  • Subculture of a child as a special space in self-realization of a child;

After the conference, the papers with the authorial programs and recommendations by the specialized creative group will be published in the collected book with the code ISBN, UDC, LBC. These collected books will be distributed to the libraries, registered in the Russian Central Institute of Bibliography, put in the scientific digital library eLIBRARY.RU.

Contacts: detstvo_cdk@mail.ru

Chichkanova Tatyana, 8(917)1121847


VII International Scientific Conference Scientific Problems of Education of the third Millennium

The VII International Scientific Conference Scientific Problems of Education of the third Millennium will take place on 25 May 2016.

The conference will provide an opportunity for discussion of many topical problems both in the theory and in the practice of education (cultural studies, philosophy, pedagogics, psychology, history, philology, mathematics and other sciences). The peculiar feature of the conference is that the problems are viewed from the point of modern approaches, development prospects. The participants publish the data of their thesis and scientific investigation.

After the conference, the papers with the authorial programs and recommendations by the specialized creative group will be published in the collected book with the code ISBN, UDC, LBC. These collected books will be distributed to the libraries, registered in the Russian Central Institute of Bibliography, put in the scientific digital library eLIBRARY.RU.


The 6th Interregional Exhibition-Forum Education. Science. Business 2016

Today expo centre Expo-Volga hosted the 6th international exhibition-forum Education. Science. Business 2016.

This is a unique project for Samara region, here one can find leading universities, colleges and institutions of professional education and the largest work providers. The visitors of the exhibition-forum could get the information about education in Russia and abroad, advanced training, know about the prospects of getting higher education, learn how to set up and develop own business.


The opening of the exhibition-forum traditionally started with the students hymn Gaudeamus, performed by the choir of our university April. The chairman of the Soviet of University Rectors in Samara region; G. Kotelnikov, the rector of Samara State Medical University; E. Shakhmatov, the rector of Samara State Aerospace University addressed to the public with the welcoming speech. They highlighted the importance of a right choice of future profession that influences the future life of people.



Annually our university takes part in this exhibition. Senior school students have an opportunity to know about the faculties of our university, the enrollment process and requirements.


Ceremonial Opening of Sport and Recreation Centre Burevestnik

Long awaited sport and recreation centre Burevestnik and swimming pool finally opened for all comers. The opening of Burevestnik was fitted to the Russian Students Day. 25 meter long swimming pool with 8 lanes, sports and fitness halls were built within the 500 swimming pools project of United Russia fracture.


At the ceremonial opening N. Merkushin said that a new sporting venue was very important for the city and the whole region. Today practically everything depends on our young people. What will be our future is up on them. said N. Merkushin. The governor handed over a symbolic key to the sporting venue to O. Mochalov, the rector of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. The quality of education in our university and our scientific and pedagogical rates made us a leading pedagogical university in our region, - said the rector. We will keep it on the track in future. I believe that this sporting venue will open up new opportunities and we will continue our successful development. He also mentioned that this was the best present for the oldest university in our region which celebrates 105 anniversary this year.


The first leaders of Samara region N. Merkushin, the Governor of Samara region; V. Pylev, the Secretary of Education and Science of Samara region; D. Azarov, the Chairman of the Federal Council for federal structure, regional policy, local government and affairs of the North; A. Hinstein, a State Duma member; V. Fetisov, the Deputy PM; G. Kotelnikov, the Council Chairman of rectors of Samara region universities, the Rector of Samara State Medical University; E. Shakhmatov, the Rector of Samara State Aerospace University, were present at the opening.

Samara and Syzran Metropolitan Sergey was also invited to the opening. He sanctified the sport centre saying that each new event in life renews human consciousness and raises the spirit.



After an official part the swimming pool saw an exhibition performance of synchronized swimmers and former and current swimmers students of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. The world champions and Olympic Games participants, masters of sport were welcomed to give master class there.

In the coming days the information of sport centre working hours will be available.


Students Day

This year Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education hosted many foreign students to study Russian and our students have a good opportunity now to practice foreign spoken language assisted by the teachers native speakers. All together, teachers and students celebrated the Students Day, 25 February. The holiday took place at Antonova Ovseenko Street. The entertainment program included a concert, dances and famous university mead. Immediately before Tatyana Day many teachers and students wanted to tell about their attitude to the university and our city.



Valeria Bondareva, the head of International Office of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education:

- Every year we welcome more and more foreigners. This year four teachers native speakers of English, German, French and Italian work in our university. It has much to contribute to the education quality in the Foreign Languages Department, and it also improves the university rating. Students from all over the world are eager to study Russian in Samara. This year our university saw a lot of Chinese students coming and also a big three generation French family.


Carmelo Cascone, teacher of Italian:

- Being in Russia only for a half year I have discovered many interesting facts for me. Firstly, I realized that Italian people were in thrall to stereotypes about Russia. They imagine Russians as very reserved people. But in fact, being hearty and emotional Samara citizens look like us, Sicilians. Thats why I get on well with the Russian students.


Brandon Howard Brody, teacher of English:

- I love travelling and immersing myself in culture of different countries. It was always interesting for me to live for some time in a country I know little about. One of those countries was Russia. I wanted to live only in province. I adore my work! Samara students hold an interest in my subjects. Russian people are very open and friendly, it is easy to make friends with them. Russian people cherish their traditions, and I think Tatyana Day is one of the best traditions.


