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г. Самара, ул. Максима Горького, д.65/67 rectorat@sgspu.ru,
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If you have any further questions concerning our programmes, diplomas, accommodation, or you want to get any other information about studying in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education, please contact International Office:

  • · E-mail: international@sgspu.ru
  • · Tel.:+7 846 207 43 35
  • · 65/67, Maxim Gorky St., Samara, 443099, Russia

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

           Dr. Valeriia V. Bondareva, Head of International Office


Dr. Valeriia V. Bondareva, Head of International Office, candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor of Foreign Languages Chair, Chair Head Deputy on Research and Development

 •   providing university departments with information about international programmes and projects

  •  •   receiving and sending colleagues and students within academic exchange programmes
  • searching for new foreign partners and negotiating with them
  • collaboration with mass media

E-mail: val1965@mail.ru


Anastasiia A. Melnikova, English translator

• Diploma Supplement specialist

•  supervisor of Russian language courses for foreign students

•   coordinator of academic mobility programmes (France, Poland)


Viacheslav S. Zakharov, German translator

• migration issues specialist

• medical insurance provider

• coordinator of academic mobility programmes (Germany, Italy)


    Yulia V. Lyashkova, English translator

    • supervisor of state exam in Russian as foreign language

    • organizer of volunteer projects

    • coordinator of academic mobility programmes (Spain, Czech Republic)

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