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Research at SSUSSE

Basic and applied research is carried out in Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. The R&D activities are conducted by means of research projects and grants offered by Russian Fundamental Research Fund, Russian Humanitarian Research Fund, and Samara Science Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Success achieved in both fundamental and applied research at the Department of History is globally recognised. Professor Alexander Vybornov, Doctor of history, one of the most remarkable archaeologists in Russia, has been studying Europe Neolithitisation and has made a lot of important scientific discoveries. In 2014 he won a federal grant with his work “Historical Roots of Interaction and Tolerance of the Volga Region Peoples”.


The Department of Psychology concentrates on R&D activities in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, and sociology. Professor Garnik Akopov, Doctor of psychology, won federal grant with his project Social Psychology of Confessional Ethno-National Law and Regulation Consciousness in Modern Russia.

The research at the Department of Economics, Management, and Service is focused on methodology and methods of management in different fields. In 2014 the department won 2 federal grants with projects concerning Methodology and Methods of Education Quality Management in Accordance with Federal State Educational Standards and Methodology and Methods of Efficiency Evaluation of State and Municipal Culture Management.

All departments of theUniversitycarry out R&D activities in different fields. Students are welcome to take part in the research. They can exploit diverse facilities provided by the scientific laboratories of ourUniversity:

  • Scientific Research Archaeology Lab,
  • Scientific Research Paleontological Lab,
  • Scientific Research Lab of Human Psychophysiology,
  • the Giris Scientific Research Lab,
  • Scientific Research Lab of Self-Realisation and Innovative Technologies,
  • the Scientific Research Lab Innovative Technologies of Teaching Russian to Primary and Secondary School Students,
  • the Scientific Research Lab Methods of Training and Teaching Children with Special Needs,
  • Scientific Research Lab of New Informational Technologies in Education.