Gurvan Le Gall, teacher of French:

- Russian students welcomed me warmly. In the beginning they were afraid of me because I tried to stimulate them to speak, to have faith in themselves. And they did not noticed how they spontaneously started to speak French. Sometimes it seems to me that they forget that I am a French and they speak with me as equals! I tell them a lot about modern France, culture and history. It helps students understand my country better. Thanks to foreign students and teachers Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education is becoming international and that is very good.


Lena Reissig, teacher of German:

- I have been working in the university since 2011, I teach German language practice, country study and literature. Besides, for students I host evenings devoted to German films. I give my free time to walking along the embankment. In my opinion, Samara is a very interesting city with its rich history and a lot of stunning sceneries. I like my job here. Firstly, I like that I am among nice colleagues and good students. I have already known about Students Day and I celebrate it every year together with my Russian friends.


Marie Claire Giorgi, student, France:

- It strikes me that Russian students are so hard working. I always see them reviewing their tasks before the seminars. They must attend lectures every day, while in France students are free to attend their courses. I think this hinders their education in France. I like that Samara students respect their teachers, I think it helps the discipline. In our country students feel as an equal with the lecturers, and it is sometimes difficult for the teachers to give lectures. Students who study well, should take a rest on Tatyana Day!


Lotfi Rikhani, student, Algeria:

- I like very much to study Russian. I started to learn it in my native country: we have many Russian teachers in the Big Kabylia University. Then I met my Russian fianc? and came here to Samara. We are planning to get married and live here. She does not like hot climate of Northern Africa, but I like snow very much. I have many friends here. I want to study and find a job in Samara.


Lucie Christelle Goeneutte, student, France:

- I think Russian students love art very much. When we celebrated French Christmas, they came dressed in national costumes and put on a fine performance, then we danced along with the music of our small orchestra. My husband plays violoncello and I play percussion instruments. French music is popular here and people like it, we feel it at our concerts. I think that Tatyana Day concert will be excellent!


Fan Yinghao, student, China:

- To study Russian became very popular in China because our countries plan to develop a long-term cooperation in many spheres. We, Chinese students, were warmly welcomed in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. Our teachers are very attentive and competent specialists. We have already started to speak Russian. When we have spare time we go for a walk, many things surprise us here, for example¸ wooden houses we havent got such houses in China. Russian students are very amiable to us and we hope to make friends with them. Perhaps it will be easier to do at the Students Day.


Official Visit of the Delegation of the Conservatory from Cosenza Province of Italy at Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

In July 2015 a partnership agreement was signed between Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education and Jacomantonio State Conservatory from Cosenza (Calabria Province of Italy). Within the European program for academic mobility Erasmus+ the agreement involves two-way exchange of teachers and students. Thus, according to the signed agreement, students of Culture and Art Department will have an opportunity to do a semester internship in the foreign University. Teaches could give master-classes together with foreign colleagues.
January 21 witnessed the official visit of the Delegation of the Conservatory from Cosenza, Italy at Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. The head of the conservatory, Antonella Calvelli and the organ teacher, Emanuele Cardi were on the delegation. In the course of visit our foreign colleagues had a meeting with O. Mochalov, the rector of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, the president I. Vershinin, A. Gokina, the dean of Culture and Art Chair, M. Platonova, the head of the Choral Conducting and Solo Singing Chair, V. Bondareva, the head of the International Office, and Carmelo Cascone, the teacher of Italian in Foreign Languages Chair.


The meeting was devoted to the discussion of the details and the prospects of future partnership which will have a beneficial impact on both universities.

It should be mentioned that our foreign colleagues have already been to our country, and this visit was not the first one. For example, Mister E. Cardi toured many Russian cities (Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk) but it was his first time in Samara.

Despite their brief visit the guests said that they were not afraid of Russian snowy and frosty winter. They appreciated hospitality of our people who, in their opinion, have much in common with the Italian people.

At the meeting, one could hear Russian, Italian, English and French speech, but the language of music undoubtedly united everyone.


The open enrollment to the Inclusive journalism school

Samara State Youth Social Organization Inclusive volunteer club is ready to enroll participants in the second Samara Region Inclusive journalism school.

The realization of this project is in the area of social innovation and it aims at career-guidance young people with disabilities and not. After the training, the inclusive groups will have the opportunity to work in mass media at increase publicity level of socially important events in Samara.

Young people at the ages from 16 to 30 irrespective of types of disability may have the opportunity to study in the regional inclusive journalism school. The education and activities are free.

The study at the Samara Region Inclusive journalism school will take place in Samara (2016 February-March), Tolyatti (2016 March), Syzran (2016 March-April).

The students who graduated this school successfully will have certificates, that they have got skills and knowledge. Excellent students will be given presents of the charity fund named after V. I. Sarpunov. For excellent students with disabilities will be provided by the agency Osobye lyudi.

Since the start of the first Inclusive journalism school passed a year, and during this time the school expanded and become regional. As journalists and photographs students were able to visit various events. For example, a lot of students were in Public Youth Parliament of the Samara State Duma. For future students we are going to organize new activities and events, said the director of Samara State Youth Social Organization Inclusive volunteer club Aleksey Transev.

To take a part in the school, you need to send an enquiry to mail address school.isj2@yandex.ru up to January 26. Contacts +79179552914.


