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Facilities and Important Information

The academic year starts onSeptember, 1stand ends onJune, 30th.

winter semester

  • from September till December

examination period

  • January

summer semester

  • from February till May

examination period

  • June


Below you will find an explanation of the ECTS grade system with a conversion table for the Russian grade system.

Russian grade

ECTS grade


Detailed explanation





Outstanding performance and only a few minor errors




Very good

Above the average standard, but with some errors



Good, solid overall performance, but with some noticeable errors





An acceptable performance, but with quite obvious shortcomings



The performance satisfies minimum requirements





Improvements are required before the credit can be awarded



Considerable further work is required

The pre-examination testing is graded in terms of «» (passed) or (failed).

If a student comes from outside of Russia he/she can study as a guest, exchange, or degree student.

  • Guest Students are learners pursuing degree in other universities without any cooperation agreements with our University who intend to attend courses at SSUSSE.
  • Exchange Students are students eligible for admission to Samara StateUniversityof Social Sciences and Education if their home universities have a bilateral exchange agreement with our institution.
  • Degree Students are young people who are not studying at any higher educational institution and wish to pursue a degree at ourUniversity.

TheUniversityprovides international students with two- or three-bed rooms in the students’ residence hall. The accommodation fee is approximately $40 per person per month (meals are not included).

There are spacious lecture halls, well-equipped study rooms, modern labs, huge libraries, quiet reading-halls with more than 1 000 000 volumes, numerous state-of-the-art computer classes, cafes with student-friendly prices, 4 gyms, and new Health and PE Centre with a swimming pool in the campus. It is situated in a lovely environment with free Wi-Fi.

There are also four museums in ourUniversity: the Frolov Zoology Museum, Museum of Archaeology, Historical Museum, Museum of Ethnography. These institutions obtain impressive collections of zoological, archaeological, historical, and cultural objects, which emerge their visitors into a wonderful atmosphere.


The majority of degree programmes are accredited in Russian. So good Russian is required of all international students. If you are interested in studying at ourUniversitybut your level of Russian is not good enough you are welcome to join our Russian Language Centre which provides a variety of courses for international students.

Rules for foreign students studying Russian

1) After your coming to Samara you are to go to International Office to get registered.

2) If you want to get an accommodation, you are to inform us in advance.

In order to get an accommodation, you are to:

1) bring results of your X-ray (or you can make an X-ray at the hospital at the address: Samara, Michurina Street, 125 “Gorogskaya bolnitsa 4.” ) The X-ray costs 200 rubles.

2) pay for the room 1000 rubles in our pay-office at the address: Samara, Maxim Gorkiy Str., 65/67

3) with your X-ray you are to go to the medical office at the address: Bluhera Str, 25, 1-st floor. There you get a medical paper.

4) with this medical paper you must go to the commandant and sign the contract

5) after that you get a key and bed sheets

In order to study, you are to:

1) sign the contract in International Office

2) pay for education (1-st semester costs 32.000 rubles, 1 year costs 64.000 rubles)

3) get your ID-card (for your ID-card we need your photo

4) get a schedule

5) at the beginning of your study you are to buy student books your teachers will tell you about