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Journeys to Success

More than 80,000 students have graduated from the University since the date of its foundation. University graduates are more than specialists in a certain field. First of all they are successful people who can set goals and achieve them. There is no field where our graduates have not succeeded. They are everywhere – top-managers, statesmen, politicians, ministers, sport champions, journalists, musicians, honoured teachers. They contribute to the good name and reputation of our University. We are proud that the winners of all annual professional teachers’ contests in Samara region are our graduates.

Mark LevyantMark G. Levyant

Honoured Art Worker, People’s Artist of Russia, member of the Russian Composer’s Union, Head of Samara Composer’s Organisation, Vice-chancellor of Modern Humanity Institute (Samara Branch)

Anatoliy CherepashchukAnatoliy M. Cherepashchuk

Rector of the State Astronomical Institute, Vice-president of the European Astronomical Society, member of the British Royal Astronomical Society, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences

Nina VishnyakovaNina M. Vishnyakova

Mayor of Otradny town

Antonina Gudkova

Antonina V. Gudkova

Leader of Samara Branch of Trade Unions for Education and Science, Honoured teacher of Russia

Sergey Voytenko

Sergey I. Voytenko

Button accordion world champion, composer, producer, director of the International festival

“Vivat, Bayan”, leader of the “Bayan Mix” duet

Galina KhabarovaGalina P. Khabarova

Mayor of Kinel town, chairman of Kinel town council

Tatiana TorchilinaTatiana V. Torchilina

Director of Cartier Fashion House (Moscow)

Vladimir KehmanVladimir A. Kehman

Chairman of the Board of Directors and founder of JFC group, General Manager of Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet House

Irina TsvetkovaIrina V. Tsvetkova

Chairman of the Samara Regional Journalist Society

Anna RatnerAnna I. Ratner

Chief curator of Samara Regional Museum of Local Lore

Tatiana AkimovaTatiana N. Akimova

Chief Executive Officer of the Regional charitable foundation “Samarskaya Guberniya”

Vladimir VasilievVladimir V. Vasiliev

Rector of Samara In-service Teachers’ Training Institute

Sergey GurovSergey V. Gurov

TV journalist, editor-in-chief of “Samara-Vesti” TV programme

Olga KuznetsovaOlga G. Kuznetsova

Honoured master of shooting sport, Olympic Champion; bronze medallist in the World Championship; medallist and champion of Europe

Marina NayanovaMarina V. Nayanova

Rector of Samara Municipal Nayanova University, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
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