Student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics an IT is invited to take part in local level of the XV Delphic games

The second year student of the Department of Mathematics, Physics an IT Alexandra Pashkovskaya is invited to take part in in local level of the XV Delphic games in the Art of education category.

Good luck, Alexandra! We cheer you!



The Associate Professor of Service Technology of Samara State University of Social Science and Education had Two Lectures in Nobel Museum

At the end of 2015 the associate professor of service technology, candidate of sociological sciences Gregory Tsidenkov read two lectures in Nobel Museum (Stockholm) about the Sweden help hungry people in time of dearth of 1921-1922 for Sweden Cabinet member, journalists, and heads of university. Those present were very interested in these lectures. Sweden leading newspapers say that lectures have a great success.




Exhibition of Diploma Works by History and Culture Department Students

On 22 January 2016, 15.00 the History Museum of Novokuybyshevsk will host the exhibition of diploma works by the students of fine and applied arts department of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education.

The exhibition will include more than 60 pictorial and graphic works done in 2008 2016. The works are of different genres: historical and vernacular pictures, portraits, landscape and still life pictures. The pictures reflect the variety of interests of young artists, their individual way in creative quest and current trends in art.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

The students and graduates of fine and applied arts department are the participants and the winners of many significant art exhibitions and national and international contests.

The fine and applied arts department of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education preserves the traditions of native art education and is one of the centers that develops new culture, and promising pedagogical and artistic projects.

1 (2).jpg


Christmas Meetings in Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities

On December 22, the chair of foreign languages in Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities had Christmas Meeting with the participation of students from the Department of Psychology and Special Education, Department of Culture and Art and Russian language course students. The associate professor Kulaga E. A. was the initiator of this event, and Russian language course students from France helped to organize this holiday.




The president of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities I.V. Vershinin welcomed the guests.

The Russian language course students told about French Christmas family traditions, and the guests tasted French Christmas traditional food prepared by students.



At this meeting, there was a concert. This concert was filled French and Russian songs, and students from the Department of Psychology and Special Education performed the Russian folk dance. At the end of this meeting, the Russian language course students made a jazz concert.



Xian International University - new PGSGA partner

Samara State Academy of social sciences and humanities signed an agreement with Xian International University to develop their collaboration in educational and cultural fields.

Xian is a famous Chinese city, an administrative center of Shaanxi Province. The city exists more than 3100 years; it was the biggest city in the world (according to its territory and the number of population). Xian is the most famous historical and cultural Chinese centers, was the capital of China during the 13 dynasties.



Since 1990, according to the economic plan of China for the central and northern regions of the country, Xian became an important center of culture, education and industry.


One of the main sights in Xian is the Museum of Terracotta Warriors to commemorate the first emperor Qin Shi Huang. There one can see 6000 full-sized Terracotta warriors and horses. This museum can be called the Eighth Wonder of the World.

In the city center, a giant bell tower Zhonglou stands high. This place opens four main streets: northern street (Bei Dajie), southern street (Nan Dajie), eastern street (Dong Dajie), western street (Xi Dajie). The first tower was built in XIV century. A big waxwork collection can be found at the top of the tower.


Xian International University was founded in 1992. It is situated in the center of developing part of the city, teachers give classes in well-equipped campuses. The number of students, who study in the university, is 3600 people. The university includes 11 colleges, 34 departments and 101 fields of study such as economics, humanities, management, jurisprudence, etc.

This agreement gives the students an opportunity to have a semester training in China.



Holiday of Russian Language

On December 23, the Foreign languages Chair together with the International Office organized a holiday The Day of Russian Language and Culture. The students from France, Italy, China, Algeria, Vietnam, and Turkmenistan took part in this event, all of them were united by love for Russian language, history and culture.



The students communicate with each other only in Russian language. They told us about themselves, their plans, and then addressed with New Year wishes to the others.

The students performed Russian folk songs, traditional New Year songs and poems by S. Pushkin. They also were pleased to take part in the theatrical performances Russian folk tales Kolobok, Teremok.

IMAG2583 (2).jpg



Vive le fran?ais!

PGSGA department of foreign languages had a holiday Vive le fran?ais! on December 9, based on career guidance work with the schools of our city.

More than 80 school students of 9 11 forms were invited to this holiday.

The third year students made a very interesting presentation about our university, department of foreign languages and the chair of roman philology.


During the presentation the students made a retrospective journey into the history of our university, they spoke about the departments we have, and how the applicants can enter PGSGA.

The speech of Gurvan le Gall, a teacher from France, aroused a big interest of the audience. He spoke about the importance of studying French languages.


The presentation was spiced up with the video clips and students performances. The students sang French songs Toi mon amour, mon ami, Ne me quitte pas and recited poems Lesprit amoureux.

At the end of the holiday, the school students took part in the cross cultural quiz.



Summing up 2015 year at the Department of Natural Sciences and Geography

The students of the department of natural sciences and geography summed up 2015 year. This year saw a great deal of events that brought a lot of positive emotions.


