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Basic migration rules


Electronic visa invitation letter

For applying for electronic visa invitation letter, you must give us a high-quality copy of the first page (with your photo) of your international passport, data about your city of birth, city of residence, city of applying for visa and e-mail for our sending to you prepared electronic visa invitation letter. Getting our visa is permitted only in the city you point. If you do not point it, we point the capital of the country where you have your citizenship. Electronic visa invitation letter is prepared during 20 workdays. After getting your single-entry visa through our electronic visa invitation letter you must enter Samara not later than 2 months prior the date of its expiration.


After coming in Samara you are to visit International Office during 3 workdays with your passport and migration card (and also with high-quality copies of your migration card (both sides) and all the pages of your passport (without empty ones)) for getting registered.

If you leave Russia and then come back to Samara you must go to International Office to get a new registration (the old one is not valid any more after your leaving Russia).

You are allowed to stay 5 workdays without registration in another Russian city (only if you have tickets confirming your crossing from one city to another (your tickets are to be kept, if you do not get registered)). In this case after your coming back to Samara you do not have to come to International Office for getting registered (if you have our registration).

If you intend to stay in another city for more than 5 workdays, then you are to get registered there. When you come back to Samara, you are to go on the same day (the day of your arrival to Samara) or at most on the next workday to International Office with the registration you got in another city and tickets for getting registered in Samara.

If you have not our registration you have got in Samara (in a hotel or a hospital etc.) you are to go within 3 workdays after the date of your registration expiration to International Office with all necessary documents for getting registered.

We register extra-mural students only if they have a special notification about the dates of their exams from their department.


You may travel over Russia with single-entry visa, but if you leave Russia, your single-entry visa will get invalid, then you may come back only through a new visa invitation letter.

For extending your visa, you must pay the state tax which costs 1600 rubles (you may get the requisites for paying in International Office), make 2 photos (matt, colour) and bring the receipt confirming your payment, photos, enrolment contract (if you have a contract of extramural study then you are to bring a supplementary contract which confirms you are transferred to full-time study), your passport, migration card, registration and high-quality copies (the first page of your passport (with your photo), page with our valid visa, migration card (both sides) and registration (both sides)) to International Office not later than 30 workdays prior the date of your visa expiration. After applying for the visa you are to collect your documents from International Office at once. Your new visa is prepared during 20 workdays. 5 days prior the date of your old visa expiration you must come to International Office with your passport, migration card and registration (and also with high-quality copies of your migration card (both sides) and all the pages of your passport (without empty pages and the page with the stamp “ПРИНЯТО”)) for getting registered.

We don not extend visas for extra-mural students.

Your foreign passport must be replaced by a new one not later than 10 months prior the date of its expiration. Otherwise your visa can not be extended.

After your sending down from our university you are to leave Russia within 3 workdays, because your visa gets invalid.

You must always take your passport, migration card and registration with you.

Foreign students are not allowed to work without a work permit you can apply for in the migration office in Samara.

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