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Department of Economics, Management, and Service

The Department of Economics, Management, and Service prepares highly qualified specialists in the following programmes: Teaching Economics and Foreign Language, Finance and Credit, E-Commerce, Information Service, and Banking. The students can enjoy the opportunity of studying abroad within agreements on cooperation with partner universities.

Bachelor’s Programmes

Teaching Economics and English

Students taking the course obtain the basics of economic science, accounting, economical analysis, audit, and banking as well as Pedagogy, Psychology and methods of teaching. Graduates enjoy ample opportunities of their future careers; they can start working in educational institutions, in the field of economics or management, or in international enterprises.


In the world where technology has become important in every part of our lives, it is important to train students in the practice of e-commerce. The programme provides fundamental knowledge in the fields of management, planning business, marketing, advertising, sale logistics, merchandising, goods expertise, also creating new products in e-commerce and strategy of their production and selling.

Information Service

Students graduating from the programme are trained to become professionals in the fields of management and informational technologies. Through the programme they master the management process in different organisations. After graduating from the programme they are ready to get executive positions in call centres, tourism, insurance, and trading companies.

Some other Bachelor’s programmes include Organization Management, Banking, Finance and Credit 


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