The best students of 2015 became:

  • 4 year student T. Moskina in nomination Study and science
  • 2 year student E. Lashkina in nomination Public activity
  • 4 year student M. Subkhankulov in nomination Sport and health
  • 3 year student M. Shirokova in nomination Creative work
  • 4 year student V. Savushkin in nomination Discovery of the year
  • Candidate of pedagogics, associate professor of biology and ecology chair I. Nalivaiko in nomination Tutor of the year
  • Senior teacher of chemistry and geography chair S. Ibragimova in nomination Teacher of the year


PGSGA postgraduate student took part in Science Slam

Science Slam is the so-called battle between the scientists that is devoted to the popularization of science. 5 participants were to tell about their work in plain language. This time young students told us about microbiology, nanotechnologies, psychology, cognitive linguistics and composite materials. Maria Lisova, a postgraduate of the Chair of English philology, told us how the words appeared in ancient times and what myths stood behind them.

1 (1).jpg



Anti-drug war

Theme on anti-drug war is always topical, especially today when there are plenty of kinds of lingering death. Round table meeting Drug problems among the young people. The ways of solution was held in the Winter garden on 17 December.

The spokesmen of political, economic spheres, Youth Parliament, Mass Media, narcologists, psychiatrists were present at the meeting. The questions to discuss were drugs among young people; availability of drugs; drug distribution via the Internet, television; drug impact on people. Every spokesman expressed their opinion and offered the ways of solution to the given problems.



The most active assistants to struggle with drug distribution were considered to be students who can anonymously inform law enforcement authorities of telephone numbers of drug pushers.

At the end of the meeting the spokesmen drew conclusions from the work done, and compiled the list of recommendations for Samara Regional Duma, prosecution office, ministry of education and science and public youth organizations.




STEM? STEM! Students of Samara state Academy of Social Studies and Humanities meet with new technologies

In recent years, the importance of engineering education increases in the world. It is not a secret that Russia needs proficient specialists in the fields of science and technology. However, this process is difficult and takes much time. The good specialist must have not only professional skills but special way of thinking. Moreover, the formation of engineering thinking is the multi-level process, and students should study in schools: at the lessons of mathematics, physics and computer science. Today there are STEM-centers (S - science, T - technology, E - engineering, M - mathematics). They create conditions for scientific and technical students creativity. It also takes students special training of pedagogical universities.

In 2015-2016 students from the Department of mathematics, physics and informatics the course.



Renaming of Samara State Academy of Social Studies and Humanities

According to the order 1491 of 18.12.2015, Ministry of Education and science of Russian Federation the Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Samara State Academy of Social Studies and Humanities has another name the Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Samara State University of Social Science and Pedagogics.



Sabbath among friends. Hanukah

18 December witnessed a festive event Sabbath among friends. Hanukah held by the Chair of philosophy, history and the theory of world culture together with Rahel Netanel, the head of Jerusalem society organization Beth Netanel and Samara Jewish organization Sokhnut.



The director of Samara office of national and confessional politics, N.P. Osipova addressed the audience during this holiday.

Sabbath among friends. Hanukah let the guests enjoy the dances and the performance of the vocal instrumental ensemble Sabbath Shalom.


In the end, the guests congratulated all the participants on the Hanukah and wished them kindness, happiness and success.



PGSGA Volunteer Team The Hour of Code - 2015

The participation of PGSGA students in the international movement The Hour of Code initiated by Microsoft Company became a good tradition. The main aim of the movement was to arouse interest in IT professions, as the XXI century is a century of rapidly developing information technologies and broadening the spectrum of professions in IT industry. Nowadays such professions as network lawyers, IT linguists, providers of online communities, model makers of Big Data are in great demand at the labour market. It couldnt be denied that only volunteers young and active people can assure school students of it.


The third and fourth year students from the department of mathematics, physics and informatics joined the volunteer ranks.

The students gave 25 lessons in 2 11 forms, they discussed the importance of IT sphere for our country today. More than 400 school students took part in these discussions.




Cross cultural communication, as viewed from

December 10, Department of Foreign Languages held a seminar Born in Russia raised in America for the fourth year students. The guest of the seminar was Anton Pertsevoy, who lived in America more than 20 years. The topic of the seminar was the differences in Russian and American cultures through the eyes of a bilingual (visiting guests and restaurants, style of dressing and communication, education and religion).



While speaking with the A. Pertsevoy, the students actively used recently learned vocabulary Born everywhere raised in Britain. The students took part in the discussion, and offered their vision of many questions. They were wondered to make sure that many stereotypes existing in Russia about America and the Americans are true.



Italian Seasons

PGSGA Department of Foreign Languages saw a meeting Italian Seasons where our students met with the honorable consul of Samara region and the Republic of Tatarstan, Gianguido Breddo.

The tradition of Italian Seasons was established by recently died PGSGA assistant professor, V.S. Danilevsky.



As the catholic Christmas is coming, the topic of National traditions in Italy attracted a wide audience. The students got an opportunity to know about Italian holidays, Christmas preparations, their traditional way of celebration in a big family and also about holiday dishes from different parts of Italy. Gianguido Breddo was asked a lot of questions by the students, as cooking of Italian dishes is a strong point of the former journalist and the author of numerous culinary researches. The PGSGA teacher of Italian language Carmelo Cascone who came from Italy this year, added to his story.

Thus, the students could enjoy original Italian culture and feel holiday atmosphere of this beautiful country.



Students of Natural Sciences and Geography Department finished educational volunteer training program

This educational program was aimed at the people at the age of 14 30. This program presupposed:

  • formation of the united information center of volunteer teams in Samara region;
  • development of voluntary movement;
  • involvement of a big number of young people in this activity.

The education lasted for one month. It consisted of three volunteer training units such as sport volunteering, social volunteering and teaching of volunteer coordinators.

