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Welcome to Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

Welcome to this electronic guide where you will find an introduction to our University and its friendly atmosphere. The aim of this guide is to provide you with the specific information you will need if you are going to apply for studying at ourUniversity. Here you will find all necessary information on issues of studying at ourUniversity, educational undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, students’ activities and so on. You will have a clear idea of how we can help you integrate into the educational system of Russia. If there are areas where you need further information, please contact us atval1965@mail.ru

City of Samara, one of the largest in the Volga Region

The city of Samara located in the central eastern part of Russia has a rich and fascinating history, from its beginnings as a fortress to the vibrant modern city it is today. Samara enjoys international reputation for its wealth of architecture, industrial progress and environmental beauty.

Natural environment

Samara is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. It is highly attractive from the point of natural beauty mainly due to its extremely favourable geographical position. Situated 1200 km to the south-east of Moscow Samara is the meeting point of the Europes longest river, the Volga and the Samara River, one of its most beautiful tributaries. A few kilometers from Samara lies the National Park “Samarskaja Luka”, that is one of the most stunning in the world. From the city buildings you can enjoy a splendid panoramic view of the Zhiguli Mountains, the highest in the central European part of Russia. This perfect combination of the riverside and mountain picturesque views creates that unique atmosphere of safe, friendly and welcoming environment all Samara citizens are so proud of.

Getting here

Transport links between Samara and the rest of Russia are well- developed and efficient. Despite the vast territory of the country there is easy access by road, air and rail to every part of Russia including Moscow and St Petersburg. The Kurumoch Airport, a 40-minute drive by a shuttle bus from Samara, provides regular national and international flights either by Airflot or Luftganza. Moreover in the very center of the city there is a newly- reconstructed railway station, very important to the countrys life as it links the northern part of Russia with its south and the west with the east.

Past, present and future

Samara is a modern city with a distinguished history and strong traditions, industrial, cultural and educational. It is a dynamic city, busy reinventing itself for the 21st century. With the population of the region of somewhat 3.3 million 600 thousand people work for the nationwide- important large and small industrial companies including the motor car, petrochemical, machine-building plants, food industry factories etc. So enhanced employment prospects are a major goal both to graduate and postgraduate students. However many achieve their aspirations all across the country and overseas as well.

As for entertainment and cultural life the city provides hundreds of opportunities with its museums and art galleries, splendid old cathedrals and modern magnificent buildings, theatres and cinemas, parks and gardens. Students find it easy to become part of the rich cultural life of the city as there are nightspots, sports, arts and other activities to discover as well as restaurants and pubs to please any pocket.

As for education Russia keeps to the very best ever existed in the country combining old traditions with new educational approaches in learning and research. Russias higher education is distinguished by the variety and flexibility of its educational programmes. Long or short, academic or applied, professional or scientific- every programme has unique characteristics reflecting its distinct goals and purposes but all aiming at students further professional competence and success.