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Department of Natural Science and Geography

The Department of Natural Science and Geography is one of the oldest in the University. Today the department provides bachelor’s degree programmes in teaching biology, chemistry, geography, ecology, and life safety. Students benefit from working in the science research labs and zoology museum, the biggest in the region.

Bachelors Programmes

• Teaching Biology and Geography

The programme is focused on pedagogy but graduates from the course gain qualification which allows them to work both as school teachers and as geologists, geodesists, meteorologists, hydrologists. They can launch on further professional career in the areas related to geography and biology.

Teaching Biology and Chemistry

The course is primarily aimed at providing education in pedagogy. Together with working at educational institutions, graduates can be employed as chemical technologists, zoologists, or pursue careers in the areas related to biology and chemistry.


Students of the course acquire knowledge in ecology. After getting modern fundamental education in the programme graduates become ecologists, work in wildlife protecting companies and recycle factories and laboratories.

Teaching Natural Science

The programme offers the opportunity to study natural science in an international environment as foreign students make up to 50% of the programmes participants. The students will receive training in key scientific theories, methods and models as well as in pedagogy, psychology and methods of teaching. Through the project work and courses, students will learn basic methods to examine nature using experiments, analyses and models. The programme includes courses in biology, computer science, geography, chemistry, mathematics, and environment.

Masters Programmes

If students set more challenging goals, the Department is ready to help them achieve and enrich their knowledge in Masters programme in Ecology.


The programme teaches students about the interactions between different life forms and the environments in which they function. Students learn skills of analysis, presentation and interpretation of data as well as an advanced knowledge of ecological theory. The courses are focused on interpretation of ecological data using modern computational approaches. Strong emphasis is laid on the students' research project to be conducted throughout the entire course of study, which will be the basis of the Master Thesis.