There is no doubt that this volunteer training program will go ahead. Social volunteers have already started to help pensioners, orphans, and disabled people.



Third educational camp seminar Starting point 2015 for PGSGA students

On 4 6 December 2015, our students took part in the third educational camp seminar Starting point 2015. The camp was located in the country center Forest Fairytale in Kinel region.




The camp organized a rich educational, entertainment and sport program for the students.

The organizers of Starting point 2015 thanked all the students for their sociability and their wish to work and get new knowledge.




Your Name Is Unknown. Your Feat Is Ever-living

On December 3 with these words, residents of Samara honored the memory of defenders of the Fatherland. Who didnt come back from front lines, buried in mass graves, and those whose bones search teams have never been able to find. A new Russian holiday was devoted for these people The Unknown Warrior Day. Since 2014, 3 December is the military memory day.



Students from Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities participated in this event, which was organized by Samara State Regional Academy of Nayanova. There were Memory Lessons in this academy.

Alexandr A. Gorshkov had a lecture for students. The attendance was so high, so that there were not enough seats for students. This lecture was a good lesson.



After the lecture soldiers in form of the Great Patriotic War met participants and guests on the Glory Square, where was the Victory Banner.

Students sang military songs, laid flowers in front of the eternal light. The minute of silence was announced and during this minute participants launched lanterns and paid tribute to the missing defenders of Fatherland.



Mathematical Game Domino in Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities for 10th-11th Grade Pupils

On December 12, the department of mathematics, physics and informatics was the mathematical game Domino for 10th-11th grade pupils. In this game took part schools of Samara: the school 6, school 24, school 35, school 48, and school 4 and Samara Metallurgical College.

1 (1).jpg

1 (2).jpg

The organizers of the game were he fifth year student Dmitry and Kirill Kovalenko. Pupils solved Olympic tasks of geometry, algebra, theory of probability. The rules of game were strict and demanded of participants not only good knowledge in mathematics, but also responsibilities and strategy game building.

Winners are:

- I place - School 24

  • Spiridonov Artem
  • Smirnova Anastasiia
  • Sadikova Elina
  • Konyuhov Nikita

- II place School 6

  • Machalina Polina
  • Ananev Grigory
  • Komarov Timofei
  • Epifanov Artem

- III place - Samara Metallurgical College

  • Kozlov Evgeni
  • Statvina Alexandra
  • Zaharov Maxim

All participants were given diplomas and gifts.

1 (3).jpg

1 (4).jpg


14. 12. 2015

Samara State Academy of Social Studies and Humanities took part in the international conference

9 11 December, Samara State University of Economics together with the regional office of Russian Geographical Society held an international research and practice conference Russia Kazakhstan: cross-border cooperation, museum and tourism projects. More than 200 people took part in the conference. At the plenary meeting, the participants represented their key projects and ideas to develop international scientific cooperation; to promote domestic and inbound tourism; to enhance the quality of tourism.


As a result of the conference, the government of Samara region decided to implement such projects as

  • Compiling Atlas of tourism and recreational itineraries and sights in Samara region towns and villages;
  • Cluster itinerary the Silk Road of steady innovation-based development;
  • Catalogue of craftsmen in Samara region;
  • International dogsled race Volga Quest;
  • Investment project Ethnic village Murager in the tour itinerary Travelling about Mezhdureche;
  • Holiday Syzran tomato;
  • Interactive festival for a whole family Most in Oktyabrsk;
  • Promotion of local tours and excursions at the internet auction Ruble Tour.RF.

It was especially useful and interesting to see the exhibition of tourism resources of Samara region. Municipal entities of Samara region demonstrated their unique cultural goods, souvenirs, books. Original models of ethnic dolls, national costumes, and handmade lacework were represented at the exhibition.


The guests had a good opportunity not only to know about tourism resources of neighboring regions but also to assure oneself of the national beauty and cultural abundance of Russia and Kazakhstan.

14. 12. 2015

Generation Link

On December 9, PGSGA Museum of history of P.M. Ganyushin, a Hero of the Soviet Union saw an event within the project Lessons of Courage Generation Link.

The first and second year students of Natural Sciences and Geography Department met with the veteran of the World War II, I. F. Parshina. Being a child, she was imprisoned in a concentration camp. Now she is a member of the regional public organization The Unconquerable, and a presidium member of Samara Veteran Center.



The students had a chance to know about an unusual fate of the veteran, to listen to the story about life of children in concentration camps, war poetry and to watch a film about Stalingrad, World War II.

11. 12. 2015

Student Debut 2015

On 30 November, our Academy witnessed the last gala-concert of amateur performance Student Debut 2015 of first year students. The students gave their best performances. At the end of the festival, the awarding ceremony of awardees, nominees and prizewinners took place. All the students received congratulations from Oleg Mochalov, a professor, doctor of historical sciences, rector of Samara State Academy of social Studies and Humanities.




According to vote results, the winners in nomination Best concert program became

1. The Department of Economics and Management

2. The Department of Psychology and Special Education



10. 12. 2015

The Winter Fairytale from Students-Philologists

Philologists make their own fairytale. We know that winter is magical time and we are waiting for miracles at the end of a year.

On December 8, at Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities was the competition Mr. and Mrs. 2015 of the department of philology.



The most beautiful and talented students took part in the annual competition. They sang and danced, recited poems by famous poets.

