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Department of Philology

The Department of Philology is the third oldest department of our University. Established in 1911 the department has acquired broad experience and exploits new methods of education and state-of-the-art technologies.

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Advertising and PR in State and Municipal Management

The programme was designed to prepare professionals in the field of public relations and advertising. Graduates are welcomed to work at state and private PR companies and different advertising agencies.

  • Russian Language and Literature

At the course students acquire knowledge in pedagogy, Russian language, literature, and the basics of philology. After graduating from the course students can be hired as teachers at schools, colleges, academies, universities, and educational centers.

  • Russian Language in Polyethnic Environment

While getting the bachelor’s degree, students are trained to become effective teachers of Russian for pupils of different ethnic groups and different cultures.

  • Convergent Journalism

The programme trains efficient and experienced professionals in mass media. The course equips students with knowledge and skills essential for finding interesting and relevant information and passing it to other people using any source of mass media. Graduates can work in newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio companies.


Master’s Programme

  • Study of Literature

The Master’s programme includes advanced studies in the field of literature. Students acquire profound knowledge of the greatest literary works, literature theory, history of Russian and foreign literature, history of Russian journalism, basics of journalism law, journalist’s professional ethics, journalist sociology, and journalist psychology.



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