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Department of Primary Education

The Department of Primary Education helps students to become experienced preschool and primary school teachers. Students have the option to focus on learning a foreign language, music education, or information technologies. The department pays special attention to international cooperation that leads to students enjoy the opportunity to study abroad.


Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Primary Education and IT

During the course students master fundamental psychological and pedagogical knowledge on development and education of children with special emphasis on informational technologies. Besides getting fundamental knowledge in pedagogy, psychology, students are taught to use the latest developments – programmes, gadgets and even to create software themselves.

  • Pedagogical Guidance of Children and Young People Socialization

The course is aimed at studying pedagogy placing special emphasis on age pedagogy and developmental psychology. Students master innovative pedagogical methods, which create the perfect conditions for development of a childs personality and leadership skills.

  • Psychology and Social Pedagogy

The programme provides students with useful knowledge in psychology, pedagogy, paying special attention to sociology. Graduates from the course are experts in social environment of a child and can be employed as pedagogues, psychologists, social pedagogues, and tutors at any educational institutions.

Masters Programmes

  • Methods of Developing Continuity in the Work of Kindergarten and Primary School

In the Masters degree course the knowledge in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, age pedagogy, age psychology, methods of teaching, and innovative educational technologies is further developed. Special attention is paid to characteristics of preschool and primary school children education and training.