However, the most interesting part of this event was the competition "Theatre of one actor." The audience was filled with admiration for this performance.

The jury chose New Mrs. Julia Naumova and New Mr. Igor Murchenko.


10. 12. 2015

Russian language on Wednesdays in Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities

The Department of Philology successfully organizes cultural and educational work in Samara and Samara region.

The faculty of Russian language, speech culture and teaching methods under the project Russian language on Wednesdays has been giving classes for 3 years for all comers.

On December 9 (Wednesday) T.P. Krasnova touch a lesson Speech culture as an object of society culture. The modern conception of the speech culture. Training. About 40 persons attended the lesson from 16 to 60 years old.


Thank you all guests for their attention and love to Russian language, careful attitude to Russian Word and educational drive.

Every Wednesday we will be glad to meet everyone at our lessons at 18.30 oclock, on Antonovo-Ovseenko Street, 26, department 10, classroom 102.

10. 12. 2015

Popularization must be Popular or Three Days at Science Media Forum in Saint Petersburg

What have you heard about scientific mass media? Can you enumerate them? In western countries, they gain pace and attract more and more public, while in Russia popularization of science is only in its infant stage, overcoming different barriers on the way. One of these barriers is a shortage of journalists ready to write about science in plain language.

Thus, Saint Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics held the first national, student media forum Science Media. Students from many cities of Russia and other countries came to our northern capital to attend the forum.



The main aim of this media forum was to demonstrate science from its popular side and to show the young journalists that it is very interesting, useful and important to write about it. Scientific lectures, master-classes and discussions with professional journalists affirmed science worth.

Saint Petersburg is a very big city with an incredible number of interesting sights. Forum organizers considered this point, and planned various excursions around the city. They included sightseeing and visits to print media offices (newspaper Delovoy Petersburg), IT companies (Yandex, VKontakte, Yota), to the plant Diakont, and to the cinema studios (studio Melnitsa, Lenfilm).

 IT- .jpg


-  .JPG

One of the scientific lectures called New evolutionary oncological theory addressed a very urgent problem such diseases as cancer and AIDS. Andrey Kozlov, a research manager of the laboratory Molecular virology and oncology in Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, told the students about an unusual role of cancer tumors in the evolution of living organisms. That sounds incredible and unreal. During the lecture, A. Kozlov also mentioned that our genius scientists had to go abroad in order to tell about their inventions because in Russia no one pays attention to them. There is no popular scientific mass media in our country that could tell about them. It is a significant loss for everyone.



If the scientists are creating the medicine for cancer, why is it so difficult to open special scientific mass media???

The students were very grateful to Science Media organizers for such an invaluable experience they got during their visit to the Forum.


10. 12. 2015

The X All-Russian Competition of Folk Young Musicians Sozvezdie Zhiguli

From 25 till 29 of November in Samara was held the jubilee All-Russian competition of youth musicians named after D.G. Shatalov Sozvezdie Zhiguli. The concert was dedicated to 100th anniversary of the outstanding figure of Russian culture and art of the XX century, famous teacher in the field of bayan plaing and merited culture professional of RSFSR Dmitry G. Shatalov.


At this event among the participants and guests of competition were representatives from Kazakstan, Republics of Bashkortostan, Mordovia, Tatarstan, and Nizhny Novgorod, Samara regions and Moscow. The leading specialists in the field of folk performance from Moscow, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Tolyatti visited judged this competition.


In this competition took part students of the Department of culture and art of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities Lopatin Vitali and Kotov Evgeni.

Congratulations on Lopatin Vitali and Kotov Evgeni of the All-Russian competition of youth musicians named after D.G. Shatalov Sozvezdie Zhiguli!


Viva Mexico!

At the end of November, Philology department students of Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities visited Samara universal research library. The project Literature world allowed all the visitors to travel around the world of Mexican literature. Mexican students of Aerospace University introduced to citizens of Samara their national poetry and cultural heritage.



Foreign students told us briefly about the history of their state from Maya to the modern Mexican United States; about Mexican traditions; about the influence of their country on the world history; and even about their savoury Mexican cuisine. Our citizens were very excited to know new facts about this country. The students passionately recited poems in their native language, sang the hymn of the country.

Mexicans students charmed everyone with their attractive accent and friendliness.



Art Bridge between Samara and Kazan

Internet-project Art-Most.com presents 10 artists from Kazan. Their art makes us think about development trends in modern art and stylistic research in modern painting. This idea is aimed at creating a metaphysical bridge between two big cities of the Volga region. Citizens of our city will have an opportunity to know about works of outstanding art masters of Tatarstan capital.



Official opening of the exhibition Art-Most 2015. 10 Kazan artists. We are different was on 3 December in the Alabin museum of local history. There one can see masterpieces of such famous Kazan artists as Irina Antonova, Elena Volkova, Larisa Evgrafova, Alexander Lopatkin, Rustam Salihov, Anna Fedorova, Viktor Timofeev. Their works are absolutely different from each other. Every picture has its own flavor and idea.



French poetry competition

September 25 saw the last tour of French poetry and prose competition.

The students of I V courses recited French poems and prose of different epochs.

Everyone had an opportunity to enjoy touching dialogues taken from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, soulful verses by Rambo, V. Hugo, Apollinaire, Verlaine, Vian and some others. All the competitors had a chance to listen to beautiful and melodious French language.

french poetry competition.jpg

The jury duly appreciated not only the phonetic skills of the students but also their emotional and artistic impression.


