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Founded in the 1930-s and reorganized in 1971, the Department has a longer history of English language teaching for professional development than any other educational establishment in Samara. The specialist department for teachers’ training has grown to become one of the best providers of high quality English language education in the region.

As part of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the English language and FL Teaching Methodology Department is mainly responsible for the academic progress of first, second and third years. The Department is headed by professor A.N. Morozova who is Honored Worker of the Russian Ministry of Higher Education awarded with the Ushinsky medal. The courses taught at the department meet the standards of undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The number and range of courses continue to grow and the Department now covers the following main areas:

- professional development for EL teachers (a Bachelor’s Degree);

- professional development for translators (a Bachelor’s Degree);

- professional development for experts in West European region (a Bachelor’s Degree);

- the Theory and Practice of Translation in Cross-cultural Communication (a Master’s degree)

Students doing a full or part-time MA have an excellent opportunity for writing a candidate dissertation in Germanic languages.

To improve the quality of education the Department has developed up-to-date teaching materials based on modern language methodology and experience of the lecturers. Complicated issues of the theory of the language are subject of World of Words (A.Morozova, J.Mishina), Contrastive Typology (E.Guseva), Theoretical Aspects of Sounding Speech in English (A.Morozova, E.Levenkova), Anglo-American Political Discourse (E.Levenkova). Most of textbooks, intended to develop speaking skills, are the result of joint efforts of a team of teachers. The textbooks providing a good ground in both language skills and cross-cultural competence underwent a process of validation by the Ministry of Education: the latest version of Sharpen Your Skills (A.Morozova, O.Adaeva et al), Learn to Write (G.Dudnikova, S.Suchkova, O.Adaeva).

The tradition of working as a team in developing teaching programs and materials goes back to a significant event in the history of the department – its collaborative project at the English Language Department of the Samara State Pedagogical University and the English Institute of Maryland University at College Park, USA (1994-1998). The faculty members visited the USA to explore culture issues, to get acquainted with modern teaching methodology, and develop a textbook together with America colleagues. The product – Sharpen Your Skills. Reading / Listening Textbook based on US Culture – was described as “unique” both by those who sponsored the project, and by those who used it for teaching and learning. While “sharpening” their language skills, students confront complex issues and differing viewpoints to develop moral, social and intellectual framework that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The international experience of the Department is varied and impressive. The teachers participated in international conventions in Washington D.C., Chicago and Long Beach, the USA (A.Morozova, E.Guseva); Glasgow, Great Britain (E.Levenkova). Some staff members acted as interpreters in Europe, Africa and India. Many teachers participated in a number of international projects, such as, Fulbright program (A.Morozova), UNESCO program “Culture of Peace” (A.Morozova); conducted EFL teaching methodology seminars in Germany (A.Morozova); took an active part in the British Council and the American Corner activities (J.Mishina, O.Mishina, O.Adaeva, G.Dudnikova); gave numerous presentations at international conferences held in this country.

The faculty are committed to lifelong professional development as all members hold a scholarly degree either in Linguistics or in Language Teaching Methodology : two doctoral and nine candidate dissertations have been written at the department. Linguistic research is focused on the major issues of “Philological Theory of the Utterance”, “Linguistic and Extralinguistic Text Characteristics”, “Political Discourse in the UK and the USA”. All faculty members have been involved in various professional development seminars, which constitute an on-going process at the English language and FL Teaching Methodology Department.

The Department of the English Language and FL Teaching Methodology has extensive experience of designing and delivering courses for professional development of school and university teachers. In the last five years the Department has trained teachers at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

The faculty encourage students to enhance the richness of their academic life through participation in extracurricular activities. The most important tradition of these activities – the English Speaking Club Wonderland – dates back to the 80s. The sittings of the Club aim at developing students' creativity, stimulating and motivating them to use the language in out-of-class setting. Christmas and Halloween celebrations are students' best memories of their university life, as the annual surveys show.

Many of the faculty have been noted for both university teaching experience and their expertise in professional training of school and university teachers. Developing innovative programs of teaching English at secondary schools, writing English textbooks for secondary school students, designing programs and teaching materials intended to improve professional skills of English teachers of higher educational establishments are just a few activities the English Language and FL Teaching Methodology Department is involved in. Keeping up traditions, striving for improvement and perfectionism, willingness to make a difference in students' lives are definitely characteristic features of the Department.

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