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Department of Physical Education and Sport

At the Department of Physical Education and Sport students are taught to become effective and experienced professionals in the fields of physical training, physical education, and various sports. A lot of Olympic, world and European champions started their career soar at the department. Alongside Bachelor’s programmes in Physical Education and Sport training students can enter a Russian/ Polish double diploma Bachelors programme in Sport management upon successful completion of which they will get a diploma from a foreign partner university.

Bachelors Programmes

Physical Education

The degree course provides graduates with professional competence necessary for their future profession – a coach or an executive position in the field of any sport or physical education.

Sport Training (in fitness/ box/ football)

The programme provides a superb training course in a chosen sport. After getting a bachelors degree graduates are ready to start or keep on their successful career in sports.

Masters Programme

Training Highly Qualified Sportsmen in a Chosen Sport

In the Masters degree programme students get deep knowledge and train skills on the advanced level. They enhance their potential for long-term success and prosperity whether they decide to become professional sportsmen, coaches, or researchers in the field of sport.