Charity Fair Sweets to delight

December 7. The Psychology and Special Education Department organized traditional charity fair Sweets to delight for people with hardships.

The students cooked biscuits, cakes, pancakes and various culinary masterpieces. The volunteers got 1 841 ?.



Thus, the students managed to turn original ideas into reality and create New Year atmosphere.


Students of the Department of Natural Science and Geography Took Part in a Debating Club in Novokuibyshevsk (Samara region)

On December 5 were opened the project Youth Guard and the Debating club in Novokuibyshevsk.

The primary goal was to invite and meet youth with active participation in all fields of city life. This meeting visited students of Oil and Gas Institute, Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities, members of Youth Parliament by the City Duma in Novokuibyshevsk, members of party United Russia and the Regional Lead of Youth Guard Maxim Kanuev.

1 (1).jpg

On the round table, activists discussed topical issues of hometown and ways of solution.

From 2016, the Youth Guard will operate at full capacity. The meetings will be held every week.



Students of Department of Natural Science and Geography were in Stalin's Bunker

Students of Department of Natural Science and Geography visited Stalin's Bunker under the vice-dean of educational work N. V. Lapteva. During the excursion students met with war workers contribution of Samara region.



History of Stalins Bunker:

When the Germans almost reached Moscow in 1941 Samara was chosen as a second capital in case Moscow is conquered, mainly for its great geographical location. While Kremlin administration moved to Samara accommodation for Stalin was prepared here. A team of more than 500 metro builders from Moscow, and it was a top secret, was brought to Samara to construct the bunker. The 8-meter diameter well down to the bunker was dug manually to an incredible depth of 37 meters. The project was carried out as top secret so that not even the neighbors knew that construction was going on. Today the bunker is a museum, and it would probably be the Samara's greatest tourist attraction if it was easy to get into. If you get down you'll see the bunker just as it was in the 1940s. It includes a conference hall, offices for the top Kremlin, living rooms, a dining room, everything in the style of Soviet Luxury. Incidentally, Stalin decided to stay in Moscow so never used the bunker.


Volunteers from Psychology and Special Education Department took part in the regional festival Together with Stars

December 3 witnessed the students of Psychology and Special Education Department taking part in the regional festival Together with Stars. This festival was fitting for the international day of disabled people.

3.12 15   .jpg

The volunteers helped physically challenged people, and their dancing group performed a dance together with the disabled children.


.   .jpg


The head of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Gregor Berghorn, visited Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities.

December 2, the head of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Gregor Berghorn, visited Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities.

It should be mentioned that DAAD has been working with us since 2002.

The head of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD2.JPG

In the course of his visit Mr Berghorn met with the rector of the Academy O. D. Mochalov and the head of the international department V.V. Bondareva. During the meeting, they summarized the results of their co-work and discussed the prospects of the further interaction development in educational, scientific and cultural fields.

The head of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD1.JPG

At the end of the meeting, Mr Berghorn represented the DAAD scholarship programs aimed on the study, training and scientific research in German universities for the teachers, students and post-graduate students.


The XVII Open Erudite Championship of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities

November 21, 2015 in the concert hall of Samara State academy of Social Science and Humanities at the address: 26, Antonovo-Ovseenko Street, Samara was the final XVII Open Erudite Championship of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities.

13 teams took part in this Championship.

According to the results:

  • 1st place the team Energy
  • 2nd place - the team Intelligent
  • 3d place the team Cakes

The winners were awarded diplomas, prizes and medals, all participating teams were awarded diplomas and gifts.

Three winner-teams reached the final of the XIII Erudite Championship "Star Brain" for the Samara Culture Department, Tourism and Youth Policy of Administration prize, which will be held on December 12, 2015 in the concert hall of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities.



Unique exhibit items in the Florov Museum of Zoology

The collection of the Florov Museum of Zoology can boast of a big number of fauna objects, which are considered to be a great cultural and historical treasure. This collection includes stuffed duckbills, armadillos, echidnas, humming birds, penguins, and a skeleton of sloth. The available artefacts prove that some of the exhibit items were brought to Samara by a famous merchant and benefactor Shihobalov, at the beginning of XX century.


Shihobalov is known to have visited all the continents (except for Antarctica) and more than 30 countries. He collected various souvenirs and exhibit items and donated them to the Public Museum.


The Museum of Zoology is open daily (except for Sunday) 10.00 16.00, and Saturdays until 13.00.


Donors day in Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities

On 18 December, our Academy organized a voluntary action Donors Day. Samara clinical blood donor center together with the Labor union organization of Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities held an offsite Donors day.

Nowadays the number of donors is slumping. Thus, it is very important that our students find time to replenish the blood bank in spite of their study load and coming exams.

To be a donor is not just a medical procedure but a simple and available way to make our life better. When you donate blood, you help people, give them a chance to survive.



Holiday was a Success

The National Unity Day was established in remembrance the events of 1612, when the citizens in arms which was led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. Historically, this festival is associated with the end of the Time of Troubles in Russia in the XVII century.

This year, many citizens of Samara celebrated this holiday on the embankment.




There were arms, costume and souvenir exhibitions, games, a petting zoo. Citizens were very glad to see a lynx, rabbits, geese and a raccoon dog. Everybody was able to take part in dances and flashmobs, sing folk songs.

