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Department of Culture and Art

At the Department of Culture and Art students are taught to become outstanding artists and musicians which is proved in a lot of different events. Students of the department won numerous international competitions: for pianists in Austria, Ukraine, and Russia, for choirs in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Spain, China, and Ukraine, for bayanists in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Yugoslavia. The department trains graduates in the following programmes: Fine Arts, Music Education, Culture Studies and Foreign Language, Painting, Folk Stage Dance, and Modern Dance.

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Fine Arts

The course is focused on pedagogy, painting, clay and artistic modelling, i.e. independent theoretical and creative activity in the field of art. After finishing the programme graduates can start successful career of a professional artist, or devote themselves to teaching art in any educational institution.


  • Music Education

The degree programme prepares students to become professionals in the fields of pedagogy and music. The Chair of Music has been successfully teaching students for 50 years on the programme. Huge experience and modern technologies guarantee graduates reap the benefits of their education in future career – whether they choose to become professional musicians or teachers.

  • Culture Studies and Foreign Language

The course is aimed at teaching students the basics of pedagogy, culturology and a foreign language (English). Graduates can work in any state, private and international companies operating in the field of culture.

In case students want to proceed their education they can take up one of Master’s Programmes offered by the Department: Cultural Anthropology or Music in Education, where they get advanced knowledge on culture and arts, enhance their experience, and practice their skills.



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