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г. Самара, ул. Максима Горького, д.65/67 rectorat@sgspu.ru,
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Department of Special Education

The Department of Special Education is considered a unique higher institution in Samara. It provides graduates with rare qualifications essential for modern society – professionals who can work with people with special needs.

Bachelor’s Programmes

  • Speech Therapy

At the course students acquire fundamental knowledge of speech therapy. Graduates have mastered education methods of teaching children with speech disturbance, working with families where children with special needs are brought up, training children and adults with speech disturbance in educational institutions and medical centres.

  • Preschool Defectology

At the programme students are taught to work with children with special needs. At the course students gain knowledge how to teach and educate preschool children with minimal brain dysfunctions, visual impairment, hearing disorder, musculoskeletal system disorders, behaviour disorder, and speech disturbance in special rehabilitation centres.

  •  Special Psychology

The degree course was established to prepare professionals who research and develop children mentality with different disorders. Students learn to diagnose disabilities and disorders, to correct them, and to help children and their families. Graduates can be employed as special psychologists at schools, kindergartens for children with special needs, in psychological medical pedagogical committees, rehabilitation centres.

  • Oligophrenopedagogy

The programme was designed to teach students to educate and train children with minimal brain dysfunctions, to consult families with such children. After graduating from the course students efficiently exploit development technologies that help to solve the problem and to adapt children to social life. Professionals with diplomas in oligophrenopedagogy are ready to work in educational institutions for preschool and school children with special needs, rehabilitation centres.
Special education



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