The end of holiday was an air show, in which pilots showed an aerobatic flight. In the air parade participated the legendary aircraft of World War II U-2.



Wood Sculptures in Gallery New Space

Gallery New Space of Samara universal research library organized an artistic wood carving exhibition. Works of famous Samara masters represented the exhibition.

You can see there different techniques and ways of woodcarving: abstract, relief, geometric.



One of the masters, whose works were exhibited, Sergey Klyuchnikov, said: Trees are alive. Tree attracts us by its natural warmth. When you see it, some images appear in your mind. His works look more traditional than the compositions of the other masters, but still they are very impressive. Among his works one can find the head of Taras Bulba, sculpture Innocent Victim, and allegory sculptures. For example, allegory sculpture Judgement Day - kneelstand naked man and woman. Their position demonstrates something unavoidable and painful.



Such exhibitions are a good way for people to share their emotions and impressions with each other, to discuss creative plans, and spend a good time.


Night of Art and Shock by Illusion

Samara museums ran a national campaign Night of Art. The students of Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities were very excited to see the expositions in local museums.

Thus, gallery Victotia represented an exposition with a bright title Shock by Illusion. This exhibition includes the works by the artists of the second half of XX, from the Ludwig Museum collection. This is a unique collection of modern art.



The work of a great size Illusion and Shock by Hubertus GIebe opened the exposition in gallery Victoria. This very picture gave the name to the whole exposition. The thing of modern art is in the second half of XX the artists began to react strongly against the political and social changes. Their pictures reflect philosophy about the world fate, the history of art and its role in the society.


In Victoria gallery, one can see the works by artists from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, France, Czech Republic and the USA, and the works by the soviet artists.

Every piece of the exposition provokes a great deal of emotions! This is a must-visit exhibition!


Autumn Ball in Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities

The first-ever autumn ball was held in Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities on 29 October. About 200 students took part in this event. This dancing program was fitting for the year of literature in Russia.

During the whole month, the participants were training under the guidance of a specially invited guest, the director of the studio Imperia, S. Boldyrev.



The first part of the evening included dances and performances of the students. After each dance, the students recited their own poems, sang songs, and gave piano performances.

The second part of the evening saw Italian dances and modern ballroom dances.



At the end of the evening, the students voted to announce the winners of the ball first-ever held within the walls of the Academy.


The Working Visit A. Hinshtein in Academy

On October 29 the deputy of Samara State Duma Alexander Hinshtein with working visit was in Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities, where sport and recreation center with swimming pool will be opened for students and teaches of academy. The sport and recreation center is built under the investment programme 500 swimmimg pools of the party United Russia. Alexander Hinshtein active takes part in in this project.



Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities has the First All-Russian Geographical Dictation

On November, 1 was at 12.00 local time in all regions of the country was held the "Russian geographical dictation." Many people of all ages and education participated in this large-scale educational event.

The organizers of the dictation "My country is Russia", dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society, have developed tests.


Samara, Togliatti and Novokuibyshevsk took part in this dictation in the Samara region. The total number of participants in the region, according to media reports, were about 1,000 people.



Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities was the one of places where you could take a part in this event.


Student-Philologists Folk Conference of Samara Stage Academy of Social Science and Humanities

On October, 26 was held the annual student-philologists folk conference in Samara Stage Academy of Social Science and Humanities.

Second year students with folk songs and poems have visited a lot of towns and villages of Samara region, for example, the Nikolskoye village in Bezenchukski district, the Ugorie village in Kinel district, the Bolshoe Mikushkino village in Isaklinsky district, Chapaevsk and even went to the next republic, the Ilten-Boot village in Almetevsk region of Tatarstan and neighboring regions, for example in Arzamas.

1 (1).jpg



The elimination round of creativity competition The ball of Literature

On September, 13 at the Department of Primary Education was held the elimination round of creativity competition The ball of Literature. Students demonstrated their talents in three categories: vocal, artistic expression and painting.



The best performances were:

  • - songs of Kolbva T. and Kitaeva T., Keeva A. and Drobisheva T.;
  • - literary compositions of Tabarina E., Melnikova Belyaeva E., Kolospva E.
  • - autumn landscapes of Batrudinova A., Savenkova T., Yastrebova A., Mitrofanova D.

These students will present their department on October, 29 on the Literary competition.


In the History Museum Named after P.M. Ganyushin of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities

On October, 29 in the Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities history museum was held a festival on the project Muse. Music. Museum. It was dedicated to the holiday National Unity Day (November, 4). Students from different departments: foreign languages, mathematics, physics and informatics met with a poet and composer P. V. Konigin.

This event was attended by the pro-rector of teaching and guiding, candidate of Philological Sciences, assistant professor Kislova N.N., deputy chair of Samara city counsil Frolov V.V., deputy chair of Board Veterans of Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities Akimova N.F., vice-dean of mathematics, physics and informatics department Kechina O.M., vice-dean of educational work of department of foreign languages Kluyshina A.M. and about 40 students.



All guests were greeted by the deputy chair of Board Veterans V.V. Frolov. He congratulated those present with Komsomol Happy Birthday (October, 29 1918). He noted the great contribution to the Samara State Academy of Social Science and Humanities history museum and presented the head of museum N.I. Pavlova with honorary certificate of Samara Administration.