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Russian Language Centre

The Russian Language Centre is a part of Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education. It provides students with a variety of courses (20 academic hours a week), being taught at three major levels of advancement. Since 2006 students from Germany, France, Great Britain, China, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Ecuador, Tunisia, Vietnam, and Nigeria have enjoyed studying Russian here.

russian language centre

The programmes on offer are tailored to meet the students’ needs. All of our teachers are full time faculty at Foreign Languages Chair and have intensive experience teaching Russian as a foreign language. They are well prepared pedagogically to work with ethnically and culturally diverse student groups. Teaching is based on a communicative approach to language learning.

Our goal is that the courses conducted by the Centre staff not only promote the Russian language and culture, but also become the place of encounters, exchange of experience, views and opinions, establishing contacts and making friends among students.

Upon successful completion of the courses students will receive a certificate. Intermediate level certificate enables the owner to apply for studying atSamara State University of Social Sciences and Educationor any other Russian university.

russian language centre