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Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages was established to educate students in the field of teaching English, German, and French. Nowadays it provides the best knowledge of foreign languages in the city. First class pedagogues from England, Germany, and France equip students with superb skills and profound knowledge. Foreign language clubs regularly hold events through which students master their skills and at the same time create their own scenarios and costumes, dance, sing, and have a great time. Besides, students have the opportunity to study at the best universities of Europe on exchange programmes within agreements on cooperation.


Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Foreign Language (English, German or French)

The programme is aimed at studying foreign languages and teaching them to adults and children. After graduating from the course students master at least two European languages and are ready to use modern technologies in the process of training and education.

  •  Translation Theory

The course is designed to introduce students to fundamental linguistic knowledge. The graduates are fluent speakers of at least two foreign languages, ready to organise intercultural communication in different spheres and to exploit various types, techniques, and technologies of translation.

  • European Studies

The programme lays particular emphasis on the European culture and its characteristic features in different regions. After graduating from the programme students gained the broad knowledge that enables them to speak two foreign languages and to be experts in European cultural issues.

Master’s Programme

  •  Theory and Practice of Translation in Intercultural Communication

The Master’s programme provides students with advanced knowledge in the fields of lexicology, theoretical grammar, stylistics, world culture study, international communication, and translation. They master modern technologies of translation, both on theoretical and practical levels, and raise their skill level.



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