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Department of Mathematics, Physics, and IT

The Department of Mathematics, Physics, and IT is another of the three oldest ones in the University. It was established in 1911 and currently provides graduates with the following programmes: IT, Mathematics and IT, Physics and IT, IT and Foreign Language, Mathematics and Foreign Language, and Applied IT in State Management.

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Mathematics and IT

The programme was created to educate students with profound knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, mathematics, and informational technologies. Equipped with excellent skills graduates from the course can be employed in educational institutions, analytical centres, banks, gas and oil enterprises, factories and plants.

  • IT and Foreign Language

Students of the course acquire advanced knowledge in pedagogy, informational technologies and a foreign language (English). During the course students are taught to use the latest technologies in education, at the lessons of English or IT at schools or any other educational institutions.

  • Applied IT in State Management

The programme provides graduates with fundamental knowledge in informational technologies, professional management skills to find solutions for the most difficult analytical and management problems. After graduating from the course students are ready to work in various state and private companies.

Master’s Programme

  • Information Technologies in Education

The course aims to improve students’ skills and enrich their knowledge in the fields of education, pedagogy, psychology, discrete mathematics, theory of algorithms, computer networks, Internet and multimedia technologies, computer software, and programming.




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